3 Feb 2017


If my product is worthy enough, then it does not need any promotion!

If this thought ever crossed your brain mistakenly, then you need to install an auto-correct device within your thought process. As thinking something like this is equivalent to a punishable crime in today’s time where even thinking to sustain without marketing is the undesirable dose of venom, to be gulped without a pause. 

So a mere thought of abstaining from marketing is a major sin to commit. The current tech-scenario deals with technology at a level, where denying its relevance is out of the question. 

Many of us still live under the misconception of thinking marketing as one of the most expensive parts, but they are least aware of the tech invasion in the marketing field. This has calmed down the cost factor in the marketing strategy and has made it cost-efficient and highly accessible. 

Today I shall discuss the relation shared between the technology and app marketing.

A quick tour of app marketing

Every business depends on the profit, and the profit is the last step of the app marketing cycle. App marketing is the place where your mobile app’s success lies; with a successful app marketing plan, you can achieve the heights of success in your business. 

The app marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions, and sales. It is a medium through which your product or service gets acknowledged by your targeted customers. 

In the absence of a successful app marketing plan, your sales will deplete and as a consequence, your business will never meet its destination. 

You might have thought that it sounds so much a part of Greek tragedy, but sadly it is like that only. App marketing is the one word for researching, promoting, and selling your services/ products to your targeted customers. 

Technology has indeed eased down the pressure of reaching your potential customers, without a hassle, with a major breakthrough in technology in every field; the world is shrunk to one axis, where one technology tool helps meet the demand of customers. 

To understand it clearly, let’s dive into the interesting world of app marketing.

How app marketing helps?

  • Lets you shout your presence
  • Competes with global competitors
  • Source of income and revenue
  • Brand recognition
  • Technology & marketing are interwoven

To call technology the soul of app marketing is not worthless, rather technology is no more an option but has turned into a mandatory aspect to understand who your customers are, what they want, what they believe in, their behaviors, and their likes and dislikes and finally give an output which will be relished by your entire user base. 

Technology has made a strong impact on the app marketing strategy, in many ways, let’s take a look:

Social Media Channels

You need to understand your users are humans, who need a source to get informed about your mobile app, if your mobile app is highly tasteful but lacks social media marketing, then it is nothing but a waste of energy and money for your mobile app. 

People are hooked to smartphones and use social media channels addictively; promoting your mobile app through the technology of mobile phones over social media will garner a more genuine set of users across the world. 

Also, the integration of social media connectivity within your mobile app will help you to get users connected and build a community enhancing the popularity of your mobile app.

Influencer marketing

Yes, this is one of the most relevant aspects that helps the businesses to get hooked onto different influencers in the market, and get their services be promoted. It can be done in different ways, it can be paid marketing or free marketing, depending on your rapport with the influencer.

Online PR

Online PR is an innovative technology piece that helps you attain a quick and effective marketing strategy for your mobile app. You can spread a good word about new products and/or services you’re introducing, important changes in your business plan, special milestones you’ve achieved, and substantial new client association, this range of information would help you reach target audiences.

Content marketing

“Content is the king”, I think we all can relate to this statement very well. In today’s era of technology, there are various options for an app to get acknowledged through content marketing. It can be in the form of blogs, press releases, guest posts, articles, and other written material based on your mobile app. 

The written content, with the help of technology, can be made available to your targeted users through technology. So the user base will outgrow to a larger base rather shrinking to one region or country only.

Website ads

A website can also be an interesting platform for your app marketing, the web browsers run advertisements, which are based on text, and advertisers only pay when users click on them. This is a unique way for advertisement and promotion of your product or services.

Food for thought

In the nutshell, everybody spends more time on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops; the biggest advantage of technology is to connect the users with the brands while creating real-time marketing campaigns that work across social media, display advertising, and e-commerce. 

If you are targeting global markets and hit the targeted audiences, the marketing embedded with technology is very much required to achieve high-quality results. 

App marketing when combined with technology, offers top of market value, to attain the immediate and apparent benefits from your mobile app efficiently.

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