6 Oct 2020
Updated on April 12th, 2023

Don’t Miss Out These Steps To Create Your Own First Android App


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You have got a sizzling app idea, and all set to make it real, but don’t know what steps are required to make your dream come true.

One question that is puzzling you, day and night is how to create an app?

Well, worry not, as this post serves as your guide to build your own first Android app, just scroll it ahead…

How to create your own Android app?

Well, creating a mobile app, requires detailed research and analysis, that needs to be made at a length. It is a time taking process, therefore your objective has to be very clear with a clear understanding of users. Ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • What are the issues faced by your users in the absence of an app?
  • How your app will solve those problems?
  • What is your aim; spread brand awareness or reach out to more customers?

Your mobile app needs to be an efficient platform, where your business can experience returning customers, low expenses, increased ROI, better productivity, enriched social presence, and brand awareness as well.

Study competitors

Eventually, your competitors teach you a lot, you only need to have an analytical eye to understand their views. You must study them and understand what exactly they are offering to their users, and how far their users are satisfied or dissatisfied with their offerings. Pick what suits your model, but don’t plagiarize, as it will never create a charm for your users. You need to stay at the creative side to provide your users with something different and unique, compared to what is already available in the market.

Design wireframes

A wireframe is more like a blueprint of your app features and functionalities, guiding the navigation and other features in the app design. It is your app’s layout and the flow between the different screens. Here you don’t have to get indulged in the different graphic elements, as it will create a bridge between your raw thoughts and the final product. In simpler words, focusing on wireframing at an earlier stage could save you hundreds of development hours later on.

Start the development

On completing the wireframing, the very next step that you need to proceed with is selecting the platform and coding language. For a client coming from a non-technical background, it is really not an easy task to make this selection, but if you have a clear understanding of your requirements, budget, and target users, then you simply need to share it ahead with your selected app development company and let the magic begin.

You must select a platform as per your requirements and budget, and proceeding with the React Native framework, would be the ideal choice. This will save you money and time in developing two different apps for two different Oss. So programming language is concerned, then for the Android app, the first thing you’d require is Android Studio. After that, you can design the interface of your app using XML and write all the logic using any or all languages like Kotlin, Java, and C++.

An integral part of the development journey; app testing


Your app is ready, now you can deploy…Wait, Dude, there is something most IMPORTANT is still left, and that is TESTING.

Yeah, testing is something you cannot dare to miss even, as it tests bugs, issues, and multiple other factors that slow down your app’s performance. QA analysts conduct different strategies to make your app work seamlessly on the users’ smartphones.

Deploy your app

Now, once your app is fully developed and tested, now it is time to let the world know about it!


Het wait, but there are many steps still involved before deploying. You need to follow the app guidelines shared by the PlayStore, there are different strategies to improve your app store optimization score and help you make the most out of your app.

Google PlayStore rejects at least 55% of app submissions, and there are various reasons for this rejection, such as crashes, bugs, privacy policies, software compatibility, and minimum usability. Therefore, you need to understand and abide by all the guidelines and policies before publishing an app.

App development doesn’t end with app deployment, but a new episode starts with it. This is the main essence of the app life cycle, where you need to consider several other aspects to make your app IN the trend. 

App Maintenance

Is there a thing called app maintenance as well?

Well, yes it is not a myth but a core fact, that is required for your app to get maintained and stay updated. Here, you need to keep a track of the bugs, new technology update, feature addition, or smoothing the existing feature. There are a lot many other factors that come within the maintenance bucket, and let your app stay closer to your users’ hearts.

App promotion and marketing

Wondering if app marketing is required???

Hmm, a good question! App marketing is a necessary fact, that cannot be missed, even if your app is developed for a brand or having multiple features and functionalities. Your app needs to be spoken about on a wider level, and this s where marketing steps in, and lets your app to get a voice and speak for itself, stating that how you are different from others.

Don’t leave a space where your app leaves a blank to be covered, but ensure that it is very much part of your brand’s image and enables your audience to get connected with your app.

What to do next???

Well, as we always mention that app development is not an event but a process, that requires constant technical updates to keep it as a trending piece that reflects your business and its offered services. On the other hand, if you want to know how much does it cost to build your own first Android app, then you should know that multiple factors are responsible to trigger the app cost. Henceforth, it is highly recommended to share your app concept with us to help you get the accurate numerical number to serve as the app cost.

If you have got any questions related to android app development, we’re here to help you sail through.

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