5 May 2023

Diabetes Management App – The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Own MySugr


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Diabetes Management App

The fact cannot be denied that our fast-paced lifestyle has led to significant changes in our health and diseases like diabetes can be commonly diagnosed amongst individuals. 

While diabetes remains a significant health issue worldwide, keeping track of blood glucose levels and other medical data has become vital. Thus, the demand for blood sugar apps is rapidly rising, which also informs if insulin needs to be taken or not. 

Currently, there exists one of the top-notch diabetes management app in the market named MySugr that holds over 3.5 million users around the world. 

Now that entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals are taking inspiration from MySugr for building an app that helps patients track their diabetic levels, here’s a guide to learn everything about the same. 

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Why Did MySugr Acquire the Limelight? 

As mentioned earlier, MySugr is one of the most reliable diabetes management app that allow patients to keep track of their medications, meals, workouts, etc., along with monitoring their blood glucose data. 

With the help of a management application like this, it is easier for patients to get their hands on monthly, weekly, and daily healthcare records and share them with their medical experts. 

Other reasons why MySugr acquired the limelight include its feature to customize and easy navigation. Not only this, but the app is also incorporated an incredible feature called ‘Diabetes Monster’ that emphasizes promoting diabetic-controlling behavior.

MySugr works exceptionally for both Android and iOS users and amalgamates gamification that engages the audience to take up the diabetes control challenge. 

The icing on the cake is a built-in Optical Character Recognition software that enables app users to withdraw information from previous and non-connected blood monitors into their device. Once the data is extracted, app users can use it for their benefit. 

Must-Have Features for Your Diabetic Management App

Must Have Features for Your Diabetic Management App

Diabetes management consists of tracking multiple logs, including carbohydrate intake, daily activities, glucose, and more. Therefore, a number of features are to be added within the app that will help build a solid consumer base. 

Some of the best and must-have features include: 

1. Frictionless Mechanism of Blood Glucose Meters

You may integrate a feature that enables users to fuse the app with their blood glucose meter and allow data transfer. It will become easier for patients to access and analyze their data in a few clicks. Also, MySugr is compatible with a number of devices which makes it a great choice for app users. 

2. Blood Glucose Chart

While patients might not get the time to visit a doctor, a mobile app like MySugr will enable patients to check their sugar level on the go!

3. Smart Search

The smart search feature works like pixie dust as it helps app users efficiently look out for meals, patterns, activities, and more. 

4. Estimated HbA1c

This feature gathers data about a user’s blood sugar on a daily basis, and presents estimated data about HbA1c on the basis of the same. 

5. Data Security

A mobile app like this must follow its compliance rules that vary from region to region. Thus, make sure it complies with the location data encryption and privacy regulations to make it a highly secure mechanism for your audience. 

6. Day-To-Day Challenges

You may present daily challenges for your app users to keep them motivated and going to meet their goals.

The Development Phase of a Diabetes Management App Like MySugr

The Development Phase of a Diabetes Management App Like MySugr

To develop an app like MySugr, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the model it follows and its definite plan. Not only this, but it is crucial for you to figure out the kind of mobile app you’re aiming for and the issues it will resolve. 

Here’s a step by step guide to building diabetes management apps like MySugr. So, let’s get started! 

1. Monitor the Issue

To build an app that stands out from the crowd, determine the loopholes that may not be emphasized by your competitors and work on the same. Finally, figure out how your application can resolve issues and contribute to the patient’s lifestyle. 

2. Streamline the Choice of Tools and Platforms

It is a very crucial decision to pick out the platforms for which you want to build your mobile app. Thus, determine your target audience and make a decision if you want to build a management app for Android, iOS, or the web. 

Furthermore, list down the technology stack you want to use for your healthcare app development.

3. Emphasize UI/UX

Not only other applications, but UI/UX is equally important for building healthcare apps. An app’s design is one of the first factors noticed by the audience, and they plan to stay or leave on its basis. Additionally, you must take care of the appearance of the diabetes self management app on different devices.  

