4 Nov 2022
Updated on November 28th, 2022

Doctor On Demand App Development: Tech Stack, Cost, Features, Etc.

Yes, we have almost passed the horrible pandemic, and life is back on track with new expectations and opportunities. But the battle is not over yet. It’s time to empower the medical industry using advanced technologies.

Since many people still experience heart attacks, blood clots, cancer, accidents, and other serious health problems. We must bring some healthcare solutions to improve patient care.

The recent advancement in the healthcare industry that we have seen is a doctor on-demand application. It paves the simplest path to getting in touch with a medical professional and getting complete treatment.

While it has reduced the waiting time, patients spend long queues at clinics or hospitals. In addition, it has enabled doctors to collaborate with technology to enhance patient care services. From patient data management to video consultation, an on-demand healthcare mobile application helps everyone get comprehensive support.

So, you must have lots of queries related to doctor on-demand mobile apps. And to answer all your questions, this article has brought you a complete guide about the doctor on demand app development. Just go through it!

What Does on Demand Doctor App Exactly Mean?

An on-demand doctor application allows the patient to interact and get a consultation from medical professionals in real-time. Through such an app, a person can schedule a doctor’s consultation and prescription after video interaction. Moreover, it can be a dedicated app to improve patient care services using the latest technology stack for the medical industry.

And if you’re a medical professional or run a clinic or hospital, you should consider building an app for your business. The healthcare application boosts your patient care services and lets you experience monetary benefits. While you upgrade your services through a mobile app, it improves customer satisfaction i.e. your patients.

Now, technology is unfolding limitless opportunities for the medical field to grow. So, why not get the advantages of it and start investing in the latest doctor on demand app development? Let’s shed light on discovering some futuristic aspects of technology incorporated into the healthcare sector.

Why Is the Doctor on Demand App the Need of the Hour?

Doctor on Demand App

1. Advanced Patient Care

An on-demand app relieves the burden of returning to clinics and hospitals from patients’ shoulders. It reduces the possibilities for follow-ups, seeking medications, missing appointments, or repeatedly requesting prescriptions. This way, a patient receives proper attention from medical professionals instead of going to crowded hospitals or clinics. On the whole, it offers advanced patient care solutions.

2. Less Paperwork

The top advantage of on-demand doctor apps is that patients and healthcare professionals can track crucial information on an app. In addition, it saves both parties a lot of time and effort in maintaining administrative paperwork in the office.

3. Services at a Fair Price

All expenditures related to ER trips and hospital admissions are not to worry about things. These healthcare services are efficient and readily available to consumers worldwide in real time. In addition, the doctor on-demand applications have significantly reduced the complexity of these procedures.

4. Utmost Convenience

All sections of a metropolis can benefit from technology in healthcare, but citizens of rural areas experience the most respite from it. We all know that visiting a doctor or medical specialist is difficult for those who live in rural areas. All doctors and clinics are available in urban areas. And for a person who lives in a rural locality has to drive a considerable distance to schedule an appointment. This could be crucial in preserving older people’s or young children’s lives.

5. Reduce Hospital Readmissions

As it is evident that the doctor on-demand platforms ease down patient care practices, it reduces readmission of patients in hospitals. While it enables doctors and patients to get the benefits of healthcare app services, it empowers the healthcare system worldwide. With on-demand doctor mobile applications, a patient doesn’t need to readmit to the hospital for further treatment. Moreover, without compromising the quality of service offered to a patient, it helps to decrease hospital readmissions.

6. Greater ROI

Doctor on-demand mobile applications are helping doctors establish and sustain a greater ROI. Since these apps are helpful to doctors in equal measure, they enable them to spend less on infrastructure, hospital staff, and equipment.

7. Improved Work-Life Balance

One of their top benefits is letting clinicians consult with patients even when working remotely or while traveling. Also, they can give the appropriate health and care services virtually. Hence there is no need to visit patients’ homes, and all credits go to these mobility technologies. And it is something that promotes a healthy work-life balance for medical professionals.

Well, this list of doctor on-demand app features and benefits is no end. So, without wasting time, let’s move on to the next segment of this article, where you can get information about the working of a doctor on demand app.

How Does Doctor On Demand Work?

Doc On Demand

Since there is no denying that doctor on-demand apps are revolutionizing the healthcare industry worldwide. Each app works on its own working approach. Somehow to explain the working of an on-demand doctor mobile app, here are some pointers, don’t miss reading them!

1. Log-In or Set Up a Profile

The patient must log into the system to receive treatment from a specific doctor via the app. Also, create an account, and provide a detailed description of the symptoms.

2. Selection of Nearby Medical Experts

The doctor on demand app then goes through the symptoms the patient mentioned. And based on the symptoms, it searches for the most appropriate medical expert nearby.

