12 Oct 2020
Updated on October 14th, 2020

Explore How To Create Your Own Dating App; Cost And Features!

dating app

Let’s catch this weekend! How about meeting at the nearby café or hop on shopping-date in Central mall!

These all statements sound stale and impossible and the credit goes to our super-busy lifestyle, which has left us with almost NO time. And further, the invasion of COVID-19 has pushed away all the once seemed possibilities to meet someone, in the darkest corner.

But these obstacles can be converted into a seamless path.

Do you wonder HOW???

Well, this is very possible with the app technology in the dating sector, enabling people to date online.

Dating apps boast with their accurate and innovative means to connect people and find their soulmate.

It’s time to learn the ropes, hence check this article out to see how you can build your very much own dating app.

MVP for a dating app

Now when you are all set to give a shot to dating app development, the next biggest concern that loops in there for you is to which features you must proceed with. Here, you must not grow confused and pick random features, but ensure to study your audience-base and understand what they are exactly looking for in your app. And in accordance with creating an MVP app plan for your dating app.

This will give you select only those hand-picked features that will help your users grow closer and fond of your dating app.

Confused which features those are?

Just scroll this post further as we have compiled a list of MVP features for your dating app herewith.

 Social sign-in

Do you expect your users to fill a page long details to access the dating app?

Forget it, they will never. Today users have got many options available in the market that has made them quite impatient when t comes to access technology through mobile apps. They detest it to fill too many details, hence you need to be quick and smart to let the sign-in the app. And to pique their interest it is recommended to skip the long registration process and replace it with a social-media login, so they can access the app through their favorite social login effortlessly.

User profile

Although it is a very much obvious feature, where every required information to proceed ahead, is available. Include all the relevant questions, that help other users to take interest in the profile and swipe right.

 Match through technology

The integration of trending in the dating app, allows the users to experience the smarter matches, on the basis of hobbies, location, the age to name a few.


This feature enables users to select the match form the same region so they can meet if required and convert their online dating into a meaningful relationship in the future. 

Push messages

This feature offers the most vital reminders, notifications about matches, and much more so users don’t miss the beat to find their perfect love match. 

Swiping feature

An efficient dating app works best when there is a seamless swiping feature, letting users look for women/men. This feature swipes the right to like and swipe left to skip the person.


This feature enables users to select categories, switch on/off the sound, customize different filters, and carry on many other settings.

Chat with a swag

How great it would be if you can chat with other matches through the app? Yes, this is the feature you must not miss at any given cost in your dating app. When users get a match, they can chat with each other to know more about each other, and add stickers and GIFs to transform messages into more interactive.

Admin panel

With this panel, the admin can block users, solve main issues, and take full control.

Tech-stack for dating app

  • Programming languages for Android- Java, Kotlin
  • Programming language for iOS- Swift
  • Frameworks- Node.js and React Native
  • Database-SQL, MongoDB
  • Cloud storage- Amazon S3
  • Payment- Braintree, PayPal

Cost of making a dating app

Oops! Did I hurt the wrong chord?

Jokes apart, this is the question everyone looks forward to getting the answer of. The cost which is the prime concern of every business owner begore hitting the app concept, cannot be answered without leaning and assessing the app concept.

Many factors run behind it and make the entire cost cycle, and depending on the number of features, functionalities, technologies, OSs, development company. This cost can vary anything from $40,00 to any number.

If you want to grab an accurate numerical number for your dating app, then you must share your app concept with us.

Finding love through technology makes it easy and simple to find the right match anytime anywhere for you.

The Bottom Line

COVID-19 should not limit your love life, and let the dating apps to find love for you. If you’re planning on making your own dating app but still getting confusion-shots then talk to us.

Share your idea with us, and our skilled technocrats will help you create a dating masterpiece in no time.

Call us today to give a digital curve to your love-life!

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