24 Apr 2020

Experience high-speed development with PhoneGap


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The constant surge of applications for mobile devices has led to many new and engaging technologies to come into existence. This has resulted in an impeccable user-experience and seamless app development process.

In this league, one of the most popular names which have evolved is PhoneGap!

Hey, are you not aware of this trending framework?

Well, you don’t need to lose your heart, as here in this post we have tried to capture every bit of advantages this very framework holds.

Just stay tuned to this post, and unleash the number of benefits PhoneGap has…let’s read further…

PhoneGap- what you must know?

You would be surprised to know that PhoneGap is a widely adopted technology. And this very technology is used for building cross-platform mobile apps. It was developed by Nitobi Software (now Adobe), and further allows to build engaging applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Another surprising fact about PhoneGap, suggests, that first it was named as “Apache Cordova,” however when Adobe purchased Nitobi, then it got renamed as “PhoneGap”.

Benefits of using PhoneGap

Hmm, I must say this is the Multi-Million point, that each of us really wants to know. So what are you waiting for let’s scroll ahead, and get a quick glance of the benefits offered by PhoneGap…


Yes, this is one of the usable features of PhoneGap. It offers an efficient cross-platform, which is further compatible with different platforms.

Native APIs are easy to access

The PhoneGap framework, allows app developers to access the Native APIs. This further lets them utilize camera, geolocation, accelerometer, contacts, and other native features. And as a result, users also get the incredible experience of using native apps.

Web technologies are easy to be used

The working mechanism of PhoneGap apps is based on simple languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It means, there is no need to learn new languages. As a developer, you can use the existing languages and write programs without any issue involved.

UI Libraries for better User Interface

Apps that are only compatible with a few of the devices, never gain the attention of the users. However, with the help of PhoneGap, this issue is resolved to a larger extent. And its UI libraries help in improving the user experience of different audiences.

Easy app deployment

App deployment can be a tedious process, however, this issue is resolved with PhoneGap. As it is a cross-platform framework, hence it lets you create an app for one platform and then deploy it further, on multiple other platforms effortlessly.

Improved backend support

With the help of PhoneGap, you get a strong and much-improved backend support. This helps in expediting the development process and reduces the developer’s efforts. Also, developers get the tutorial to understand the development process effortlessly.

Behaves like Native Apps

We all know the seamless performance offered by the Native apps. And the same performance is easy to be gained from Phonegap development as well. With this very framework, developers can easily work upon the hardware capabilities and offer impeccable UX. And as a result, users can never make out whether the app is built on Native or PhoneGap.

Open Source

Yes, PhoneGap is an open-source platform. It clearly means you can access it at free of cost.

Also, it doesn’t require a full-fledged or high-skilled knowledge of development. Rather with minimal development skills, you can sail ahead. Also, there is a vast community available out there, that would help you to build a successful solution.

Pocket- friendly

For a startup, investing in a mobile app is a bigger question. As we know, app development consumes money and time both. And to help entrepreneurs to get an efficient solution, with low investment, PhoneGap comes with the best solution. It lets developers write a single code and run it further on different platforms. 

Is it good to use PhoneGap?

This is more of a concern, as no one wants to fiddle with the proven development method. But you don’t need to worry, as PhoneGap is the ideal option to proceed with. You can get a simple mobile web application with a touch of native app, easily be crafted.

However, you must remember, it thoroughly depends on your requirements. Hence it is better to discuss it ahead with your app developer, to proceed further.

Top applications built on PhoneGap

  • Wikipedia
  • Paylution
  • DHS Program

Food for thought

This was an engaging outlook of PhoneGap, which we have tried to cover in this post. However, if you still have got some queries related to your mobile app development, then don’t hesitate to reach us today.

We hold the expertise of crafting impeccable applications for mobile devices, so just give a call, and get ready to elevate your business ROI model.

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