21 May 2018
Updated on December 29th, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About React Native


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React Native

I love technology and love to explore further about it, but Hey, don’t take me as a tech geek, with nerdy specs and confused look with few wavy lines on my forehead ( offence to real-time tech-geeks), just a funny update I too have the specs and usually roam around with a confused and bewildered looks in my eyes and on my face, but seriously am not a techie by heart…but an avid tech-reader who spends his time in building relations with the clients as a COO of a leading app development company Techugo and the rest of the time I clearly spend on exploring the technologies with React Native , to help my clients to build a seamless mobile app experience for their needs.

It is indeed an interesting job, where I get indulged with frequent discussions with my clients and try to understand their app demands and help them in solving their technical queries, wherein my personal research work and the help of my teammates come in handy.

In one of the recent casual discussion with an existing client, I was asked a question that can we have React Native app platform??? I was taken aback for a while, since it shook my senses, and made me realize that there are many more others as well, who even after being non-technical, loves to explore further about the technology.

I explained him the itsy-bitsy of React Native platform, but then I decided to pen down this information in this blog as well, so the others who are willing to grab the information about React Native app platform, would get the relevant information…

I agree the available information on the Google really leave you annoying and you cant understand a bit of anything, mentioned there, the reason might be is the use of too much technical lingo.

Thus with this post, I would try to keep my language as simple as possible so being a non-technical person you can easily understand it…so what are you waiting for, just read ahead…

What Is React Native???

This is the first question which bugs on hearing the term React Native, to understand this technology, we must take a look at the Native mobile apps as well.

Although there are numerous reasons which make Native mobile apps to take an edge over the Hybrid mobile app, here I will mention only some of the most obvious reasons to pick a native mobile app, please take a look:

  • Lots of design options
  • Optimal utilization of hardware and operating system
  • Wonderful App Performance Speed
  • Gives more control on the size, resolution and even orientation on every device
  • Cuts on development time and increases the odds of fixing the nastiest of bugs
  • Native apps are natural extensions of the platform that smell, look and feel like the default apps
  • It helps to utilize the specific functionality as well as design patterns like zoom and multi-touch, back button location vary according to the device type.

This is about Native, now let me explain React Native.

React Native is the next generation of React technology, which is a JavaScript code library, designed and developed by Facebook and Instagram. It utilizes the same design of React, and let the developer create a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

This technology is an open source framework and in the near future, it is expected that it will be compatible with the platforms like Windows or tvOS as well.

Benefits of React Native

Let’s explore its benefits has to offer…

It Is Simple And Efficient

This is the major point which makes the it the favorite choice of the developers. As a developer, you can integrate the React Native components into the existing app’s code and you can also re-utilize the Cordova-based code, with a mere integration of a plug-in.

It Helps In Building A Real Mobile App

When you decide to pick the development platform for your app, mainly you get confused with the mobile web app, HTML5 app, native app or a hybrid app, which is confusing enough.

But with React Native, this issue is resolved since you get an app which is unique and has been built on Objective-C or Java. While developing the mobile app, you need to utilize the fundamental UI building blocks of iOS and Android apps, and these building blocks need to be put together and let this platform do the magic.

It Saves Time

The most annoying experience for the app developer comes, when they have to be recompiled the mobile app, and it is time and effort consuming both. With the it, you get a solution to this issue, and instead of recompiling, with React Native you can reload your app instantly.

Also, the Hot Reloading technology helps you run new code without disturbing your mobile app.

Easy To Access

Since this framework works smoothly, as it is written with the components of Objective-C, Java, or Swift. Due to this quality, it gets much easier for you to optimize your mobile application by accessing the native code.

With it, you develop your mobile app using the React Native and the native technology both, making it a perfect piece from any angle.

It Caters To Android & iOS Both

The ever-evolving issue of either picking the framework for the Android or the iPhone is permanently resolved with React Native, since the React Native framework works on both the platforms, thus making it easier for the app owners to select either of them.

Targeting Larger Audience Base

The React Native Framework fills the void of focusing on the specific marketplace to earn the better business revenue and helps the businesses to expand their services to a wider audience base with a mobile app platform, which is developed on the React Native platform.

These befits can help you understand that how it can help you in abundance. The popularity of React Native is increasing day by day is widening the network of experienced developers and this is the reason that why the top brands in the market, like :

Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Bloomberg, UberEATS and Vogue to name a few, have adopted this platform for their mobile app services.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a successful React Native mobile app specially designed and developed for your business, then you must get in touch with Techugo, to help you attain the maximum benefits for your business from the experienced team of app developers.


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