2 May 2022
Updated on December 29th, 2022

Digitalization of the Wellness Industry: Starting with Good Air Composition!


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digitalization of the wellness industry

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘digitally enabled healthcare’?

We are assuming your answer to be mHealth apps. However, it is much more than that! 

Initially, healthcare and digitization were the puzzle pieces of two different scenarios. The healthcare industry was ranked much behind entertainment, banking, retail, and more. Patients had to meet physicians for face-to-face consultations, a lot of paperwork had to be done, and whatnot! 

Fortunately, the amalgamation of tech into healthcare rotated the entire mechanism, making it more convenient for doctors and patients. 

Tech also emphasized the rise of portable health gadgets that gradually became a part of our daily routine. Be it any wearable technology from regular fitness trackers to neurofeedback headbands, wearables are rapidly getting a foothold in our lives. 

Don’t you think wearable app development is an incredible idea for monetization?

But did you ever imagine that an accessory could alert people about the air composition and its impact on cognitive performance? 

Stop scratching your head since we have got you covered on the concept! 

How about reading it in detail? Therefore, if you’re interested to learn more, take a sneak peek at the important insights! 

Altos: A Startup Developing Smart Air Testers! 


Altos has developed software that helps users enhance their cognitive performance by verifying optimal air composition. 

According to the co-founder and CEO of Altos, the aim of the startup is to introduce a device that people would highly acknowledge in their routine, and believe that the accessory can improve their well-being. In addition, the company is on its way to developing an effective IoT mechanism that helps users to measure the environmental parameters and enables them to figure out how it impacts their health. 

But how does the gadget work? 

The device regulates the CO2 concentration level based on air sampling, and the data is transferred to BrainFuel Scale- a scale that helps people understand the air quality via notifications. 

Indeed, Tech Has Redefined the Health and Wellness Industry!

On the one hand where people struggled to face the repercussions of the pandemic, technology enabled people to live a healthier lifestyle. Undoubtedly, tech integrations have modified the manner consumers are acquiring fitness solutions. 

While digital fitness is on the rise, it has exceptionally dominated the fitness industry for good! Are you looking for relevant examples? 

Here are a few top-notch tech-driven trends reshaping the healthcare industry: 

healthcare industry

1. Personalized Workout 

As mentioned earlier, people have now shifted to fitness trackers to efficiently track their daily progress. Thus, the data can be accessed with the help of a fitness app that generates insights into the user’s health. 

The icing on the cake is the amalgamation of ML algorithms that direct users’ personalized workout and diet plans. 

According to a survey, personalized plans have enabled people to stick to the routine suggested by the app, deriving improved results. 

2. Virtual Coaches

Fitness apps incorporated with advanced features are popular amongst fitness-savvy people as they no longer require to commute to a gym for fitness training. Instead, fitness regimes can now be followed at home under the guidance of trained professionals in real-time. 

The trend is likely to grow in the upcoming years, especially after the pandemic, as it has broken the myth bubble that fitness training can only be taken in gyms. 

3. A Hybrid with a Hygienic Approach 

Now that the world is going hybrid- a mix of physical and digital, the healthcare industry is no exception! 

Fitness centres are more concerned than ever about meeting the social distancing protocols; therefore, they are upgrading from brick-and-mortar stores to a digital approach. 

4. Sleep Improving Technologies 

What is your sleep schedule? 

We are not conducting any survey but are just curious if you fall into the league of people who go through disrupted sleep. 

As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 3 adults in the US suffers from a lack of proper sleep. Therefore, sleep technologies are being emphasized to focus on the quality of sleep for enhanced productivity. 

In a Nutshell!

Digital platforms and fitness tech perfectly complement each other in the modern world! The new mechanisms not only enable people to work as per their fitness plans but notifies them when the air is clean, and they must take a walk. 

And one of the popular examples is none other than Altos! 

Now that you’re familiar with the advantages enabled by the paradigm shift, how about a healthcare app development? 

If we are on the same page, we are all ears for you! Connect with us at Techugo- a leading healthcare app development company for more insights. 


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