3. Set a Virtual Appointment

After locating a doctor who meets the patient’s needs, they can make a video call to the doctor and schedule an appointment using the in-app calendar.

4. Video Consultation

The doctor discusses the patient’s discomfort in the video consultation. Then, after examining the health issues, the doctor recommends treatment, orders lab tests, and handles all other details.

5. Payment

When the video consultation is over, the patient usually proceeds and pays the doctor for the obtained healthcare services. A built-in payment gateway for a healthcare app idea can facilitate such a service. Followingly, the doctor prescribes medications and proper recommendations for the patient’s treatment.

Now, you will no longer wonder how a doctor on-demand app works. Still, you should know more if you think about investing in the doctor on-demand app market. To get an idea about the most popular doctor-on-demand mobile apps, check the next section.

Some Top On-Demand Doctor Apps Ruling the Market

It’s nothing new with the doctor on-demand app development as many companies have already invested in it to get high ROI. With the right technology stack for healthcare apps, you can create a robust app empowering the patient care industry. Have a look at some of the top on-demand healthcare applications.

On-Demand Doctor Apps

Apart from these, there is one name that is missing in the image, and that’s your app. “Winks!” Well, if you have something in your mind, but can’t move ahead for any reason and need expert advice, contact them here!

On-Demand App Development: Things To Consider

It takes a lot to venture into something, especially in the healthcare industry. While you start developing an application for your business, you must take care of many essential things. Here are some important points that might need to be noticed during the process of healthcare app development. So, go through them!

Target Audience

While developing an on-demand app for patient care, you must consider a wide range of patients and their needs. Different people come to an app with different queries. Your patient care solutions must be fulfilling enough to provide all assistance that a patient needs. So when you think about how to build an on-demand dr app, you must consider all aspects of patient care from both perception, doctors, and patients.

Doctor On-Demand App Features

Features and functionality are what help you to gain users on your application. Your on-demand healthcare app launch is successful when your services are efficient enough to deliver the assistance that patients want. Moreover, offer the fastest way to get a doctor in your nearby location, video consultation, online prescription, and possible medicine delivery. How different your doctor app is from others makes the chances higher to build a successful app.

Advanced Tech Stack

Building a robust doctor app requires an advanced technology stack. When you incorporate the latest technologies, be it frameworks or platforms, you must use the most trending technologies. In addition, it ensures that you offer up-to-date features and services, making it the most useful app for your target audience. Consult with the experts immediately to know what tech stack you should use to build a doctor on-demand app.

Network and Database

There needs to be more than just an app for patients to connect with a medical professional. You must create a network of certified professionals to offer exclusive services. The Healthcare database can potentially create new success to improve patient care. In addition, connecting a patient with the expert for their needs improves your services and customer trust.

Medical Compliances

Medical compliances are very vital to develop an on-demand doctor application. Whether HIPAA or HL7 or FDA and other compliances are necessary to create an app, you must consider all aspects like medical acts and certification to offer healthcare services through a mobile app. Thus, if you want to rule the market without getting stuck with some legal issue, research medical compliances thoroughly to build HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Apps. And follow the standard protocols to provide healthcare services to patients.

Hire a Technology Partner

Creating an on demand doctor application is not a piece of cake. Building an app that offers futuristic features and functionality requires lots of expertise. Thus, you must collaborate with an experienced mobile app development company with the right knowledge. An experienced app development company knows the latest technologies to incorporate into your app. Also, it helps you to identify potential challenges, which directly helps you to get a powerful app.


Though it seems the most underrated thing to consider, it matters the most. You shouldn’t compromise the budget of on demand doctor app development. Since the budget helps you decide how to move forward with your app development project, it also clarifies many other things. So, research the estimate cost of on demand app development and plan accordingly.

What Challenges May You Face While Developing On-Demand Doctor Consultation App?


1. Data Security

Patients who are keen to use on-demand apps for doctor consultation give very high emphasis to secure personal information. And paying attention to the app’s security and functionally safeguarding any uploaded data is all a patient cares about. In addition, HIPAA compliance is another factor you must consider for developing an on-demand healthcare app. However, it seems complicated to follow HIPAA compliance; no one can neglect it.

Moreover, backend integration allows your app to have a totally different server to mediate data between the two parties. Also, it ensures the HIPAA guidelines give your app much-needed data protection.

2. Monetary Compensation

The idea of charging for remote patient care provided by medical professionals has led many major countries to pass telemedicine parity laws. Thus having a team that can integrate secure card payment, modifiers, medicare insurance, and other things into the app is necessary. In addition, only having a top healthcare app development company onboard can simplify the procedure for both sides.

