4 Jun 2019
Updated on December 29th, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Fantasy Cricket Apps


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Fantasy Cricket Apps

Indeed, cricket cannot be a religion, though, most of the people despite of their faith treat it like the one.  Altogether, fantasy cricket apps are also attracting too many people. And! Since the Worldcup has begun, the frenzy among the people is very high.

There is no dearth of cricket enthusiasts all over the world, actually, this is not just a game that tempts people. But! it is also a faith for people who love it. Whether it is you or me, it attracts all of us. Owing to that you can find cricket fans in every corner of the world.

Evidently,  there is no end to the zeal and enthusiast among the folks for this sports.  Therefore, people around the world are loving fantasy apps.

Don’t you know about fantasy cricket platforms?

Are you saying you don’t know about world-famous fantasy cricket app? Weird.

Chill! In this post, i will tell you everything related to fantasy cricket platform and why this is right time to launch your fantasy app.


Fantasy cricket isn’t a term that has invented overnight, almost everyone has some notion about it. What do you think about it?

If i talk about myself, when I first heard this term, I thought it would be like any other sports app or platform that shows match score and live streaming, but it is not the same. Most importantly, these platforms are very exciting especially for major cricket tournaments like WorldCup, IPL, T20 World Cup and more.

Fun, passion, anticipation, excitement and most importantly, bounties and bonus are the main concept behind these apps. Surely! You would be thinking from when did this trend begin. Well! It rose with the arrival of Dream 11, that turned out the biggest interest among cricket lovers and mobile users.

What is Dream 11?

It is a virtual fantasy platform, where you can fabricate your own team by selecting players and can be a part of cricket matches happening all around the world. This is a kind of gaming app, and fetches the performance of players from the real match and allows you to earn rewards.

How does fantasy platform work?

On these exciting gaming platform, users can create their own fantasy team of the players who are going to play in a particular tournament, further users earn the points on the basis of performance of selected players in the actual matches. After the end of the game, the application calculates the points and users can estimate their performance against the other players in the league.

Owing to the unmatched features, the fantasy apps have become trending and around 70% sports app users are using these applications to play fantasy sports leagues. And, Its frenzy can be seen among businesses as they are striving to develop these applications to gather huge return on investment.

Why Fantasy platforms are acquiring too much investment?  

Sports is a million-dollar industry and cricket is most profitable with billions of fans globally. People from every age spend a lot of time watching cricket matches.

Actually, there is a huge audience that engages in various sports activities, which is giving rise to the revenue of the industry.

By being inspired by the revenue generation, businesses are investing greatly in this sector, and catering different types of applications and games for the people. Here are some factors that are boosting up the investment in the fantasy platforms.

Endless numbers of opportunities

If you will look over the sports’ calendar, there is no shortage of sports events throughout the year which includes cricket event, tournaments like Big Bash, ODI, IPL and more. Therefore, there is no dearth of scope for the different kinds of  sports app, as they can engage users throughout the year with the app.

A few competitors

As the fantasy cricket application concept is new, and there are a few apps available in the market.  If you are thinking about investing in this product, there will be a few competitors and you can thrive easily.

This is right time to jump into this business, as you can earn a large and loyal user base for your platform. It means, you can gain great market reputation for your platform and can earn huge profit in the short time period.

Money generating idea

I have no doubt in saying that this is a money generating concept, as an application like these have the potential to attract new customers from everywhere. Altogether, seasons like WorldCup and IPL are great time to collect users on your application and make money.

Actually, such virtual games are very interesting as app users pick any player and pay for creating a virtual team, in this way, you can earn money.

Altogether, the winning amount claimed by users is always lesser that entry fee collected by app owners for a particular league, which signifies that there are endless opportunities to earn customer base and earn money.


If you are thinking to make an investment in such an end-to-end solution, this is the right time to get your hands in development. In 2019-20, there is no dearth of cricket events, by finishing up the development ASAP and do the launch, you collect the cash from this frenzy and can get the revenues soaring.  So, what are you waiting for?


The fantasy apps are being fused with great features, that amuse its users and create excitement among them. Take a glimpse of fun features of the app:

1. Registration
2. View Player Stats:- To view stats of each player’s performance.
3. User Profile :- To manage your presence over the app.
4. Offers/Winning:- To view information about winning amount and available offers.
5. Join Leagues & Tournament:- App available and upcoming leagues.
6. Select Tournament & League:- To select league user wants to play.
7. Create Team Page:- It features information about particular team and players.

Advance Features:

1. Live Group Chat
2. Social Media Sharing
3. Live Commentary


Undoubtedly, investment in fantasy cricket mobile app is a profitable deal.

So, you are thinking to develop such application, move ahead and take required action. At Techugo, we are engaged in creating different types of sports app. To secure a mobile app for your idea, get our assistance.

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