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3 Jan 2018

Why Exploring The App Challenges Is A Learning Phase For An App Developer

If one word which can describe my attitude towards work then ‘Inquisitive’ is something which does the full justice to it. I am highly curious about learning and exploring the new dimensions in life and make sure not to leave any stone unturned to achieve further.

Oops, this description fits the exact bill of an app developer, who is always expected to be nerdy and too much into their codings, and I too am an Android Developer with Techugo, but something which sets me apart from other developers is my priceless trait and that is visualization.

My visualization power is something which is very strong and powerful and always helps to land me in a new world of possibilities and opportunities. With this personality trait I have discovered many new horizons of success parameters within the app development and in one of the recent successful app projects I have accomplished is Bono.

Before I will proceed further with my learning and challenges, I would like to mention herewith that my visualization and curiosity have been the main force which kept me evolving and have helped me to turn into a something better version of an Android developer today.

Ok, let’s explore what is Bono?

No don’t take it wrong I am not referring to the top and the leading singer Bono from U2 band, but this BONO is the name of the app, which is developed based on the peer to peer ride sharing platform that allows people, who share a collective vision of saving the environment, to travel together. It is a location-based mobile app that facilitates sharing by resolving the fundamental issues of security and privacy.

In addition, it offers value to its user that goes beyond the obvious economic benefit: It enables users to understand the quantum of their overall contribution to the environment if they shift from “exclusivity” to “sharing”.

The moment I got this project, my instinct hinted at something most challenging to come my way with this app, so as the way I am I started counting for the minutes when actually the challenge would knock on my door, and I would resolve it with my intellect and visualization, well the day finally came and…?

Why don’t you just read yourself…J

Tale of Challenges

Bono deals with the ride-sharing app concept and which means there would be multiple routes and that’s where my very first challenge erupted; the major challenge I faced was to calculate and determine the multiple routes for a single destination from one source location. Might sound nothing tough to you, but believe me it made me invest endless hours in finding the perfect solution.

The very next challenge which fell on my lap was the information.

Yes, you heard me right it was all about to inform the app users about the driver’s near-by location, so the multiple passengers can be picked from their pick-up on the same route.

And the last challenge which I faced was the implementation of “PAYTM” payment gateway, the reason it turned out to be a challenge because it was highly unstable at the development end.

But to match my instinct, trait, and personality I overcame these challenges effortlessly and learned a huge deal about new methods and skills to give a push to my exploring capabilities. So the excerpt of what I learned is:

The multiple routes option which I got as a major challenge eventually opened a new door of learning for me, wherein to tackle the issue I researched over multiple Google APIs and it worked finally for me, not just for sorting the multiple routes issue, but also to calculate the distance between the passenger and driver’s location as well.

Another challenge I had faced of unstable PayTM and even after several failed attempts of integration, I finally got on a call with a technical expert from payTM team and fixed the every existing issue and bug with the PayTM integration.

Albeit, this is just a glimpse of my learning with Bono app, and there is much more as an app developer I learned and explored with Bono, and I find Bono to be quite useful for any fresher to acquire a set of information and exposure in developing a taxi or ride-sharing application.

Unlike the usual taxi applications, Bono has only a single module for rider and driver and allows the users to find a ride and share a ride option within a single app. The app is a great medium when it comes earn money and if anyone has the vehicle whether two-wheeler or four-wheeler and can be a driver or rider.

Apart from this blog, something which always disturbs the app developer work rhythm is the lack of motivation and source of creativity. I too juggled with this issue in my naivety, but sooner I joined Techugo as a core fresher, with a bag full of aspirations and luckily the company gave me enough reasons to explore my talent and polish my skills.

And I believe innovation, creativity ad tech-filled are some of the attributes associated with the developers and I think every developer in order to achieve new heights needs to be in constant cycle of change, so don’t sit on the issue and always keep looking for the ways and options to give a meaning to your technical aspirations.

Before winding up, I would really appreciate, if you all can stop by and take a look at my creative notion spilled in the app…link is ahead herewith, please download and appreciate my work maximum.

Also, you can get in touch with Techugo- one of the top mobile app development companies, to address any of your app development requirement. Trust me this is not an ordinary mobile app development company, but a hub of technical experts hailing from the different backgrounds with one simple aim to make it bigger for your mobile app.

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