17 Jun 2022
Updated on July 22nd, 2022

Delivering robust & consumer focused apps is our top priority: Abhinav Singh, CEO- Techugo

consumer focused apps

As Techugo celebrates 7 years of technology, innovation & mobile app development, let’s get candid with Abhinav Singh- one of the brains behind the organisation!

With apps that have generated over $869 million of funding, Techugo, a top mobile app development company, is streamlining industries by helping clients foster digital-first brands. Realising the importance of innovation and quality in mobility, the company is now at the forefront of global digital transformation with its high-end mobile apps, data-driven business insights, and strategic grip over the tech market. 

Now 7 years after some of the brightest minds in mobility got together to create an impactful change, Techugo is ready to set the stage for the upcoming decade of mobile app innovation.  

As the world experiences the predicted economic boom in technology after the pandemic, the global startup ecosystem is having a watershed moment. In many ways, Techugo, a mobile app development company headquartered in India, has transformed into a poster child for successful digital startups globally. 

Highlighting the contribution, Abhinav Singh, CEO at Techugo, says, “By the end of 2020, we onboarded several potential Unicorn startups as technology partners, along with legacy companies like Gyan Dairy, Airtel, Dhanuka & Kanpur Plasticpack Limited to support the digital vision and cater to the expansion of new businesses.” Singh adds, “In doing so, we become one of the only companies that offer extended tech and funding support of our own network of channel partners & investors consisting of Venture Capitals, Incubators, Angel Investors, and PE Funds.”

The celebration of 7 years of Techugo is a vindication of how the 34-year-old has gone about fostering a technology brand with Founder Ankit Singh and team. 

Highlighting the role of core members including Harjot Kaur, Abhinav Gupta, Namrata, Lakshman Kumar, Jullie Singh & Alok Jha, Singh adds “We built it from the heart. My father has always taught me that a true leader emphasises empathy, compassion, and progressive thinking. It’s more about building a connection & delivering value to our partners, rather than signing a business deal.” 

He further adds, “At a time when every other company would create a digital product for you without even bothering about its sustainability, Techugo puts humans first. Our goal is to do the right thing by our technology partners. Therefore, rather than fulfilling our business motives, if we don’t see potential in a project, we politely decline or dive deep into it for strategic enhancement.”   

After collaborating with global celebrities like Xenia Ghali, Scott McGillivray, Mukul Malik, and delivering 10 Billion USD turnover through its digital products, the firm is now running multiple initiatives, including programs for entrepreneurs to understand the potential of their vision.  

Talking about the era of digitalization and the demand for a product-based economy, the CEO shares, “There are two key drivers that kickstarted the boom in digital business; world class resources with a strong background in IT services & the surplus of venture capital funding.” He adds, “One of our partners, Verse Innovation- the parent company of apps like ‘Daily Hunt’ and ‘Josh’, recently bagged $805 million in one of its funding rounds led by worldwide investors, including Luxor Capital, Sumeru Ventures, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and more.”

On being preferred over western counterparts, the Founder says, “India is a hub for outsourcing development projects. But, even with outstanding skills in technology and engineering, the mobile app development market’s extensive saturation degrades the digital product’s quality.” Singh adds, “At Techugo, the quality & delivery of applications is non-negotiable; therefore we bridge the gap by focusing on design and product management.”

Techugo, one of the strongest Global Technology Companies pioneering innovative business transformation, has ensured long-term monitoring and seamless management of crafted mobile applications. 

With the blend of strong business values and progressive vision, Techugo is ready to step into the new year of seamless app development, innovation, and enhanced customer experience.  

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