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26 Nov 2020

Don’t Fall For These Threatening UX Design Faux Pas!

A successful app is not just about the features and functionalities, but you cannot miss the UI/UX factor as well. Being a UX designer your aim is to create engaging user experiences and drive visitors to turn into leads.

However, in this race, a focus only on aesthetics, take shortcuts, and end up relying on various common design patterns and trends, can cost your app’s success.

If you think that users will figure out UX on their own by reading the instructions, then sorry but you are designing an app that is doomed to failure. Because the secret is NO ONE loves to read the instruction.

A good UX makes your app obvious, self-evident, and self-explanatory to use, with no tutorial or instruction crutch to rely on!

A great UX design is all about making your users happy with the app. So it is very essential to give them every possible reason to get a curve line on their faces.

Let’s identify some UX mistakes that can obstruct their journey and make them grow closer to your competitors.

Giving a DITCH to universal icons


Being creative and using something unique to give that OOMPH factor in the app design, is not a bad choice. But your users need to understand what it means, and if they fail to comprehend then sorry to say, but your creativity is serving no purpose.

The rule is even an ugly icon that everyone knows beats a beautifully designed icon that no one knows.

So stay careful!

App responsiveness; who cares!

App responsiveness is not a choice but a necessity! You need to ensure your app looks great no matter what gadget the audience uses. If the app is not responsive, it leaves an impression that the app isn’t functioning properly, and might be broken.

Hence, give them every element that works flawlessly on every device.

Keeping a form saga

Yeah, you heard it right. The lengthiest forms to fill out the basic details of the users are painful. Users come to your app to access everything with instant access, and what you give them?

You welcome them with a set of unnecessary questions, that really forces them to abandon your app and uninstall it.

Make the form fast and simple, users have no time to be wasted on filling the details.

Growing overconfident with your model


Don’t play over smart, there are chances you can go wrong. It is a good decision to bring something original and creative, but here you don’t need to turn into a self-centered cow, and become obsessed with your model. And ignoring users in the process.

Wake up!

Your app is made for the users, so it must have the flavor of their expectations. Failing to give attention to it, is where the actual problem starts.

You need to merge the two sides, where one speaks of users’ expectations and the other side brings your creativity into real practice.

Filling app space with EXTRA content

It is very obvious for the users to avoid the excessive content written on the app screens, to jump to the rea feature. In this run, you are likely to make them miss the relevant information. Your users are in hurry, and you are dealing with people who have ample opportunities in the market available. Hence you need to be extra careful while putting every piece of information on your app.

Keep the content CRISP that matches with your interactive design.

Going overboard with ENGAGEMENT


Ever heard of overemphasizing in an app?

It happens quite a lot when you misunderstand engagement with app aesthetics only. I agree, aesthetics are important, but your entire focus need not go on it. You need not get carried away by too many images, an extra dose of animation and music. Here, you need to engage users to relish the app, not interrupt their experience.

Keep them minimal and don’t let them fiddle with your users’ experience journey.

Destructive navigation

You must have got what I meant from the title. Yeah, you got it right, am referring to poor app navigation, leading customers to travel from one feature to another in the app, and still fail to provide the required information.

Remember, navigation is one of the most vital parts of your app, that drives your customers to the goal of the app, so make it simple and easy.

Flood of pop-ups

Gimme a BREAK!

Your marketing team must have instructed you to give pop-ups to drive conversion, but you need to hold the horse. Sometimes too many pop-ups blur down the real-value of your products and services, and it sounds nothing but salesy and gives the audience that you are not a reliable product, as you are pushing hard to SELL.

Chuck it away and make pop-ups lesser and not sounding absurd within your app.

Moral Learned!

The secret sauce to building an intuitive user experience is a well-thought approach given while designing an app. Here your users and their expectations should be your prime focus, helping you to create UX that is a perfect blend of creativity and your users’ mental model.

Invest your energy in crafting an app product that is easier to use. Your users shouldn’t have to depend on an instruction crutch to operate the app.

There are many other mistakes that can ruin your project, this is where the Techugo team steps in and ensures to offer an impeccable product for your audience to enjoy.

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