27 Apr 2017
Updated on December 29th, 2022

How To Escape The Faux Pas of Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development

A worldwide fact, success, and failure, both shout aloud for their existence and speak for itself. There have been numerous instances where the final output has borne the ramification of their efforts involved in the past. To err is a human, but to repeat the error with the feasibility of avoiding the error ground is not a cohesive approach to accomplish the final product, which means if there are the ways to avoid the key mistakes involved in the result, so opt for it, rather than ignoring it with a blind vision.

The Mobile app development is one of those crucial and delicate fields, where a myriad of decisions taken proactively can suppress the FAILURE approach. Let’s consider the mobile app as a tool to interact with your customers globally, where a successful mobile app would be a harbinger for you, and an ineffective mobile app would plague your business. Today I have decided to pen down the key mistakes to be avoided in the mobile app development process leading to the success.

Mistake 1

Skipping What Your Users Demand

You walk into a party, served with the cuisine, you never eat, even if it in abundance, but does not meet your requirement, of course, you will walk out empty stomach to eat at a place, which serves according to your taste buds. No am not writing a food blog, but trying to draw your attention, with an instance you can relate to, the same can happen with your mobile app. Many app developers create a wonderful and interesting mobile app, but they forget that they need to understand their user’s behavior and have to develop accordingly. The mobile app would not be accessed by you, but by the USERS, who play the role of a boss here, so search and analyze what your users actually want and what issues this mobile app has to solve. Keep the design simple and classy and don’t expect your users sitting in the IT cell and using the mobile app, but they will be the commoners, who would use the mobile app for their convenience, so make it effective, accessible and convenient enough.

Mistake 2

Don’t Mix & Match Desktop App

It’s indeed a blessing to have an experienced app developer, who can invest his experience, innovation, and creativity in the development of a mobile app for a business, but there are a few developers, who boast of their half-baked knowledge and unintentionally and due to lack of exposure create mobile apps identical to desktop apps, which resembles a tiny version of desktop platform, fitting on the user’s Smartphone, with the same features and functionalities. Take a break and re-think, why your user would go to your mobile app if he can access the same features on a website. Users need a different and APP experience on the mobile app. An app needs to be a platform, where users can access the required information, but not all the information, with an easy interface, so create a mobile app not a replica of a desktop app.

Mistake 3

Clustered Features

When you are hungry and eat without holding yourself, what happens? Indigestion, right? Your app also suffers and act like a human body, consider app features as food items and app as your body, if you are going to feed excessive features to your mobile app, then instead of bringing good, will only cause further harm to your mobile app. Simply DO NOT integrate immoderate features in your mobile app and commence with the minimum app features. Your users need some time to accommodate and comprehend with the app features, so develop the Minimum Viable Product ( MVP) before the development of the  full-fledged app, it will save you from developing the all the features instantly and produce a disaster finally.

Mistake 4

Missing App Testing

Users pick and install your mobile app with a certain level of expectations, if your app fails to meet their expectation’s level, then the consequence can only lead to the uninstall. It sounds very heartbreaking, but a harsh fact too, a mobile app which delivers not the services, but the bugs, never basks in the glory of success. To avoid the heart attack of app failure, as an app developer, emphasis meticulously on App Testing, this is indeed a significant aspect of the app development process. Don’t rush to publish an app, which has innumerable bugs and errors. Your app ought to be tested by a professional app tester on the completion of every app development milestone to save you from the horror of app uninstall from your end-users.

Mistake 5

Kicking App Marketing

Nothing gets sold on its own, even a grocery vendor, has to scream out at the top of voice to attain the attention of his daily customers, so how can you expect a mobile app would be selling itself. I wrote a blog about it: WHY MARKETING IS NOT AN UNNECESSARY EXPENSE, which speaks the actual requirement of marketing and why it can never be taken for granted. An app is considered successful, when it has the maximum traffic, which converts into customers, not just within a region, but with a global approach. This vision can only be accomplished once your potential customers would know about your product utilizing the medium of app platform. To make your vision alive, use marketing strategies to compliment your brand’s online recognition and connect with a loyal customer base.  Invest in the accurate and required app marketing strategies for your app, to get a better idea, take a look at this link to avoid the blunder of app marketing: WHAT TO AVOID IN MOBILE APP MARKETING

The more said is less to get a usable mobile app, which your users would pick and use frequently and get an everlasting impression of your mobile apps. I concur with the fact that we learn from our mistakes, but there is no joy in committing those mistakes, which can be abstained from through the experience of others. Any industry works on user engagement and the output received from it, if a mobile app fails to create a remarkable user experience, then no app feature or the app design can save it from declining down deeper. Ensure you avoid these app development mistakes to win a loyal custom

er base for your product. Not many app development companies follow these rules religiously, considering them futile enough, which eventually are not…you need to get a mobile developed from a company who listens to your end-users and is ready to meet their demands through the app development services offered. A very few of the mobile app development companies abide by these rules, and Techugo is one of those top app development companies, which is dedicated to offer the unique and ideal app development services to the leading brands to startups and You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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