10 Jun 2019

On-Demand Application: Must Have Features And Benefits


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In this era of digitalization on-demand services have gained popularity all across the globe and the reason behind the popularity is convenience and 24*7 availability. The services of the on-demand application are very easy to execute. you just need to install the app and book the service and after a few minutes, you get the service at your doorstep. So Easy!

UrbanClap is undoubtedly the best platform in providing the on-demand services and after witnessing the success of UrbanClap many start-ups and large organizations are interested in investing the on-demand businesses.

We can say that on-demand applications are the only platform where large enterprises and small start-ups come together and provide services to the users.

Let’s see how the on-demand application works.

Anyone wants to sell their products and services can connect with existing on-demand platforms and showcase their products and services in front of customers. If the user needs that product or service they can directly contact them.

In such cases everyone gets benefits. Let’s see how:

  • Owner of the on-demand application gets increment in user base means more downloads.
  • Start-up easily finds the new customers without any marketing efforts and investment.
  • End-user gets the services at the doorstep.

Now, one thing is very clear right now that developing an on-demand application is beneficial for the businesses as well as customer. Basically, there are two types of on-demand application such as:

  • By partnering with the third party on-demand delivery provider in which organizations can join the existing on-demand delivery app to offer their product and services to the users of the existing app.
  • By building the dedicated app for the business purpose in which organizations can offer their own products and services just like an Uber.

It’s totally up to you to choose your on-demand app model according to your requirement. In fact, it doesn’t matter either, delivering fast and convenient services is a powerful competitive benefit that can give an extra advantage among your competitors.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of on-demand application for both businesses and customers.


It usually takes 10 minutes to 24 hours to process the order depending on the type of services. So, the process is easy and convenient for both customers as well as providers.


The on-demand models mostly have independent contractors who can use their own form of transportation. That’s is the reason that business owner doesn’t need to hire the courier services to take care of their logistics and this the reason most of the people use the on-demand apps to save lots of money.


From placing an order to making a payment or tracking the order in real time, on-demand delivery apps just remove the pain points from our life. If you look from the business point of view, this allows you to set a streamlined and efficient process by removing the additional layer of micromanagement and connecting the customers directly to the couriers.


Ratings and feedback provided by the customers allow the better visibility and trust building. As a business owner, you have to monitor the feedback and resolve the issues as soon as they arise.

Now, let’s discuss the key features of the on-demand mobile application.

Login or authentication

This feature gives you the information about your user’s such as name, location, DOB, and many more. On the basis of this, you can personalize the user experience. Give them the option to log in with email id, Facebook, Twitter, or with phone no.

Visually informative

It should allow users to do the manual placements of orders on the basis of information like an address. Its preferred delivery time, price, and product info. Customers should be able to add more products to their cart and remove whenever they want. Once the order is placed, it displays the order summary prior to confirmation.

The whole setup of the application needs to be in such a way that customers can easily find out the requisite product and services that they are searching for. The mobile screen has been simple to recognize and reduce the search time by implementing the sorting and filtering options.

Matching algorithm

The app must have the ability to match the order with the closest free courier, based on location or current route.

GPS tracking

Having a GPS order tracking facility can prove to be extremely helpful for the customer. Who wishes to know the exact positioning of their package or the service provider and the expected time of arrival. Live tracking can provide a feeling of assurance to the customers.  They get updated constantly about the status of their product ordered. You can also send the push notification to help your customers to gain crucial insights about the delivery status.

Integrating the phone calls or in-app messaging features can prove out to be extremely beneficial for the customers as well as organizations. Suppose customers need to reschedule the delivery or inform the courier boy on acceptance of the order. They can do easily with the phone call and in-app messaging feature.

Payment gateway integration

Whenever it comes to the payment options the multiple payment option is beneficial for on-demand delivery apps. As the customer gets the options to pay according to his comfort. Such as credit or debit card, net banking, and Apple or Google Wallet.

Reviews and Ratings

Having a feedback mechanism in place can enhance the faith of customers on the brand. If you allow your users to share their experience, ratings and reviews can also attract positive attention towards your brand. It can be a great aid in impressing your potential app users. You know we humans have one very common idea of finding the best app on the stores, we read the app reviews and analyze the ratings of the apps. That’s why it is very important attribute that need to be catered.

Additional feature

You can also add loyalty and gamification features such as points, discounts, coupons, and invites. These additional features help you to engage your customers and it can also increase your app revenue model.

Now, it is the time to take the decision of developing the on-demand application to increase the business profit and provide the amazing user experience.


If you need any help regarding the application development, then reach Techugo. We are experienced in developing the best on-demand app solutions for our client. that’s why we understand the importance of these type of apps for the businesses. So, if you need any help regarding the development, you can contant us.

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