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4 Jul 2019

Facebook Encounters Nightmare; Resolves Glitches in Whatsapp & Instagram

Well, almost all of us are hooked to every single social networking site. We are literally spending more than 10 hours per day, just watching, reading, or simply scrolling down or interacting with the media, and that is a fact!

But thats not the breaking news. Imagine what will happen if you are no longer able to operate your favourite social media app, with convenience, and that too for a day?

That is exactly what happened last night. Millions of social media lovers were left clueles, on Wednesday. Facebook and its extended family of apps, including Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp, jumped into a global outage. Users faced particular problems, rather than the entire application’s incompatibility.

Source Of The Problem

On Facebook, users had difficulties loading videos, images, and other data, across its apps last evening. It led some of the users unable to load pictures in the Facebook News Feed, send messages in Whatsapp, or view stories on Instagram. Facebook said it was aware of the technical fault and was working to get things back to the way it was, as soon as possible. This happened during a routine maintenance operation, when an error suddenly came up.

Around 7:45 PM ET, the company posted a message on its official Twitter account. The issue was later resolved by the company. The company also regretted any kind of inconvenience that was caused, because of the technical fault. Instagram also claimed that its issues were also resolved.

According to DownDetector, everything started yesterday, around 8 AM ET, and began clearing up after a few hours. The errors didn’t effect every image. Most of the pictures on Facebook and Instagram were still loading, but a few were appearing blank. In addition to this, DownDetector had also received reports of users being unable to send, receive, or load messages in Messenger.


Websites and applications are always going to experience glitches or occasional disruptions. This is due to the complex nature of the services they are offering. But even during the maintenance, they can become a huge problem. The reason behind this is the huge number of users of these applications. One Facebook outage affects a couple of extremely popular apps. This in turn effected billions of people that rely on them. These apps have become critical for communication and businesses. So, every single time there is an inconvenience, it can lead to a huge loss of money and resources.

This is everything you want to know about Facebook’s day-long outages across Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. If you need more information stay tuned with TECHUGO, for more updates, on technology and app development.


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