25 May 2019
Updated on June 7th, 2019

Everything you want to know about ChatBot


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We all are familiar with Apple’s Siri or Ok Google, but do you know what exactly it is? We can say it ChatBot technology.

Calling them as a personal assistant is not wrong but in the technological term we called it as a ChatBot.

What is chatbot?

Anyone who is a little bit interested in technology has this question. So, in a very general manner, a bot is a software that performs automated tasks. However, we generally interact with the specific class of bots that can be used in live online chat platforms or on social media. This class of bots is known as ChatBot.

The very simple definition of ChatBot is software that can have a conversation with a human. For example, a user can give instructions or ask the question and the bot can perform or respond appropriately. But still, after this much of explanation many people have misconceptions about this technology.

The concept of this technology is not very new but the implementation of this technology is new and that’s the reason people have many misconceptions about this technology. There are two potential misconceptions about this technology such as:

  •  In reality, software or even a robot that communicates with the human in natural language is just an imagination, it is not possible using the current technology. Not only it is not possible, it often leads to unrealistic expectations regarding the ChatBots and assures frustrations. when those expectations are not met.


  • The second misconception is that a ChatBot communicates using only text or voice. Actually, this technology allows users to interact with graphical interfaces or graphical widgets. Several chat platforms including. WeChat and Facebook Messenger allow web views on which developers can create completely customized graphical interfaces.

Now, its time to understand the mechanism of ChatBot conversation.

If you want to understand the nature of the ChatBot conversation then it is important to understand its type. Basically, there are three types of ChatBot such as:

  • Scripted
  • Intelligent
  • Application

Let’s take a closer at these types.


These are the ChatBots whose behavior is determined by the rules. we can say that the conversation with this type of ChatBot can only follow the predetermined instructions. In this conversation, the user needs to pick the explicit options to determine the next step in the conversation.


Intelligent ChatBots are built with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which allows them to be more flexible in terms of user they can expect. They can accept the free form input in the form of text or voice statements and they can also accept the input in other forms if that makes sense. AI allows this technology to improve itself and enhances its capabilities.


Application ChatBot is not a separate category, in fact, it is the combination of two mentioned categories. As we already mentioned that both scripted and intelligent ChatBots can have graphical user interfaces.

So, in this category developers focused on developing the bot that can show the graphical interfaces in the conversation.

ChatBots and the Mobile applications

Ever since this technology comes onboard, a lot has changed in the mobile application development industry. In fact, the difference between this technology and applications becomes a little blurred if ChatBots interact via the user interface. But we can differentiate this technology from the applications by understanding that the interactions with the bot take place as a conversation and the whole process takes place in the app.

In very simple terms ChatBot is another way of human interaction with software, while there are overlaps with the functionalities offered by applications. Remember that interacting with this technology is different from the interaction with the app.

The value of ChatBots

One of the best ways to stay competitive in the modern business is to automate the processes as many as possible. The biggest evidence is seen by the rise of self-checkout at grocery stores and ordering with “Kiosks” at the restaurant. The value of the ChatBot comes from the ability to automate the conversations across the organization. Here we list out the key benefits of this technology into businesses.

Save time and money

Organizations can save money and time by automating the conversation otherwise they require an employee to answer. So, instead of spending all time on an employee to answering the inbound questions, organizations can use those individual’s time to proactively finding the relevant conversations to join with social listing tools.

Generate leads and revenue

ChatBots use the direct message to gather information necessary to provide effective support. For example, asking users why they are visiting your page is one question that is likely to ask in every engagement.

Automating these initial interactions allows users to share the information needed for the agent to better serve them without any humane interaction. The ChatBot automatically delivers qualified leads to the sales team and help them to enhance their productivity and do more meaningful work.

Guide users to better outcomes

Generally, customers don’t know where to go to find the information and sometimes they even don’t even know what they are interested in. Maybe they just heard your brand name in passing and decide to explore. So just by asking some questions, you can suggest to your customers the best place for them to find the information they want. These questions vary by business type but some common ones are:

  • What problems are you trying to solve?
  • What are your goals?
  • Where are you located?
  • Which department are you in?
  • Which industry are you in?
  • Would you like personal support?

For example, imagine a global organization such as an airline, there is almost infinite number conversation required between users and staff such as departing and arrival inquiry, important updates, purchase tickets, and many more. By utilizing the ChatBot those airlines can create the best user experience.

Provide after hour support

Organizations that don’t offer the 24-hour support can use the ChatBot to provide the 24*7 support to the customers. This helps them to significantly decrease the average time to respond and bring them closer to their customers.

Engage users in a unique way

Traditionally customers were conveyed to the businesses via email or phone call, which made user experience fairly standard and non-personalized. But ChatBots are offered a new, fun, and interactive way to engage with brands.

The best example is Domino’s Pizza’s Twitter which allows customers to place the order by sharing the emoji. Then the Domino’s bot takes those orders and asks the additional questions if necessary. This seamless and memorable user experience ensures that your users will think about your bot when they order food next time.

Now, this is all about the ChatBot, but this is not the end, the capabilities and use case of this technology is infinite. If you want to know more about this technology, then reach Techugo.

We are experts in implementing this technology into the app solutions according to the specific business requirements. So, if need any kind of help regarding ChatBot don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are expert in integrating the most advanced technology such as AI, ML, AR, VR, and many more, into the mobile application. So, if you need any help regarding the application development company just contact us.

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