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8 Nov 2017

How To Ensure Someone Doesn’t Steal Your App Idea

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Every app is a dream concept of somebody, so keeping it safe and secure is not a choice but a RIGHT…

This line is not copied stuff from internet, but has much to do with the recent encounter I had with one of my client and I told him this and he was left spell bounded. J

Getting your hands dirty with the series of turmoil you go through while thinking and spending long sleepless nights, missing your lunch, getting little more equipped in your space, so the app concept can be flourished as a stronger base.

This all you do and suddenly you realize that your app concept is gone to some other competitor and they are minting huge monetary benefits out of it. How cruel does it sound? It is indeed equivalent to a heart attack when you get to know that your days f effort and research is finally been materialized under somebody else’s brand and you cannot do anything about it.

Is it really a fact that you cannot do anything about it?

Well, I think there is a way to mend this issue, but what is that way? Hold, it is not just a way but WAYS, and this blog would dictate you how to save your dream app concept being stolen away…let’s read ahead…

Let’s Play Discreetly

It is indeed a very much obvious fact that you would need to share your app with the different apps developers, to seek their take on the technology front and the possibility, but here the chances of losing your app concept to the developers is at high risk, so how to handle it?

Share only the technological aspect of your app and how you want it to be framed, for this you need to bifurcate the segments of your app into obvious segments, and the only technological part has to be shared further with the app developers.

Another fact I would love to share herewith that, many a times out of excitement you tend to disclose every possible element of your app functionality, please hold this emotion, and let it not over-flow, until and unless you have decided on the app developer.

Stay Attentive During The Selection Process

Statutory Warning: This section does not intend to scare you (sarcasm at peak)

I am in habit of making the things little funnier to keep the adventure spirit of mine always UP, Ok, let’s hop back to our major concern…once you have decided to pick one from your shortlisted list of app developers, the very next thing you are supposed to do is Background Check, no it has nothing to do with the police verification(no pun intended), but a simple and sober way to pick the best out of all.

Examine that what their clients’ testimonials suggest, how does their website reflect and most importantly who are their clients. If your app developer is really a genuine company, then they would not step back from sharing the information with you, if not then you know well what to do.

NDA Cannot Be Avoided

Once the development formalities are understood by both the parties, the very next thing comes signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). An NDA is the crucial part of any development, which clearly suggests that everything related to an app is highly confidential, and cannot be shared further. Though I have noticed in my career span, that many times, from the client’s end the investors feel a little reluctant to sign the NDA, but here your convincing tone has to be considered, which would let the investors know that how NDA would only be an added benefit to the app security.

App Copyright

App copyright? Yes, app copyright too exists and lets your app to be protected further.  But the major loophole is here that you can copyright the design, code but not the app concept.

App Trade Marking

App Trade marking is the best way to let your app get saved and secured from the competitors. Once you pick the app trade marking, you give your app and its symbols, icons, logos and features a secured shell.

I found this way a better and upright since it curbs down your competitors a big time to steal your idea through anyways and it gives a strong benefit to your app that it attains the brand recognition effortlessly. I generally recommend my clients the same way, when they look for something to secure and shell their app concept and everything related to it since it involves the legal security along with.

App Patent

App patent is a little stronger approach and involves a bit longer time and steps to accomplish it. With the patent, you welcome a longer to come up with and it is always a recommended aspect to proceed with a renowned lawyer, who can help you with every step since the very initial start of your app concept.

Getting your app concept SECURED in order to save it from being stolen, is not at all a bad idea, but apart from the considerable methods mentioned above, the authenticity of your chosen app development company should also be verified, and if you get any alarming signs during the development process, then you should not sleep on the problem any further.

As a Business Head with Techugo, every day I meet with different clients, who claim that their app concept was stolen, and now feel uncomfortable sharing their concept with any other app development company, which is very much obvious. That is the sole reason at Techugo, I ensure my clients with the best possible ways to secure their app concept and that’s why I chose to pen down this blog today.

I ensure to keep your app concept sealed and secured with the boundless success to join it through our development process.

Why don’t you just get in touch with the Techugo team or with me directly and let a new success chapter begin for your mobile app…

You can access Techugo team or me at:
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