21 Jun 2018

Every Thing You Ever Wanted To Know About Android Jetpack

The recent Google I/O conference has announced the release of the Android Jetpack, and just by the name, it is clear that this Jetpack is going to transform the way apps interact with the targeted audience.

But the recent upheaval in the market, has already created a stir amongst the users, that how this Jetpack really going to bring the transformation and what would be the number of features it may carry further, to answer these all question once, we at Techugo- a leading Android app development company have taken the onus on us to bring you the latest information and about the Jetpack.

So to explore the best out of all, just explore this blog further and understand how it is going to revise the app architecture forever.


As the name suggests Jetpack is all about the next generation of the  Support Library, which shall be used virtually by every possible Android App on the Play Store, since it offers the huge number of functionalities to the mobile app, which would offer the best architectural components to the app developers, so they can craft apps, which would be further loved by the users.

Now as you have got the idea about what is  Jetpack, the next big thing you must consider and must know about the components of the  Jetpack, which I have mentioned herewith…

  • Workmanager Alpha

This component is indeed a one-stop solution for the constraint-based background jobs, which require the perfect execution while replacing the need for jobs or SyncAdapters. With this component,  developers would have the ability to work on different devices with or without the Google Play Services. application developers can further create graphs of their work and can query the state of their work too.

This is an application programming interface element, which allows the Android app developers to schedule their require activities in the app platform and as a result, it enhances the efficiency of the app regardless of the number of activities to be performed on the app.

  • Navigation Alpha

With this framework, Android developers can structure their in-app UI with a major focus on converting the single activity app into their preferred architecture.  Developers can further declare the types of transitions to handle, automatically builds the correct Up and Back behavior, which includes the full support for deep links, and offers the developers to connect with the suitable UI widgets.

Within this component, the navigation properties are handled and managed by the servers and it allows the apps to monitor the accurate functioning of the app. Also, it would help the mobile app to declare the transitions, automatically perform up and back behavior, consequently which would allow the deep linking for upcoming updates on the mobile app.

  • Paging Stable

With this component,  developers can manage data in “pages,” and can pull out the first chunk of data, which would give the user a look at their results at the earliest possible. Also, on being combined with the RecyclerView, this component can add infinite scrolling to the app.

This company is highly mandatory for the apps to convert them into a lightweight, in the event of data stored not just on the device but also accessed from the data center. This component would help the  users to access the minimalistic portion of required data to be displayed in front of the users.

  • Slices Alpha

The slice alpha component lets the developers to surface the app’s UI, which is inside the Google Assistant and come out as a search result. This is something similar to Android P developer preview.

The Slicing component lets the mobile app to flaunt the predicted result in the search option of the application or display a short screen of elements on the feed window. This component transforms the app user interactions impressive and impactful enough.

  • Kotlin- Android KTX

Kotlin is the last component of Jetpack, which is also an alpha and its name is Android KTX, which integrates the Kotlin language features and reduces the code.

With  KTX, users are likely to receive the enhanced experience in terms of libraries, tooling, runtime, documentation, and training.

Also, the KTX would let the developers take the benefit of writing one single line of coding and avoid the huge and more number of various lines of the coding. It is exciting to know further that Kotlin is the superior language in app development circuit and surprisingly around 28 apps on the scale of 100 are developed using Kotlin.

But hey  Jetpack doesn’t stop here, but to enhance the Architecture, UI, Foundation, and Behavior of the apps, there are some more advanced features of the Android Jetpack as well…such as:

Unbundled Components

These components offer the multiple features, which are unbundled and android app developers can integrate them further into the Android app development to process letting the users attain the quick updates.

It Is Now Independent

Since the Android jetpack components are not merged into one single file, which makes the Android Jetpack features to get the updates in an independent mode for the Android version.

It Allows The Less Coding But High-Performance Apps

The very much integration of the Kotlin in the Android development allows the developers to code quite less and yet craft masterpiece mobile app which would garner the high-performance app for the seamless user experience.

Effortless Integration

Now with the Android Jetpack, app developers can integrate the new updates, without hampering the existing functionality of the Android app, and this majorly causes a big-time relief to app developers, who had to bear the pain of app functionality disturbance.

This is all about the Android Jetpack, and if you really want your mobile app to gain the benefits of the above-mentioned components, then you must get your app developed and crafted from the hands of the experts, and Techugo is the perfect match in this need, since it has the best and the experienced Android developers and Android app designers to help your mobile app concept to turn into a successful reality.



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