1 Apr 2020

Do you have a DREAM?


Ankit Singh

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We’re officially within the horrific territory of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ooh, that excruciating pain after listing to this pain is beyond imagination. The loss of lives sloshed down the global economy and the destruction is more than to be explained here!

However, the one thing to remember is that this pandemic does not have to break you or your DREAM.

How is it possible?

First of all, let me tell you something?

If the recent COVID 19 global outbreak has your organization wondering if your business continuity plans are enough to get you by, then you’re not alone.
It is the survival of the FITTEST!

Do you know what all it would take you to survive?

Survival = (Speed of your understanding of the situation) x (the number of options or choices you have) x (the speed with which you implement or make those changes)

Winning over this Pandemic is hard. Very hard. There are no short-cuts or “hacks.” The only way to survive is through change and adaptability.

 Problems your business likely to face; not now but TOMORROW for sure

A huge chunk of the economy has shut down, and any business relying on foot traffic will certainly bear the brunt.

Accept the harsh facts

  • Your customers will no longer be your OLD & LOYAL customers;
  • Your revenue plans will no longer be valid.

Assess and take action before it’s too late for your business!

App Technology is the silver bullet!

No doubt, businesses that would outlast this crisis will be the one, who are able to assess, take action, and embrace the new circumstances!

With the help of a mobile app, businesses can pivot and restructure their model.

Entrepreneurs can only SURVIVE right now with adaptability. By adapting to the digital space, will help you to survive and then thrive when it’s over.

Today, every business is opening its services on the app world, to survive Pandemic!

Are you ready to win this battle

If you have an app concept, which you longed to make public, but something always held you back!

Your idea is a brilliant one. You believe everyone should see it.

Yet, you keep it to yourself. You took the small steps to show it to the public. But then, seeing the crowd, work pressure, you drew it back hesitating to show it once more.

Find it relatable?

Then this is the time to revive!

You have to release your IDEA and let it grow.

Techugo is your partner in distress & need!

We very well know your idea is precious, and is born from your experiences and learning.

It deserves to be seen. It deserves to be heard. It deserved to come to the life.

We know the level of stress of unseen, we know there is no way around, but we know together we can help you GROW!

Our team of technocrats is working round the clock, without being stressed. We know, brains are designed to focus on one thing at a time. Therefore, we are not going to bombard you with unnecessary information.

Drop us your query, and our team of experts will analyze, asses and find out the best way to accentuate it further on a digital space.

App consultation

We will get in touch with you to provide consultation from the skilled & highly experienced technical troop. Our team will assess your concept, your market needs, where you are lagging behind, understand your customers’ requirements, your competition, your location, and so on.

App wireframe

After discussion, your concept will be driven to the next stage; that is the technical blueprint of your app concept. Here our team of designers will jot down their heads, and brainstorm the best possible navigation, screen sequence and expected features on your app.

App Prototype

From here this technical wireframe would be taken to another stage, that is creating the Prototype!

Yes, we will be crafting a prototype or your app concept. This will give you every bit of information, to help in creating the final out product.

Get a visual treat of our plan for YOU!

Free Prototype and Consultation for Your Mobile App Idea by Techugo

 Are you wondering about the cost?

Hmm, the cost to asses, consultation, designer, developer, and analyst, will be more.

But we know the situation and its harsh effects!

Therefore, we are not going to charge a single penny for these services. And it would be absolutely FREE for you.

You can’t trust your eyes?

Give yourself a pinch, because the Techugo team is ready to fight with you COVID-19 ill-effects. And our team will ensure not to leave a stone unturned to help you win this battle?

Chasing good app ideas is the key to revive your business. Snap it up before someone else implements the idea you are dreaming of.

We are waiting to know about your idea and bring it to the WORLD!

We’re ready to set your boats on fire!

Visit us on www.techugo.com and drop us a query or write to us on sales@techugo.com

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