26 Jul 2017
Updated on December 29th, 2022

How To Develop A Photo- Editing Mobile App Like Instagram


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Our mobile phones today speak of our identity and who we are? It helps us to translate our every imagination into reality platform, in a fraction of a second and by tapping few buttons on our phones. Whether it is booking a cab, order a meal, or even getting a perfect picture to be shared on various portals so it can be shared further with the loved ones. We all look for a perfect picture to be captured through the lens, so we can gain appreciation, a long ago to achieve this had been a much tumultuous process, wherein the photographer had to go through a professional training to carve out the beauty from every angle of the camera, and the people always remained in constant fear of how their final picture would look like…then the digital camera came in existence, helping the photographer to see the result instantly…but the beauty of capturing enormous moments of happiness changed completely with the invasion of technology in it.

If you wonder how technology has been a blessing for photography, then you need to get indulged more in it. To be more précised we all know that a photo editing mobile app like Instagram, is the most commonly used mobile app, everyone uses on daily basis to get connected with other users, which is easy to use, has the simple design and has many interesting features. No wonder today Instagram is widely used by 500 million users and this number is increasing with every passing minute, which proves further the never ending love and affection users have for photo editing mobile apps.

You Too Can Have A Successful Photo editing Mobile App 

If you think it is not worthy to create a competing photo editing app, then you are wrong…users always look for something different and your app can also get a significant niche in the user’s heart, you only need to change a few things and here you go!!!

  • Must Have Features


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A photo sharing app is a real success when it hits the least, but most relevant features available on its portal. This would help you to consume the competition bug well. So the number of basic but significant features required is mentioned below, let’s take a look:

Account Authorization– it lets the users create a new account or sign-in via social networking profiles

Edit My Profile- this would let the users perform required editing in their profile by adding /editing / removing personal data

Create A Post– With this users can create a new post by uploading photos and add tags

Feeds– Users can subscribe, like, comment and see the posts of whom they follow

Social Features– this allows the users to share posts on other networks, invite friends from other networks

Image Editing– Letting the users to crop, rotate apply filters and use any other required image editing feature

Geolocation – through this feature users can determine the location of the image, identify the current location of users to mention along with the post

Messaging– Users can text/photo messaging to others

Notifications– to update the users for any new post, or any new activity on the app

Search Tab– It allows the users to search others by username, full name, tags and post description

  • Your Take


Yes, it is simply a stupid idea to create a clone of Instagram and expect people to love it. Users love the same thing, but only if there is a twist of taste in it, so you need to invest your ideas and creativity to create that one particular feature which sets your app apart from Instagram, and you need to ask a few questions to yourself, like; are you planning to create a  private photo sharing app? Would the app focus on photo editing merely? Will it have gifs or moving images? You need to sit and think that how your app can be a unique version of the photo sharing mobile app and how will this engage the users? Try to get answers to these questions before hitting the development phase.

  • Barriers You Would Experience


The best business model to come across the loopholes of your mobile app, is through Usability Testing in the beta phase of your mobile app, which would help you get which certain features have performance indicators, such as:

  • Attract New Users- The number of users on your mobile app, speaks a lot about your app success. To get a huge number of users on your mobile app, is possible with the right set of marketing strategies and just to update you, the marketing strategies do not initiate after the launch of your app but needs to be taken from the very initial stage of app development, you can check here: App Marketing Strategies


  • App Engagement- Once you have an impressive number of users on your mobile app, the next thing you need to take care of ..is users’ engagement with the mobile app. Keep a check on how many users are spending the average time on your app and what is the frequency of logins.


  • App Retention- The most delicate and vital part of your mobile app success depends on that how well you have glued the users to your app. Use the various techniques like sending push-notification, reward points, and personalized messages to remind your users about your mobile app and how you would love them to use your app frequently.


Above these features, something which counts further for your app success is your understanding of your targeted users and their demand, and altogether if you would fail to pick any, your mobile app can never get its deserving recognition.

  • App Monetization



Yeah, the profit is something you are looking from your mobile app and if you don’t get this, your aim to get a successful photo editing mobile app would fade away, so you can gain satisfactory monetary results from your mobile app by adopting below-mentioned monetary strategies:

  • Sponsorship and advertising- it lets the different businesses create their profiles and pay you to show their posts to users
  • In-app purchases- Allows the users to access custom filter packs, fun stickers, editing tools and other required features.
  • Special deals for the most active users- With this you allow the users to gain more discounts with more number of in-app purchases


  • Assign Your App To Professionals


The app market is flooded with numerous options to get your photo editing mobile app get developed, but you don’t need to get carried away with first available options since it may charge you most expensive and would not deliver what you are looking for. So select a top mobile app development company on the basis of its experience, exposure and client reviews, and such company is Techugo- which is one of the top mobile app development companies in the app industry, and we have catered successful mobile app solutions to many of the established brands and startup across the globe. With Techugo the photo editing app for both the OSs would cost you around $15,000- $25,000 depending on the features you want to add further. We assure you of quality, creativity, and innovation all fused together to carve a successful photo-editing mobile app for you.

Also, at Techugo, we are proud to announce that we are going to launch an impeccable photo-editing mobile app for one our clients very soon. So you just need to get in touch with us, to get your next sensational photo editing mobile app, and you can feel the difference.

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