3. User Experience for Patients and Doctors

The top challenge that the doctor on-demand app industry faces while developing an app with top-notch UI/UX. Implementing a high-level user experience is one of the challenges for both parties. While patients need simple user interfaces, doctors need technical feasibility to make their tasks less troublesome. Thus, keeping a simple and uniform style and allowing all elements to operate as a single unit can be helpful.

Talking about the challenges to build an on-demand doctor appointment app, it’s time to explore some fantastic features. Check out the features that can make your healthcare app staller rule the medical field.

Features to Develop a Doctor On-Demand Mobile App

For Patients

Patient Profile: A patient’s profile includes personal information about them as well as reference notes from prior visits.

Sign-Up Feature: Patients should be able to register using advanced features such as social media.

Search Option: Patients should be able to search for doctors using filters like specialty, language, location, cost, and type of insurance they take. They ought to be able to look through doctor profiles as well.

Scheduling Appointments: This function uses the Calendar to specify the available dates.

Reminders: A patient reminder app should be implemented. These reminders ought to be sent via email and SMS, among other means.

Online Visits: To enable remote examinations by doctors, an app should include safe technologies for high-resolution video streaming and remote consultations.

Payment: One of the most crucial features of doctor-on-demand apps is secure payment processing. The top-rated payment gateway API suppliers for the healthcare industry are Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Square, and Noodlio. Your doctor-on-demand platform should ideally support a variety of payment options, including credit cards, employer insurance, coupons, and insurance.

Feedback and Reviews: A patient testimonial app should allow patients to rate doctors based on their experiences with them.

Promotions and Referrals: Patients should be able to learn about sales and special offers and benefit from referrals.

Responding to Emergencies: An immediate response can save lives in the healthcare industry. For example, users should be able to call an ambulance with just one screen tap on a healthcare app.

Prescription: Prescribed drugs or medicines should be available for patients to order. If patients are unable to pick up their medications on their own, your app might allow them to be delivered to their homes via a built-in online pharmacy.

For Medical Professionals

Profiles: The features for doctors to construct their own profiles with information about their specialties, experience, prices, forms of insurance they accept, etc.

Medical Professional Panel: This panel ought to give medical professionals access to a patient’s electronic health records, as well as data on prior visits, medication prescriptions, and upcoming appointments.

Tools for Scheduling: The app must enable doctors to manage their schedules and enhance productivity.

Appointment Management: Medical professionals should be allowed to accept and reject patient appointments through the app.

EHR Access: The application must be compatible with EHR platforms and give medical professionals access to patients’ medical records.

Treatment Prescriptions: Medication and therapy prescriptions should be possible through an on demand doctor mobile app.

In-App Messaging: Patients and doctors may communicate easily using messaging. Using an in-app chat to transmit private and sensitive information ensures 100% secure platforms.

Document Scanning and Sharing: An on-demand healthcare app must record and send a lot of medical data safely, including photographs of the body, results of tests, prescriptions for medications, etc.

Apart from these features, you must consider the admin panel while building a healthcare application for patient care. Because what makes your healthcare app an engaging portal? Features! So, with this, the app administrator can operate the app while helping doctors and patients leverage on-demand medical services.

How to Monetization Your On-Demand Doctor Apps: Top Strategies

On-Demand Doctor Apps

1. Subscription

Users of medical apps are unlikely to pay to download one. Offer them free access to all features for a set period of time to encourage the download. Users will need to select their membership plan and make fixed monthly payments as this period draws closer.

Once a user is engaged in using the app, they can subscribe to it, as it requires regular money input. Additionally, this monetization approach is becoming more well-liked because app owners have a steady flow of user-generated income. However, much like freemium, it might be challenging to specify how many features people can access before subscribing to a subscription model.

2. Access to Advanced Content

This method of revenue generation is ideal for on-demand doctor apps that aim to provide useful information to medical professionals. After downloading an app, there is usually some free certified material available. However, its content amount is constant. Therefore, users must pay in order to access additional content, recurring updates, and news about niche breakthroughs.

3. Software as a service (SAAS)

It is crucial to license an app for private practices. Once you develop a doctor on-demand mobile application, you can provide the hospitals to reduce their burden. In addition, this mode of monetization can benefit those big hospitals costing $1 per month for one employee.

4. Transaction fee

There can be different models to monetize a doctor on-demand application. For instance, the app can charge for every doctor consultation or on a per-minute basis for the visits. You can even charge a commission every time a doctor prescribes to a patient after the video medical consultation.

So, there are numerous possible ways to monetize your medical application to make a difference in the doctor on demand app market.

Doctor On Demand App Development: Required Team Structure

To create a top-notch mobile application for patient care, you must start with a basic structure of the team. Regardless of project type, your team to develop an on-demand pediatrics app must consist of the following:

Doctor On Demand App

Rest depends on the project scale on which you want to build an application to serve the mhealth apps industry. Moreover, you must pay attention to the latest technology in healthcare industry for building an on-demand app for healthcare. Therefore, don’t miss the technologies explained in the next segment. Read along!

