31 Oct 2019

Enjoy A Spooky Halloween Night With These Mobile Apps

Between the pumpkin carving and enchanting fragrance of fall, there is something that can give your celebration the much-needed push!

The spooky season is upon us, and the world can’t keep its calm. On one hand, the kids are getting their Halloween costumes ready, and on other the adults just cannot wait to enjoy the chills of a horror-filled night.

On that note let us talk about the ways to make this night extra special. As you must have already guessed, we are talking about spooky apps. Yes, this is one thing that you cannot neglect during the preparations.

More is less, especially when we are bragging about the efficiency of applications in ameliorating the entire Halloween experience. Keep reading further and give your celebration the much-needed tech-push.

1. Halloween City

“Its the exact city you want to be in…”

This application lets the user manage and create its own Halloween City. Vampires, werewolves, witches, mummies, or zombies there is a huge glut of options to decorate the entire city. This means you can make it as spooky as you want, even if it means to create your own monster by crossbreeding. There is always an option to collect coins in order to fetch some extra points.

Users can also involve their friends by sharing the pictures of the city that they have created. From collecting the monsters to scrapping off the enemy’s population, this fun and engaging application can keep you hooked for the entire night.

2. Five Nights At Freddy’s

“There is nothing spookier and addictive than Five Nights At Freedy’s…”

The official mobile version of the blockbuster gaming app is definitely something to look out for. It is known to be one of the spookiest apps of all time.

In the game, you stay inside the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and your job is to keep a close eye on the security cameras. But you only have a limited power supply for every night. And once you run out of electricity, you have more doors to secure from the animatronics present out there. The entire hustle keeps you at the edge at all times.

3. Hidden City

“The best adventure trip you will ever go on…”

From exploring the scary dungeons and quests to fighting the monsters and finding amulets, there is nothing you can’t do to rescue your friend in the game. With access to 35 spooky locations and over 2,600 quests to complete, this app lets you bring out the adventurous side of yours. It has Game Center support, and it also works well on iPad Pro.

If conquering the challenges is your thing, then you should definitely give it a try. Apart from a few in-app purchases, Hidden City app is completely free to download.

4. Vampify

“Get a taste of your favorite vampire’s look…”

This seamless application, lets you get the real image of the vampire version of yourself. So if you have ever wondered what exactly you’d look like as a vampire, Vampify is the app for you. But since the end result is horrific, don’t expect to turn out like Edward from Twilight.

For iOS, it creates a 3D animated vampire face, with dripping blood. The snarling and biting add the cherry on top. And if you too are crazy about the social networking sites, just like the rest of the world, you can share your undead selfie on your favorite platform as well.

With a simpler version for Android, this application lets the user transform into a vampire with some cool editing tools.

5. Ghost Lens

“The best clone and ghost photo/ video editor for Halloween…”

Want to post extra special pictures on the ultimate spooky Halloween night? If you are willing to travel the extra mile and want to create a ghostly effect by merging two similar looking pictures, Ghost Lens is just the right app for you.

By infusing your pictures with the needed paranormal touch, you can scare the daylights of everyone.

These are the best applications without which your Halloween party and entertainment is incomplete. So what are you waiting for? Check out your favorite app, and start ghosting around. And in case you need more information related to mobile app development, feel free to reach out to us.

Till then stay tuned and enjoy your Halloween night!


Ankit Singh


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