3 Oct 2017
Updated on May 9th, 2019

How To Develop A Wallet Mobile App


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The wind of the digital era has spread like a wildfire amongst every existing industry and the business fields, letting the businesses getting the supreme mobile app success.


Although the financial transaction to attain the services broadly has always been a moot point, but this too is resolved with the successful intervention of wallet application.

When I personally think of the wallet app as a user, then I look for the best available features which can secure my transaction-related details and yet offer me a seamless experience. I believe this aspect is a huge demanding feature from every user, but to attain and carve it in the mobile body, is only achievable when a fully-featured and some of the essentials are a very much part of the wallet app.

In this tech-driven environment we live in, mobile wallet offers a variety of benefits to those who prefer the ease and convenience of being able to pay for goods and services, simply with the tap of a button.

This writing aims to cover some of the most wanted features required to build a successful wallet app….

  • Be Strict With Security


I don’t think if we need an introduction of this feature…the security is the major component of the wallet mobile application, and without it,  cannot function.

The security features have got advanced with the advancement of the technology, but at the same time, the chances of advanced security threats have also increased drastically.

People are scared to use the wallet mobile app, due to the security issue only. The data breach cases have made buyers wary of sharing credit card information. I agree that the number of security hacks can destroy the mobile app essence fully and would turn your app into an avoidable aspect from the users. So ensure that the Security is taken care of cautiously at every step of the app development process.

  • Tokenization


It is indeed a best- secured method to process the functions of a wallet mobile app, it assigns the user with a one-time number that represents the actual credit/debit card number in the payment transaction. During online transactions, the merchant can never even get a glimpse of the actual card number, which means a more secure window for the users.

The Additional Security Methods:

  • Point-to-point encryption- it secures the payment transaction during the interactions with a POS terminal.
  • Mobile device identification- it pairs the user’s mobile wallet with a certain smartphone.
  • Finger- print scanning for a secure authentication.


  • Bluetooth and iBeacon


Technology advancement has led to the much convenient form, iBeacon which lets the user to transfer data without using the Internet connection.

Bluetooth based Smartphone and other devices can communicate with an external BLE-transmitter called the Beacon. The iBeacon-enabled POS can instantly “read” the user’s details, and as a result users don’t need to swap/scan their card or coupon during checkout.

  • Budgeting Tool


This feature in a wallet mobile app is an additional tool, which lets the customers to track and monitor their monthly spending and plan in advance for the subsequent month.

  • Rewarding System


Rewards let your customers remain stick to your mobile app and motivate them to spread good words about it . Your wallet applicatiom must let the users earn usual rewards; travel points or cash back and this step certainly works as the most successful point, which lets the users to remain engaged to your application, through paying their utility bill, product shopping, and recharge options.

  • App Performance


The app performance has one of the top reasons behind its failure that is the size of the mobile app. It works with the money transaction, and that needs the application to get connected with the different bank servers to perform the required action, in such sensitive scenario, if the solution is going to load slow, it would give a big reason to the users to abandon the app. So your first step is to keep the application as lighter as possible.

  • Make It Simple


It is used by the people from all walks of life, and not everybody is tech-educated to handle it if it serves a complex and complicated app. Your users want a simple platform to access the services, and if they stuck while making any transaction, due to the non-understanding of the app functions, then no matter how well-built is the app, users would chuck it.

  • Don’t Limit To Payment


A wallet mobile app can be a huge hit, if it beats the conventional mode of payment only, and would let the users buy also, just like an e-commerce platform. The same aspect is picked by the PayTm a popular Indian wallet, which lets the users buy the numerous products from its platform and payment can easily be made as well.

You can also integrate the facility of paying bills and recharge option within the app, so the users can access their day-to-day requirements through one single platform only.

A wallet solution serves many conveniences under its wing of benefits to the users, but undeniably it involves a huge deal of intricacies to be dealt with the app.

If you are planning to get a wallet for your app requirement, then you need to consider a leading name in the app development field, which has the required exposure and the experience in developing a seamless wallet solution. But considering the enormous number of mobile app development companies existing in the app market, it is indeed a hard job to find the best answer for your business goals.

But there is one company, which is beating the odds of app development and is dedicated in developing the most promising and successful mobile apps, is none other than Techugo- a top app development company.

Techugo has gained an applaudable recognition in the app market, due to the successful app solutions, it has developed for some of the leading brands and startups across the globe. Worth to mention the quality-enriched mobile apps crafted by the Techugo team, has already won the hearts of its end-users, resulting in gigantic app downloads received.

To know more about Techugo, you can visit https://www.techugo.com/  and you can get in touch with the Techugo team and get the best possible app solution for your business requirements.

You can reach Techugo team at:

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