Wearable Technology

14 Jul 2017

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Wearable Technology

When I get up in the morning, I find myself surrounded beautifully with the technology blanket, which has engulfed my inconvenience in a way that I cannot even think of living without technology and may give me jitters of starting my day without technology. I believe many can relate to my thought process, and it would be wrong to say we yearn for more technology, every day and are looking for the ways to make our lives better with technical dose. To our relief, there has been a number of advancements taking place in technical turf, which leave the people like me gap without blinking our lashes…such technology is wearable technology, which has made me swooned over this technical guide completely. I find no ways to calm down myself, without experiencing and exploring the wearable tech gadgets, more and more in numbers.

When the first time I wore a wearable piece around my wrist, the very first thought came to my mind was, that how this technology can be so suave and yet give the users the best tech experience to go ahead with…so just to quench down my curiosity express, I chatted with Techugo CTO, to know a little more about the wearable technology…following are the excerpts from the discussion in the form of wearable technology required information, please enjoy …

So what do you think are the major advancements in the app technology?

CTO: hmmm, calling it worth to utilize wearable technology, would not be wrong.

Ok, as an app development company, which challenges do you feel, are the part of Wearable technology?

CTO: There are a few challenges, which curb the creativity of an app developer, like….(here she told me a number of challenges, which I have compiled in a point-wise for your convenience…so please read ahead…

Aesthetic Sacrifice

Oops, I believe no one wants to be related to this, but I need to address it…wearable technology comes with its own complexities, which yearn the focus more on the technology than on the aesthetic appeal of a device. Usually, the outlook of these devices is bulky and need some serious focus on design. Unfortunately, the wearable devices are worn to reflect the elite taste you have got for technology and fashion, but combining both of them at this point of time, needs more research and dedication. Although there are some changes which are taking place in the wearable watches and eyeglasses, but users can’t ditch their expensive fashionable assets to match the wearable devices.

Battery Life

Wearable technology runs largely on wireless networks, GPS and the other pertinent technologies, which consume energy, so the users are unable to use them constantly for longer hours, so this is another challenge which disturbs the wearable technology usage at large extent. The battery consumption has to be addressed by the tech inventors, so the reach of wearable can be expanded further with no battery limitation.

Cost Is A Factor

The wearable technology development cost is little higher than the usual app development. Yeah, this is a little disheartening to know, but seeing the functionalities and the features you get along with it, it is worth to go for. Just for an update, the cost of wearable mobile technology would be 40 – 60% more than the usual app development cost, depending on the number of functionalities and technologies integrated within.

OS Compatibility

This is the another challenge which consumes the efforts from the developers, actually, every OS has its own demand and complexities to go with, so as an app developer, you need to play very safely while making a wearable technology get integrated with a particular OS.

Benefits of Wearable Technology

When I was almost in charge of finishing the wearable discussion with CTO, she just took a pause and told me the number of benefits associated with the wearable technology, so I believe it would not be justified, if I would let my readers go without knowing the benefits of wearable technology…

For Healthcare –As a wearable gadget wearer, you can easily monitor your health instantly and are easy to use and small enough to carry on your body. It can also predict and alert for any life-threatening medical condition in advance, by monitoring the health events closely.

For Personal Safety- In times of risky situations, with one button-press on your wearable gadget, you can easily send the alert call to many on your contact lists and avail the help instantly.

Connectivity- You can still get the alerts of any important call/message/ email without checking your phone constantly.

Data Accuracy- Since wearable gadgets are attached to your body, they give accurate data of your health and fitness.

GPS Connectivity- You can get a better idea about the required route efficiently.

Albeit, there are more number of benefits related to wearable technology and the challenges are going to improve with future, because it speaks only of the future, wherein users can access the data effortlessly and efficiently without any accuracy disorder. After listening to this conversation, I have decided to grab one interesting piece of wearable technology for me…if you are also looking for a wearable technology mobile app for your business, to boost its efficiency, then I think no other company than Techugo- a mobile app development company would be a better choice to address your requirements.

You don’t need to get confused with what to do and how to proceed with? You can simply get in touch with the Techugo team to get the experts hand to carve your wearable tech app development requirements. Our team of app designers and developers has years of experience to deliver the best app result for your business, and we assure you to guide you with every stage of app development to the deployment stage to carve a successful mobile app solution for your business. Don’t wait anymore, simply pick the phone and give a buzz to the Techugo tea…worth to mention we are eagerly waiting to get in touch with you to give a solution to your business requirements.

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