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16 Jun 2017


We all live in a world, where technology rules us, we all want everything on our tips, be it personal or professional need, technology has made our lives full of convenience and ease. On the other hand, for all of us our traditional, ethical and religious rituals and demands are highly important, which we can’t even think of compromising with anything in the world, but due to our limited knowledge or expertise, to perform these rites and rituals , we generally take the help of an elder in the family or a manual which dictates the best way to perform the step-by-step process. This all seems so natural and ubiquitous to all, but I have seen people clicking the pictures of those manuals in their mobiles or carry the manual along with, but why not let the technology handle it better? Wondering how? Then let’s begin….

I have lived in many countries and enjoyed the cultural differences and let them get blended with mine, but that has not made me forget my religious duties and fulfilling the most prioritised pillar of Islam; HAJJ. No, I have not performed it yet, but have a plan to do it soon in the near future, but just like me, there would be plenty of practising Muslims across the globe, who are willing to perform HAJJ anytime soon but have extremely limited knowledge about the step-by-step guide to performing HAJJ rituals. So the invasion of technology in religious duties, would not hamper it from any corner but would increase the efficiency and the convenience for the users to a great extent.

HAJJ & Technology

In Islam, HAJJ is the fifth essential pillar of Islam and requires a ritual journey to Makkah in Saudi Arabia. All Muslims worldwide must perform Hajj once in their lifetime, if they have the capability to perform, this ritual has to be practiced on the 12th lunar Islamic month “Dhul Hijjah.”  Unable to understand, lemme make it a little bit easier for my readers, the 2 months after Ramadan, is the month of HAJJ pilgrimage. Well, coming back to the track to my reason behind writing this blog, let’s talk further, that how technology can help us in performing the HAJJ rites efficiently….so, it is very calming to see that how beautifully technology has helped us to get educated and informed about various required facts of the life. For any Muslim performing, HAJJ is one of the most pious and required elements to practice their faith. Eventually, HAJJ involves a large number of specific rituals to be followed and missing or failing to adhere to the rules, violates your pilgrimage process. Just due to this, people who go for HAJJ, undergo a proper understanding of the required rituals, and generally carry the manuals along with them, in order to ditch any negligence, which might happen (god-forbid) during the HAJJ rituals. A mobile app for HAJJ rituals can really reduce the number of problems. This will help the users in numerous ways….just read ahead to know more……

Benefits of HAJJ Mobile App

When we think of a mobile app, then we assume the convenience and ease coupled together to make our life easier, and when the same platform of a mobile app is dedicated to a most significant religious duty, then nothing can be as calming and beneficial. Following are some of the benefits a mobile app for HAJJ has to offer….

  • It’s your trustworthy companion before and during Hajj, you can consult any doubt you have related to HAJJ
  • The map helps you finding the accurate directions of different locations
  • Elaborates the every single step of HAJJ in an interactive way
  • Let’s you find the best and trustworthy local agent during the holy pilgrimage
  • Let’s you find the right hotel at best affordable price
  • You can find a volunteer nearby immediately if you face any problem during HAJJ


Essential Features For A HAJJ Mobile App

A mobile app for HAJJ has numerous benefits to offer, but it can never be successful if it does not have the required app features. Below mentioned are some of the required app features, which are mandatory to be a part of any HAJJ mobile app, apart from some special features requested by the client. Please take a look…

  • The app needs to have a checklist for HAJJ Preparation Journey
  • Must work offline
  • App must contain the well-researched and defined Umrah /HAJJ Rites
  • Should have comprehensive details about the step by step guide to perform HAJJ & Umrah, so it can cover the largest user base, 
  • The app must contain videos, related to HAJJ& Umrah, so users can get a detailed information about the HAJJ
  • Must have a section of specific Duas and of the specific places, where Dua does not get rejected at the pilgrimage site
  • Salah timing information for Makkah and Madina
  • The weather feature would help the users about the weather conditions in the cities; Makkah & Madina
  • The app must contain the audio for the Dua as well, making it easier for the people who have limitations in reading Arabic
  • The currency converter feature lets the users convert their currency in Saudi Riyal and vice versa
  • The app design should be extremely easy and the color must be soothing enough since it will have a large user base from different age groups


With such features, a HAJJ mobile app will really help the users to perform the HAJJ/UMRAH without any mistakes. Although it is still 2 months away from Ramadan, but If you are willing to have a HAJJ mobile app for your NGO, company employees or for a simpler noble cause, or if you think that you can add some more additional app features in the HAJJ mobile app so the Muslims across the globe can perform the HAJJ in an efficient way,  then do not waste any further moment and give a start to your very personalized HAJJ mobile app in the pious month of Ramadan, so the maximum people across the globe can take the benefit from it.

To develop a well-defined and accurate HAJJ mobile app, you must get in touch with Techugo- a top mobile application development company in UAE. The reason I have recommended Techugo, since every single app developed here, has its features research-based under the guidance of experts from the industry. You should not wait any longer, but must reach Techugo team, which is highly accessible, friendly and understanding; they take every project as their personal and the taste of different religions in the team make it a unified destination to reach the client of any faith and his requirements in the best possible manner. You can reach them at the below-mentioned IDs and trust me; you would never regret your decision…

I really want that may Allah grant us HAJJ this year… AMEN



Skype: aks141

Skype: ankit.techugo



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