24 Nov 2017
Updated on May 13th, 2022

A Dream Come True – Popcorn Event App

Varsha Vishvakarma

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Hey, I am free this weekend, and no plans yet, any idea if there is any event happening in the vicinity?

Need to check…

How many times do you find yourself stuck in a situation similar to this?

I think quite often when we have ample of time to share, but nothing to make it interesting…

It happens quite often with me also, when I have to look around my cubicle on every Fri, to know what others are busy at, and believe me the responses are not always enticing, because some end up watching a movie, some prefer mall-hunting and others generally would enjoy dinner at some new restaurant.

But what’s new in this?

It all seems stereotype and quite boring, which I can opt for during the weekdays as well, but on weekends we all need something special to charge our almost drained energy, so the Mon can have an energetic start.

The app technology has already revolutionized the way we access the information and to make it more personalized, the apps are available for different business requirements at the finger touch distance.

How ecstatic it sounds?

But, Alas! Not every app suits on this platform and some are not fulfilling the real essence of a mobile app…

Well hoping back to my writing, the necessity of an event app is something which is ubiquitous and very much needed in the current era, where we all juggle with our daily routines and want something refreshing and calming with a fresh approach and an event happens to be the best option for this need…

Benefits for the event app are in abundance and help the users to keep everything under control and even host can easily manage the guest list and the striking event app features a set of tools to help you plan and organize your event.

But not every event app has the pool of benefits to be associated with it, and some are simply forgotten due to lack of required features.

It is heartbreaking…isn’t it?

I think not, because there is a perfect event app to address your all required even app needs in one single platform, and the app name is Popcorn- the event app.

As the name suggests, the way popcorn pops out, this app too gives the Popping even information.

What is Popcorn App

The Popcorn app helps you discover the popular events happening around you. As a user, you can keep a track of the nights you don’t want to forget, and connect with the community around you.

The best and the striking feature of the Popcorn app lets the user know how “Poppin” any particular event really is and with a push of a button, your event could be seen now more than ever.

The Striking features of Popcorn App


The user has the ability to view all the events in a list filtered as nearby events. This section shows what all events other users are attending the order when they click. Users can check the various functionalities of events along with performing in the forum discussions of every event. Also, users can participate in the discussions, like, comment on the discussions, etc. and join any event or mark it as favorite.


The top left icon & and right icons are used to navigate through the app, with these icons comes to the sliding menus having various functionalities, such as: most popular, category, search, map, recommended, etc. Functionalities for the top right icon would be like Home, Private, Friends, Profile, Settings, etc.

With this functionality, users are able to navigate throughout the event destination.


The user can login via username and password. On the home screen user would be able to see popular events around their location.

At any point of time user can turn on/off notifications for any event.

Also, the user has the ability to view who all are attending an event via attendance.

The user can click on the attendance and see the names of the users who all are attending the event.

The user has the ability to click on any name and shall be directed to the detailed profile screen of the user.

With a right swipe, users can search ability to search events via search option by category like Live music, bars, fundraisers, etc.

When users click on any category, they can view the most popular or recent events on the list.


This search works for all categories and would result in events resembling the search keyword. This contains advanced search options, like Sorting on the basis of recent searches,   event category, event name, etc.

The user can apply on any or all the filters together. Categories are: live music, bars, fundraisers, etc. The user also has the ability to view recommended events.


There would be categories of events like –Live music, bars, fundraisers, etc.

Every category list would contain following details: Name and cover Image of category added via admin panel ,  when the user  clicks on any event,  he/she is directed to the details of that event like date, time, attending, etc.

Well, this app has much more to offer and is a complete package for your event requirement.

Popcorn app is a perfect amalgamation of the events requirements you ever had in your mind, and the seamless interface and the unique App UI/ UX makes it a perfect fit for your Smartphone. On top of all, Popcorn App development partner is no one other than the leading app development company Techugo.

Techugo already has many successful apps to flaunt and if you want any assistance with your app development requirement then getting in touch with the Techugo team would help you indeed.

Just get in touch with us at:

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