16 Oct 2017

6 Tips To Keep In Mind During iOS App Development

Varsha Vishvakarma

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IOS App Development

In this day of age finding users glued to their mobile phones is not an uncommon aspect and encountering a mobile app being utilized for various services is a necessity than a fad anymore and expecting it to blow out in larger proportion is one of the desirable aspects. There are many app platforms existing in the iOS app development market, but the most crucial platforms are the Android and iOS.

Android has some flexibility in terms of app publishing and app guidelines, but iOS has the strong note of guidelines to be followed by every app developer. It is a very common thing that Apple rejects the iOS mobile app failing to follow their guidelines, and iOS developers invest their energy and creativity once again in revising the iOS mobile app. It is a time –consuming process, which frustrates the developers in resolving the issues.

What have I missed? Where was I wrong? These questions generally bug any developer and after resolving they realize those issues could be tackled very easily, had they given some more attention to certain factors. Do you wonder what those factors could be? Well to answer and ease down your pain, I have brought 6 facts you need to consider and follow religiously while developing an iOS mobile app.

Let’s explore further with this blog…

Commencing Without A Plan

It is little childish even to think about this, but there are many developers who fall for this trick, unintentionally, by trusting their development skills more than they should. It is indeed a good idea, that you have a full faith in your skills, but as the famous adage suggests, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’, and it explains the crux of this point very well. There is no harm in jotting down the every single stage which you are planning to integrate within your mobile app, this eventually releases the chances of any error to happen during the development phase, and save your app being washed away due to the development hiccups instilled in it unknowingly. The best strategy suggests that you sit back and give a thought to the entire process of app development, that how you are going to develop a solution fitting the requirement of targeted audience, which mistakes or additional features can be removed or added to allure the audience.

App Concept Has To Be Different

I love iOS mobile apps, and love to pay for them as long as the mobile apps are offering something different and valuable to me, and are not merely a mobile app, but fulfill my needs and requirements. Can you pay for a mobile app, which is just a replica of a website and has nothing new or unique to serve your needs? I know the answer would come as NO, so ensure that your app reflects an original concept, which smells fresh, original and serves some purpose, so the users can be enticed to pay for it.

Understand Your Users’ Demand

It is very easy to translate a mobile app from a mere concept, wherein you have to design, develop, test and publish, but thinking whether this feature, this design, this concept really accentuate users’ requirements, is a real deal. Your users are actually your guide, who let you understand and progress the app development process further if you listen to them closely. Every mobile app is designed and developed for a specific set of users, and every mobile app has to be different from another, depending upon the demographic and many other aspects, which define the users clearly.

To achieve a successful iOS app, you need to indulge more deeply into your users’ demands and problems and must cross-check that whether the mobile app, actually serves the purpose of users demands and your business goals.

Missing Testing Is Not Healthy

App testing in iOS platform cannot be missed and must be considered as a grave sin. Apple has already set a very strict guideline for the app publishing and if you don’t follow the parameters to getting your app checked, then it would only a disastrous result for your mobile app. Many developers live with a misconception that testing has to be carried once the app is developed fully, but they are wrong and testing needs to be carried along with the app development process since the initial phase.

Pick More Feedback

Grabbing the larger number of feedback for your iOS app is the one factor you need to work upon and need to collect it from every possible corner. Many app developers get rigid in consulting other fellow senior developers about the app’s feedback, but what they fail to understand that any feedback given, is actually a helping hand in enhancing your app performance to the larger extent, and you can make the required changes in the app to making it a much-desired outcome of your passion and technical innovation.

Follow The Rules Aggressively

This point is last, but not the least important, Apple is the platform, which has the most stringent rules and guidelines for app submission, and missing out on any, can result into app rejection. So go through every single rule and guideline mentioned by Apple. Remember Apple has a complete process, wherein they judge to examine and test your app on different parameters, so my advice here is that don’t show a callous attitude towards the app store guidelines, to save your time and going through the unnecessary stress of app rejection.

I believe to err is human, and to learn from our mistakes, is an act of maturity, so when you can avoid the mistakes through these above-mentioned suggestions, then why to waste your energy on committing the same error.

Also, the selection of the top iPhone app development companies to provide the best iPhone app development services is must, and you need to invest your research and analytical skills at practice before picking any leading iPhone application development company, so your app can climb the ladder of success without going through the distressing Apple rejection process.

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