4. Prioritize MVP

Indeed, building a full-fledged app for the audience will decide whether your business will succeed or not. However, the development of MVP will ensure the limitation of expenses. How?

An MVP model incorporates the basic functionality, which is thoroughly tested to ensure that the app reaches its audience without any bugs and issues. 

5. Testing

As mentioned earlier, glitches can slow down the functioning of apps for diabetes management. However, effective testing can eliminate the development time by monitoring any errors and rectifying them. 

6. Launch

After the testing stage of the diabetes management app, it’s time to finally roll it out in the market for users. Therefore, get your app launched, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the in-app analytics tools.

Cost of Building a Diabetes Management App Like MySugr 

Cost of Building a Diabetes Management App Like MySugr

The cost to build a healthcare app takes numerous factors into consideration. Therefore, before diving deep into the development process, here’s a breakdown of things that must be taken into account. 

1. Research and Learn

The very first step while moving toward building an app for diabetes management is to research and learn. Start by researching your target audience and competitors to acquire data to make an informed decision. Also, evaluate market patterns to know which action would be best suitable for your business. 

2. Design and Development

Once the research is well conducted, enters the role of the design team, who must develop a prototype. A design architecture must be laid down to meet the project’s goals and objectives. It is vital to emphasize seamless navigation and structure to retain customers and build a solid consumer base. 

3. Testing and Launching

Now comes the stage of testing and launching, which is crucial to accelerate the app’s functionality, making its features easily accessible by the users, eliminating the bugs and glitches, and more. 

Once your diabetes management app goes through thorough testing, it is all set for launch. 

4. Documentation

After the launch of the doctor appointment app, its paperwork needs to be done, including the product manual. 

Indeed, the development cost of the two apps is most likely to vary due to their difference in features and functionality. However, if you’re looking forward to developing a diabetes management app as efficient as MySugr, connect with the best healthcare app development company to turn your idea into reality. 

Notable Revenue Models to Monetize from a Diabetes Management App 

Notable Revenue Models to Monetize from a Diabetes Management App

To build and run an app like MySugr for higher revenue, you may opt for one of the following revenue models: 

– Freemium

One of the most popular categories under revenue models to incorporate within mobile apps is the Freemium model. Diabetes management apps incorporated with the freemium model include some basic features that are free to use. On the other hand, the premium features of this model are to be purchased by the users to access. 

– Content Monetization

Access to authentic and certified content has become crucial for health freaks and people looking for accurate facts. In such a case, content monetization is the best business model to opt for because that will charge free and provide access to healthcare information. 

– In-App Purchase

While this model comes with higher chances of profitability, it also is a complex mechanism to incorporate. To acquire the best results out of this model, you must add valuable features for your app users. 

– App-Specific Marketing

This model offers a straight and simple monetization method, making it a widely used model. However, you must ensure that too much of ads shouldn’t distract the users. 


1. How can a diabetes management app help me manage my diabetes?

A diabetes management app can help you monitor and track your blood glucose levels, medications, and lifestyle choices. It can also provide insights and recommendations for better diabetes management based on the data you enter.

2. Is it safe to store my personal health information on a diabetes management app?

Most diabetes management apps have robust security measures in place to protect your personal health information. However, it’s important to choose a reputable app with a strong privacy policy and to take steps to safeguard your data, such as using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication.

3. Can I sync my glucose meter or other diabetes devices with a diabetes management app?

Many diabetes management apps offer integration with glucose meters and other diabetes devices, allowing you to automatically sync your data and get a more complete picture of your diabetes management.

4. Are there any clinical studies or evidence supporting the effectiveness of diabetes management apps like MySugr?

Yes, there have been several studies that have shown the potential benefits of diabetes management apps, such as improved blood glucose control and increased patient engagement. However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of an app may vary depending on individual factors and that no app can replace the advice and guidance of a healthcare professional.

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