22 May 2017
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Android App Development

“I am a true-blue Android user,” I don’t know how well this statement will be taken by other platform users, and I seriously have not intended to offend anyone. This is my general and personal opinion and I have been an Android lover for various reasons, for me it is easy to handle, manage, and of course many options for Android app users ranging from different mobile phones’ colors, price and specifications come along with it, make me fall for it often more.

Although, every other mobile app platform has its own unique features and specification, making it liked by many out there, yet Android has its own niche, which is somehow irreplaceable, since I am working with a mobile app development company- Techugo, I have got to know the number of emotions every app developer attaches with the app while developing it. For mobile app developers, a mobile app is not merely a project, but they invest their dedication, passion, expectations and also their vision in the development process, so the app can come out with flying colors.

When I get specific to the app development platforms, undeniably the recognition Android platform has gained, is incomparable, but worthy to mention here is that not every app reaches the success peak point, some get lost in the app ocean, before even climbing the success staircase. It is harsh, but the fact also, and to beat this fact every time, every single app developer infuses the best possible options to create a unique app to gain worthy acceptance by the users. If your app falls into the category of desirable, then ultimately your app would turn into a revenue pool for your business, but to reach that spot, you need to struggle a bit, since there is a glut of competition exists in the market, which is ever evolving then coming to a saturation point. To earn money from your Android app is a dream come true, but since the competition monster usually engulfs the numerous app in their infancy, so it is becoming a little hard for an Android app to earn money. Today I am going to pen down those points which would help your Android app to make profits, let’s take a look…

How Android App Can Earn

Regardless of the app platform, every app is expected to generate some considerable amount from it. There are numerous articles, questions, and blogs circulating on the internet “how to earn money from an app,” it is indeed one of the most sensitive and widely asked questions by app developers and business owners. Yes, it is a truth that due to the larger variety of Smartphone and price factor, Android has become one of the chosen and preferred platforms by the maximum users, but it has somehow expanded the competition ground to a larger scale as well. At the same time, there are users, who only look for the free mobile apps in the Google Play store and it gets a little difficult for the developers and businesses to make justice with their and user’s requirements, but there are still ways through which you can avail maximum profits from your Android apps by following the below-mentioned tips, just take a look:

  • Gadget-Friendly App


 When I travel daily by the most picked transport option for working class- Metro train, I find maximum users engrossed deeply in their gadgets (Smartphone/Tablets), this situation speaks for itself. If you are developing a mobile app, then do not restrict it to merely Smartphone, but expand it a little further. With Tablets compatibility as well, your mobile app reaches to a wider audience with no restrictions from any aspects.

  • Optimize The App Attributes


It sounds a little clichéd, but I think once I will explain it fully, it will not sound more alien to anyone out there. Have you ever realized the time when you search for a new app on Google App Store, at the first, the aspects which catch your attention are app icon, app name, app description, and keywords. If these app attributes are eye-catching then your app would gain the deserving attention. Finding it confusing? Here is a reference blog for you, take a look:  How To Name Your Mobile App. Once you integrate these prominent app attributes, you create a ground for your app to be found easily on Google and get ranked with an ease. 

  • Freemium


This strategy as the name suggests, offers the Free option to the users, and it is also one of the most picked models by many app developers. Within this model the basic version of the mobile app always remains free, and to access the premium features of your mobile app, you may charge the users for the higher version.

  • Ad-free Paid version


I usually get annoyed very easily, when there is a repetition of ads, while I am using or working on an app and I end up looking for the options to get rid of those disturbing ads. So you can also offer an ad-free paid version to your users, where the users have to pay a certain amount to get an ad-free version of the mobile app. 

  • In-App Purchase


This model brings the revenue without any hassle and you can couple it beautifully with the freemium model as well. This model also helps your users to get more attached with your mobile app and use it more frequently to avail the benefits and useful purchase from it. 

  • In-App Advertising


Within this model, you can tie-up with various other companies, who are willing to promote their product and services through app advertisement. This model brings you earn from your free Android app, but you need to play safe here, if you give excessive ads to your users, they will abandon your app in no time, so be patient and don’t overdo the in-app advertising just to earn revenue, but remember if it is not handled with care, it can bring destruction than any good news for your mobile app.

  • Advertising Network


The user can utilize the ad space on various advertising networks; this would help you to promote your app further and will also help you generate the double revenue for you.

I agree app success depends hugely on the features, functionalities, layout and of course the concept, it has to offer, so as an app developer, you need to invest a little more of required passion in the app development process. At Techugo, our brood of app designers does follow a simple mantra, “app development is not an event, but a process.” This approach of our team has really made us distinct from our competitors because we do not craft an app and forget, but we get ourselves indulged fully in the mobile app development company, making us realize the pros and cons attached with every single app feature, both from the end-users and the marketing perspective.

So if you are still clueless and want your app to rock the user’s Smartphone, you need to get in touch with us, we are merely a buzz away and we can offer a remarkable mobile app designed especially for your business domain…

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