2 Mar 2022
Updated on December 29th, 2022

Digital Artworks: Artists are Finally Getting the Recognition They Deserve!


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Digital Artworks

What comes to your mind after reading a tweet that says, “Just setting up my twt”? 

I was like, “what is this?” 

Only after I learned that the tweet was made by the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and was sold for $2.9 million. 

Yes, that’s jaw-dropping, but you’ve read that right! 

The question is, why would anyone buy a tweet for truckloads of money? 

And this is not it! One of the recent online auctions sold a GIF for $60,000. What would you say now? 

Is it a disease people are catching instead of flights? Alright, let’s not make fun of my PJ. 

A few hours of research later and having a conversation with a friend, I finally got to know the reason behind people spending a hundred times more of my pocket money. It’s the NFT fever that claims to improve creators’ lives. 


We have some explaining to do, so take a look!

NFTs are Changing Lives for Good: Here’s How

NFTs are Changing Lives for Good

What are NFTs?

For starters, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens!

Let’s talk with an example- You might have seen great art pieces in galleries or hung at someone’s place. But have you ever wondered about its originator or the creator? Is the creator getting due credit and recognition? 

This is precisely what NFTs take care of! 

Notably, NFTs are a blockchain trend that is digital in nature; thus, artists are now transforming their physical art into digital form to sell it online. 

Don’t get us wrong! But physical into digital transformation doesn’t mean snapping a picture and uploading it online for sale. In fact, it’s a whole other process you’ll get familiar with as you read along! 

What you primarily need to know is that artists are no longer dependent on galleries for the display of their art. Instead, digital copies can be created and tokenized, and sold on the NFT marketplace.

Why Would Anyone Want to Link Their Physical Art with NFTs?

Why Would Anyone Want to Link Their Physical Art with NFTs

That’s right! The concept needs to be explained a little more before you’re finally convinced about doing so. 

Let’s not overlook the fact that NFTs have acquired immense popularity; thus, their value is rising with each passing day. It is one of the topmost reasons for creators to opt for NFT who are well-familiar with its importance and benefits. 

Therefore, for you to learn more about its pros, listed below are some of the top-notch benefits:

  • A Secure Investment 

An NFT belongs to a single person who has invested in it; thus, there’s no role for partnership. Additionally, the assets converted into NFT are stored in wallets that can only be accessed via a secret address. Therefore, only the person who knows the secret address or authentication key can operate the wallet. 

  • Authenticity 

NFTs are favorable for creators as they can develop their unique art and sell it without worrying about others imitating it. In addition, the owner holds the right to decision-making and can release as many copies as they want. 

Notably, the entire process takes place under the blockchain app development that maintains the authenticity of the art. 

  • Increased Profits 

Many platforms enable the creation of NFT for nothing in exchange. However, a small fee has to be paid upon exhibition of NFT for sale. 

When compared to organizing setups and galleries for the sale of art, selling NFTs is a much cheaper method that involves little investment and higher profits.

Isn’t it intriguing?

How to Convert Your Art into NFT?

How to Convert Your Art into NFT

Now that you have come a long way and are interested in the idea of creating your own NFT, it is essential to understand the manner of doing the same. 

It involves an easy chain of steps that need to be followed. Take a look! 

  • Choose a Platform

Begin by opting for a platform that you think is the most reliable. Some of the best platforms include Foundation, Marketplace, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, and OpenSea. 

  • Pick Your Master Piece 

Have you thought about which piece of art you want to convert into NFT? That’s your next step! 

Tip: Select any audio, video, music, painting, etc., that is unique and is likely to sell easily. 

  • Select a Blockchain to Pay for the Conversion

Since it’s a blockchain concept, you’ll have to pay via cryptocurrency. One of the most commonly used crypto for this purpose is Ethereum. 

  • Create a Crypto Wallet and Purchase Crypto Money

Opt for the most reliable cryptocurrency wallet to purchase and store your crypto money. Once a wallet is created, purchase a cryptocurrency to pay for the conversion.

Note: The crypto price keeps changing; therefore, you’ll have to pay the crypto price as per the market value. 

  • Addition of Wallet to NFT Forum

After you’ve bought the crypto money, it’s time to add your wallet to the platform you’re using for the NFT conversion. 

  • Upload Your File and Add Description

Once the wallet and the NFT platform are interlinked, move ahead by uploading the file you want to convert. Again, add a description that explains your art to make it easier for the audience to understand.

  • ‘Auction’ or ‘Fixed’: CHOOSE 

It’s time to make your choice:

Fixed Price- You’ll have to give a price that’ll straightaway sell your art to the interested buyers. 

Unlimited Auction- It is the auction method where a purchaser can not purchase your art unless you accept their offer. 

Time Auction- This auction involves purchasers making their offers within a given time. 

  • Settle the Platform Fee

As mentioned earlier, a little fee has to be paid to display your NFT on any platform. Therefore, you must settle the fee before displaying your NFT. Also, make sure that the platform you opt for is not any SCAM. 

In a Nutshell! 

Do you want to earn the recognition you deserve? Then, NFT is your shot!

However, if you want to help the deserving artists acquire the fame they must earn, it’s time to build a platform that’ll help them do so! 


Stop scratching your head since the top app developers USA have got you! 

As said, “Every person is born with talent.” It’s time for you to recognize yours and use it to your advantage. 

What do you think?

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