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10 Apr 2017

Engage Your Customers To Retain Them

A very common fear of every business owner and the app developer always remain that how my app would be accepted by the users and how long people would stick to it, these questions are quite common in their attributes and can never be ignored. Mobile app business has gone so wild and big that handling it with the minimal features involved is not advisable. Every mobile app needs to solve the purpose of its creation in a way, which should be different from its competitors to attain the customer loyalty. The trending app market is filled with three offers: rare loyalty, endless options and rigid competition and to justice with these three offers while offering a quality mobile app, deems challenging and demanding at the same time.

The crux of the deal actually lies in the customer loyalty strategy and user experience, to help you become a proficient in grabbing your user’s attention and incur more benefits out of your developed mobile app. Let’ learn which factors help your customers remain engaged and stick to your mobile app, read the following:

  • App Performance

User experience is crucial to make or destroy your relationship with your app user. If your app fails to offer a required user experience to your customers, then regardless of unique app theme or concept, your app would never get a suggestive traction and would lose its worth. If your app takes more than 2 seconds to load, it is considered slow and cannot hit the success charting.

  • App Upgrades

Change usually brings good, and in the mobile app industry, it certainly does. Once an app is developed and uploaded on an app platform, it is very much expected from it to give benefits and it is not wrong even to expect the same, but you need to understand the fact and reasoning behind it…let me explain…once an app is developed and published, the competitors offer the same quality, same features in the app world, making it harder for you respective to sustain, but you can win this race if you offer regular and interesting upgrades to your mobile apps, which would suit the requirement of the users. Ensure your app upgrade consists of much better features than before to excite the user’s app requirements.

  • App Ought To Be Simple

Many app developers have a misconception that variation in a mobile app can bring more customers to roll in, but eventually, the harsh reality is something else, which emphasizes on keeping the mobile apps simple. The more simple your mobile apps would be, the more it would be in demand by your users.

  • App Should Not Have Complex Sign-up

In an effort to make it secured enough, quite a many app developers integrate the complex sign-in process in the mobile applications. It’s a good attempt not to let the security get breached, but what you need to understand, don’t be rigid with sign-in options, for example, many users are not in the favor of using their mail id or phone number, offer your users to sign-in through the social media channels as well. Also, if a user opts not to sign-in then the flexibility must be given to access the app as a guest user only.

  • Apps Need To Be Light

Many applications are quite heavy in their size and consume maximum space in the mobile device and due to their size take more time to load on the screen depending on the internet speed. As an app developer, you need to ensure that your app is not so bulky and work according to the user’s demand, just to illustrate it further Facebook mobile app is a heavy file and consumers a little extra space on the mobile device, but the same FaceBook app is launched under Facebook Light in certain African countries, due to the low bandwidth and can work efficiently even on 2G, so the app should be made as per the requirement of the users and their demands.

As per a study has revealed, most of the businesses, take approximate ten times more efforts to convert a new customer rather than selling to an existing customer. This theory is a sure formula in the industry of mobile apps, where every second a new app is evolving on the app platform making the competition go tougher for your mobile app. You need to procure the customer engagement program more religiously and keep a note of that the customer loyalty program in the mobile app industry does not come with a tag of rigid nature, rather it needs to be flexible enough to fit the requirements of the users. You need to offer the personalized and customized mobile apps to your users; they can be satisfied and can trust your mobile apps.

There are millions of mobile apps already existing in the app market, but to catch the wave of successful mobile app you need to hold the wings of a top mobile app development company to deliver the best for you, and such services can be only be found with a company like Techugo – a top mobile app development company, which has already catered to various startups to established brands across the world and has a team of mobile app development experts, who not just have the extensive experience, but have the deep passion and exposure to offer the app development solution for your business requirement.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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