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12 May 2017

Dubai – A Promised Land For Property Investors

How many of you really think of getting a villa on Palm Jumeira or having an apartment in Burj Khalifa? I do think…while writing I can imagine the confused faces of my loved ones, thinking, I am investing in UAE…no am not at the moment, but would love to in the near future, before Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030. It would be one of my smartest financial choices made, where I would secure something BIGGER and BETTER for my future, it sounds so surreal now, but sooner would be a reality. To call yourself apolitical with a complete aversion to the political and economical gimmick, does not guarantee that you are 100% safe from your personal financial choices and it did not save me either. It’s more like a Hobson’s choice for you, where you need to make the certain investment at some point in your life to attain the deserving future options for you. Investment can be made in many forms: gold, property or a business, well there are endless choices available in the market to choose from, and technology has played its trump card here, making these choices easily accessible to us anywhere at any time.

I sometimes wonder that how beautifully technology has tied us together that we are able to make smart investments in the foreign lands, without being feared of any loss. The internet is flooded with the information, and one specific foreign land which generally captures my (hope yours too) attention, is Dubai.  Although it is ultimately an inaccessible task to pen down the complete episode of Dubai real-estate investment,  yet I am going to try my wits and intellects to scribble the information about real-estate business in Dubai. While going through the relevant information for my writings, I came across an interesting piece 10 Benefits Of Buying Property In Dubai , written by Mr. Saad Arif – A Public Figure & Renowned Dubai Real Estate consultant, which enlightened me further, so let’s proceed:

At first, I would like to share the benefits of buying property in Dubai because unless you are sure of the benefits, you would never incur interest. Listed below are some of the benefits associated with real-estate investment in Dubai.

  • Flourishing Economy
  • Growing Population
  • Consistent Development & Innovation
  • Reliable
  • Investor Visa Against Property
  • Various Options To Choose From
  • Cheap Acquisition Rate
  • Zero Property Tax


How Mobile App Technology Helps Real-Estate

Real estate industry has found the internet a useful and engaging method to reach their clients and can help boost their business possibilities further by advertising and promoting what they are selling. Mobile apps really help the potential buyers to reach their real-estate agents, regardless of their time or region barrier. With a mobile app, a real estate agent can offer a virtual tour to the buyers and also the real estate mobile apps has a feature of the interest rate calculator where the customer can cross-check the interest rate before getting a property. To know more what the virtual reality feature available in the mobile apps can bring to your real-estate business, you can take a look at HOW VIRTUAL REALITY APPS ADD VALUE TO REAL ESTATE . The number of benefits mobile app development has to offer to the real-estate field is numerous and it only serves one purpose that is Customer Satisfaction. Once your customer is satisfied, it would build a road for the other prospects to come and opt for your services. Mobile app development brings you closer to your customer across the globe with 24/7 accessibility.

If you also have got a plan to get an app for your real-estate business, then you should get in touch with Techugo- a top mobile app development company in Dubai , we have great expertise in developing Real-Estate Mobile Apps and have already crafted a most unique and innovative Real-Estate Mobile App- Pending; this app manages the all pending or to-do jobs with a reminder pertaining to real-estate. It has redefined the way people use Real-Estate services.

We are just a buzz away from you. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your Real-Estate mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your real estate mobile app development concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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