18 Feb 2020

Facebook’s Dark Mode Support Is Rolling Out

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Facebook’s website redesign is beginning the rollout with a new Dark Mode!

Yes, you heard me correct, Facebook has begun sharing the access to its redesigned desktop experience. This design theme was much-discussed during April’19.

The new UI is supposed to be least cluttered with much brighter icons. But hey wait, wasn’t this supposed to get launched somewhere around Spring?

Well, to pace up with the surprise bandwagon, Facebook is rolling it out!

Who All Can Access It?

Well, in that case, you need to keep your hopes low, since Facebook is launching the NEW UI with a “small percentage” of people.

Such lucky chaps, are prompted with a pop-up inviting them to help test “The New Facebook.” On clicking, Facebook would drive them to an option where they can set the website to use white backgrounds and bright colors, or a dark-mode background similar to the popular features offered on computers, iPhones and devices powered by Google’s Android software.

What is ‘NEW’ BTW?

Hmm, amidst the speculations, we at Techugo are bringing the first outlook and comprehensive comparison of Facebook’s old vs new UI game.


The design features rounded corners, and it goes without saying but it is much vibrant and appealing than its current theme.

  • Text appears larger
  • The icon bar at the top provides quick access to various sections
  • Theme is completely embossed with a modern look
  • Icons and their descriptions are enlarged enough
  • There is a distinct separation of individual sections


  • Instead of a pop-up window closer to the center of the screen, they are displayed on the right side of the screen, that minimizes possibility to overlap the content.
  • The design supports light and dark mode.
  • There is a new friends’ stories section, offering better interaction options


  • The option to control elements, such as contacting a friend, or adding, has transformed

What’s Our Take?

Well, like any other creative approach, this new design isn’t universally liked, and still has few technical hiccups with text readability in a few dark mode screens.

But that’s not the end of the world, and certainly, there are going to be much better and engaging improvements in the near future.

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