30 Jul 2020
Updated on December 29th, 2022

Explore Cost, Features, And Tech To Build A Ticket Booking App


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Ticket Booking App

Today, our world is tech-driven in every possible manner, letting every service available on our fingertips. Well, the credit falls into the lap of app technology beautifully, which has transformed the way we interact with the different services around us.

In this run, the most revolutionary app concept that has brought immense convenience to us is with the ticket booking app!

Yes, with this app type, it becomes easy to book tickets and get rid of mental and physical stress that comes as complimentary baggage with the traditional ticket booking process. Further, the easy payment option, lets the user make the payment through their convenient mode, and pick the seat of their choice effortlessly.

Now, you must be wondering what all it takes to make a successful ticket booking app?

To help you get the quick rundown of the development journey related to this app, we have brought this post for you today.

With this article, you can explore how much cost is required to develop a ticket booking app. And what are the required features, panels, and tech stack to craft an impeccable solution?

Just scroll this post further…

Panels for ticket booking app portal

  • Admin panel
  • User Panel

Both panels have certain features within their spaces to make the app functional in the best possible way.

Essential features to be added in the ticket booking app

There are many features that must be a part of the ticket booking app, to make it work efficiently. To help you understand what all features must be there in your app, we have collected the information herewith…just read further…

User panel 

Login/sign up

This feature helps the users to register on the app by providing some necessary details. And there is the convenience of login through the social media account as well.

Location selection

With this feature, it becomes easier for the users to book a ticket on the basis of location, and check availability as detected by the GPS.


From the home page, users get the option to explore all the events or movie tickets to be booked. They can also check pricing, calendar, settings, and other required functionality of the app. 

Booking window

After selecting the ticket, users can book the tickets through the booking window and pick their favorite seats effortlessly. 


This feature lets the users leave ratings and helps others in booking the next event.

Admin panel


This feature allows the admin to login to the application and starts the function. 


To work on the mechanism of the app, with this feature admin can view and track the overall app functionality and business performance.

Managing users

It lets the users manage users’ list, add or remove, and add new service providers. 

Managing shows

With this feature, admin can see all the listed shows and filter shows by category, date, time, location, and venue, or other important keywords. 

Managing managers

Let’s admin to handle the dates, show-time, price range, venue location, and events.

Earnings management

It allows admin to view the total earnings, and further edit, view, or delete the percentage of commission from the venues, etc.

Advanced features


This is one of the most useful features for the ticket booking apps, as it allows the users to manage the calendars and keep track of the schedules to stay prepared in advance, and not to miss the event.

Google map

The worth of mapping cannot be ignored at any given situation, where your app gets the guidance to book your nearest location place to book the ticket.

Smart search

With this feature, it becomes easier for the users to search smartly and get suggestions on the basis of their past search history and nearby available options.

Multi-payment options

For a successful app to come into existence the multi-payment options must be considered as there are different people out there, who want to have multiple preferences for the payment.

24/7 customer support

Efficient customer support is a mandatory fact to win the trust of your user-base. You can offer chatbot support to handle the basic queries and offer nerve-ending online support to your users.

Cloud storage

A ticket booking app works with massive data, and this can be managed and controlled by cloud storage.

Technology Stack

  • For UI- ReactJS & BootStrapJS
  • For Server- Tomcat
  • For Database- MySQL
  • For Caching- Hazelcast.
  • For push messages- RabbitMQ
  • For payment API-
  • Braintree, Paypal, & Stripe
  • For Logging- Log4J
  • For Log Management- Logstash, ELK Stack
  • For Load balancer- Nginx

How much does it cost to develop a ticket booking mobile app?

The cost of the app depends on various factors, and it is hard to make one factor responsible for it. It is the medley of features, functionalities technologies, outsourced teams, and many other aspects, that come together and provide an estimation of the cost. Henceforth, it is very much necessary to share the concept to get the ACCURATE cost.

You would be surprised to know that cost to create a ticket booking app, can be as low around $10,000 and even can go to $50,000. So if you are willing to get the exact numerical figure for your ticket booking app concept, then get in touch with our team of experts today and get the cost estimation.

Reach us today and receive a risk-free quote for ticket booking app concept hassle-free!


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