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23 Mar 2017

Employee Engagement App

We are addicted to mobile apps till the extent that we open our eyes in the morning with our Smartphone in our hands and sleep with the same. The addition of technology has swiftly transformed to the necessity through the usage of mobile apps in abundance. We all love to make our lives easier and convenient enough by utilizing the mobile apps daily to beat the boredom of work, but unknowingly somehow it affects our productivity as well to a larger extent. Do you wonder how? So let’s discuss further with statistics handy; as per the survey report, people spend around 5 hours a day on their Smartphone, on the other hand, a third part of the society keeps the phones by their bedside to check emails, messages and another piece of information during the night, luckily I too belong to this third part. Many people argue that the mobile is accessed only to attain certain information, but at the same time it is hard to deny the distraction caused by the Smartphone which affects our productivity and another study has revealed that 89% of Smartphone usage is spent in mobile apps, which means merely 11% is spent in the mobile browser. Unintentionally, we all do it and don’t realize where it affects; it does not affect for sure on the daily basis but has a drastic effect in the long run of performance and productivity.

Employee Engagement

When it comes to employees at the workplace, employees can be from three different categories happy, motivated, or engaged, but to imbibe all three categories in one employee in today’s scenario, where the stress caused by the personal and professional lives, hamper our thought process and make us go drip down on the performance parameter, is challenging. The term employee engagement illustrates what it takes for the company to be successful and how employees can be involved in the company’s success and what they are willing to do to help their business reach to the pinnacle of success.

Advantages of Engaged Employees

  • Don’t look for hours to work
  • Focus more on company’s success priorities
  • Are more productive
  • Increase Profits for the company


Employee Engagement Mobile App

“Technology Is The Solution”, yes you heard me right, lemme grab the example, I heard it from a snake charmer way back, when I visited one of the rural and exotic parts of India, who told me that certain cures for poisons are with the poison only. Do you find it irrelevant, well it is, how? Let me explain, above I mentioned that how technology has taken a turn from addiction into a necessity, leading the mobile phone apps an unavoidable aspect of our lives. So even a mobile app can be the best way to boost the employee productivity and enhance the performance. To judge and make an estimate of employee performance is not a walk on roses; it requires a lot of data and minor to major performance record made by the employees, but the employee engagement mobile apps, help you securing a shortcut of employee performance and marking a strong bonding with your employees, let’s learn more about the benefits offered by the enterprise mobile app for the workplace, take a look further:

  • Flexible Working Hours


The flexibility offered to an employee to work as per his convenience, leads to better results and bring strong performance chart helping the company to gain more profits, but do you think is it much possible with a brick & mortar office place, no it is not, but it is only possible with the enterprise apps, which let the employees work anywhere, anytime. Within such apps, it contains features such as document libraries, reporting, and internal communication apps, enabling the employees to directly access the work documents on their personal devices, to communicate with their colleagues and clients, and submit the required reports from anywhere in the world. This feature lets the employees get connected to their clients, regardless of any emergency occurred at their end.

  • Assured Quality


Once an employee has the option of flexible working options, then the assured quality is guaranteed, which consequently leads to a focused approach on outputs rather than inputs, since the employees can plan their work in a way which works best for them.

  • Information Sharing and Learning


The enterprise app for your work allows the employees to share and learn from the different features integrated within the app and explore the risks involved and collaborate in order to achieve better results. Enterprise app at work helps the employees to come up with innovative solutions and share and receive information from their colleagues. To err is a human, if any employee makes a mistake, then Enterprise mobile app would act as a training platform, where other employees can learn from each other’s mistakes without any formal training method involved.

  • 360 Degree View of Performance


Through enterprise app for the workplace, it’s very easy to get a full and well-constructed view of your performance and it helps the management to identify the personal strengths and weaknesses for the further scope of career development.

Mobile apps have  brought a revolutionary change in the way we work, an enterprise mobile app for your workplace, can be a definite and assured solution for the business productivity, it lets the employees get inspired to give their best shot at work, employees can share and provide feedback on any ongoing project to clear any work related doubt. Employee engagement app or lets the team members connect and maintain healthy relationships.

Techugo is indeed the best option to proceed with the enterprise app development for your workplace, since the work ideology at Techugo, is something different from its competitors, here we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way.

We have developed a mobile app Trailblazer, which is an enterprise mobile app to keep a tab on the employee’s performance through an interesting platform to manage and view all the sales targets, where employees can track their target chart and achievements and management as well. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your enterprise mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way.

You can reach us at:

Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo


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