Doctor On-Demand App Development: Latest Technologies to Integrate

1. 5G technology

This cutting-edge technology includes smartphones, which can improve the process of real-time data transfer. In addition, it improves, accelerates, and streamlines communication, which is critical for quick and accurate diagnosis. Integrating 5G into your healthcare device via a mobile app provides five times the speed of 4G or Wi-Fi.

Because it is the future of telecommunications, proper utilization can result in strong on-demand doctor mobile apps. So leaving 5G behind would be a lousy way to move forward.

2. Virtual Reality

There isn’t much to say about how virtual reality can benefit your healthcare app development project. It has the potential to develop new methods of facilitating medical training and providing high-quality patient care while raising awareness about diseases.

It gives you an advantage in creating doctor on-demand mobile apps that stand out from the crowd. With the successful integration of VR in healthcare, you can provide your users with more vivid experiences that effectively help patients.

3. Artificial Intelligence and ML

Unsurprisingly, AI in Healthcare is making a difference in the industry. Any app development company can make your on-demand doctor mobile app futuristic using AI and Machine Learning algorithms. You can better serve the industry by analyzing their previous or current behavior. It can analyze health issues, provide assistance, review diagnostics, and interpret the best test result. This technology can aid in detecting and diagnosing cancerous and precancerous conditions. So, it is a must to have in your healthcare doctor app.

4. Cyber Security

There is a hidden fact that as technology is integrated into businesses, security concerns arise. Because there have been numerous cyber-attacks on users’ data in the past, cyber security is critical. As a result, developing a healthcare on-demand app requires security.

However, HIPAA calls for healthcare technology security measurements; you must plan by securing your app and staying ahead of time. Safety is important because a healthcare on-demand app can’t afford to ignore data security from cyber attacks.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can enhance patient care services. For example, medical professionals can view vitals during a procedure using AR-enabled head-mounted devices. Moreover, the surgeons don’t need to check around to collect information from multiple displays. Also, it can improve the process by reducing errors because of misreading or misinterpreting patients’ health data.

6. Voice search

Gone are the days when a patient was patient enough to wait for their turn to have a consultation with a doctor. Now, a patient expects instant treatment. And when it comes to healthcare, an on-demand dr app can minimize all challenges. However, by using voice search technology on your doctor mobile application, patient care services can be advanced 40 times. Also, voice-enabled search advances action-oriented queries and helps to gain more patients by delivering immediate assistance through your dr on demand application.

7. Big Data

Integrating Big Data into your on demand healthcare application can help you get a better insight into clinical data. Therefore, it facilitates doctors to make more informed decisions, make flawless diagnoses, prevention of diseases, and better treatment of patients. In addition, by incorporating big data in healthcare, you can improve the efficiency of your healthcare services.

8. Blockchain

There is no need to emphasize the advantages of blockchain in healthcare. A blockchain network in the healthcare system helps you preserve and exchange patient data through hospitals. Also, the patients’ test results seamlessly pass through diagnostic laboratories to medical professionals. Moreover, blockchain in on demand doctor apps makes data sharing secure with patient consent across various healthcare systems quickly.

Integrating the latest technologies into your on-demand dr application indeed makes a difference. But now, you must be wondering about the cost to develop an on demand app. Don’t worry; continue reading to get all details about it.

How Much Does the Doctor On-Demand App Cost?

The cost to develop an on demand doctor app is subject to various factors. There is no fixed amount in which you can develop an app for your business needs. Yet, some factors that impact the cost of developing an on-demand app for healthcare are as below:

Doc On Demand Cost

Number of features


Technology stack

Geographical location

Third-party app integration

UI/UX design complexity

Payment gateways integration

App maintenance & monitoring

Development platform (Android, iOS, etc.),

Expertise and experience of the developers

So, choose the things wisely considering your pocket to develop an app. However, once you discuss your idea with the best mobile app development company, the experts will help you to complete your dream project.

You can also read: How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?

How to Build an on Demand Doctor App?

After going through every minute detail to develop a doctor on-demand mobile app, it’s time to answer the biggest question. “How to develop an on-demand dr app?” The answer is simple, collaborating with the top mobile app development company-Techugo.

We have expertise in building apps while meeting business requirements. After serving clients worldwide, the company is based in the United States, UAE, India, and Saudi Arabia. With more than 200 professionals, the organization is popular among business owners for delivering top-notch technology solutions.

So, if you want to develop an on-demand doctor app, Techugo is the name you must remember. Connect with our experts right now and get free consultation for your project.

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