2 May 2020
Updated on May 6th, 2020

European Payment Industry Nets Acquires Polskie ePłatności

European Payment Industry

“Let’s know more about the acquisition of Polskie ePłatności, a Polish payment provider by Nets. It is one of the most promising players in the European payments industry.”

The world witnesses a game-changing step as Nets, one of the pioneers in the European payment industry acquires Polskie ePłatności (PeP). PeP offers a wide range of secure payment solutions for all the SME merchants. With an install base of more than 125,000 point-of-sales terminals, PeP is a leading Polish merchant acquirer.

The entire transaction is around EUR 405 million.

How Nets Benefits From The Acquisition?

  • With this step, the company strengthens its presence in Poland.
  • It gets a hold on attractive geography in Europe.
  • The double-digit growth in card usage makes the situation favorable.
  • Low card penetration shows promise.
  • The boost in cash to card payments gains attention.
  • The conducted deal is definitely a strategic fit.
  • It offers scope to all the merchants present in Poland.
  • Both companies can work in a direction towards combining local capabilities.

The state is making a dedicated initiative to promote in-store electronic payment solutions, in order to support the development further. According to the CEO of the Nets group, PeP is one of the largest growing payment tech companies. It is also one of the fastest-growing economies present in Europe.

This is not the only step taken by the Nets group. Other acquisitions also include Dotpay/eCard and strategic alliance with Przelewy24. Of course, we cannot underrate any of them, as they are very strong players in the field of e-commerce. With the power of PeP, SME merchants on card acceptance and point-of-sales terminals have a lot to provide. It would allow many to make secure online payments.

How PeP Won Hearts?

  • With high-quality in-house operations
  • With extra efforts by the team
  • With high business performance

The CEO of Polskie ePłatności, Jaroslaw Mikos expressed excitement on becoming a part of the leading groups like Nets. Together they can support each other’s trajectory, and offer value to a merchant service chain. The progress would depend on the prior experience for the benefits of the user base.

PeP is Innova’s successful attempt in payment technology. With Nets and Pep working together, Innova is moving in a direction to build leading companies in the finance industry. Because of the ownership, the company is now one of the leading Polish merchant acquirers. With 600+ employees and net revenue up to EUR 55 million, PeP shows significant potential in this particular dynamic industry.

Take A Look At The Key USPs of Polskie ePłatności


1. Variety of payment methods

It provides over 200 different payment methods from all over the world. Immaculate e-commerce solutions allow the user to sell quickly and safely. It allows sellers to take care of their customers. Sellers can keep up with the variety of payment modes of their customers and from different regions. PeP provides acceptance payment services from all over the world.

2. Different ways of integration

After integration one can choose from two main methods that PeP provides. Both of them differ in the way of implementation and the user experience of your customers.

3. Secure Form

It delivers easy to implement and ready-made payment solutions. It is one of the most basic ways to implement payments from PeP online. This method provides a clear and easy to use form that takes the customers to Polish ePayments Online Website. Making payments after that is like a cakewalk. There is no need for audits and PCI certification. With four different languages and a mobile version, it quickly adapts to the needs of the buyer.

4. API

There is no doubt in the fact that the smooth functioning payment system starts at the implementation stage. Integration through API is indeed one of the most powerful methods to add the payment solution in the showrooms and shops. API provided by PeP is a transparent and complex tool that assures a trouble-free implementation process.

5 Omnichannel

The brand wants to allow the sellers to accept all kinds of payments from their customers. It helps in building a strong sales strategy. PeP delivers advanced payment service in the omnichannel model. From advanced online stores to the small brick and mortar stores, Polskie ePłatności caters secure payment solutions into customer applications. The company offers the experience to its user base and focuses on cooperation.


This is all that you need to know about the acquisition of Polskie ePłatności. If you want to know more about the technicalities in it or even have any queries regarding online payment apps, then feel free to reach out to the experts from TECHUGO, a leading mobile app development company.

Don’t forget to drop in your views about this particular acquisition in the comment box present below. If you are craving for more content, then stay tuned to this space!

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