24 Oct 2017
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Facts Related To App Development Cost


Ankit Singh

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App Development Cost

The major fear which holds the maximum number of potential app owner is the app development cost, and on an honest note, the app cost comes before everything in your mind. Undeniably the app development is an ideal marketing tool, you can pick for yourself, but this ideal way of marketing turn into the grave dark system, once the horror bell of cost rings in actual. Expecting your mobile app to do wonders for your business, is nothing but a blessing, but to develop that app, you need to invest some amount.

With this article, we have tried to address some of the most commonly asked questions and facts related to app development cost…please read ahead…

App Cost Graph

  • A Basic App: An app with the basic functionalities are the easiest to build and is less expensive with around $3000- $6000 and suits best the needs of small businesses and their requirements.
  • An Enterprise App: An Enterprise App or Business app, would cost around $15,000- $30,000 and is little more complex and integrates the database management systems and content management as well.
  • An eCommerce App: This app (not the website) may cost around $4,000 – $8,000 and has various features to bring comfort to the users’ buying habits, like location-based services, payment gateway, push notifications and many other features.
  • A Game App: This app would cost around $12,000- $15,000, depending on the set of features selected for the app.


But is there any way to control the app development cost?

Yes, indeed there are ways through which the app development cost can be controlled and managed according to your budget. But to understand this we need to dig out the 3 factors, which spike your app development cost, and controlling them can actually give you a hold over your cost planning for a mobile app. Let’s explore further…

Opting Many Oss

I love it personally when a mobile app is accessible on different OSs and is ready to serve the users according to their preferred OS version, but do you know making the mobile app for different OSs actually spikes your app development cost terribly.

So in order to avoid this glitch, you don’t need to develop the mobile app on every available OS, but integrate a strategy here, through which conduct some research and analysis and accordingly pick the most used OS by your targeted users, and develop a mobile app only on that particular OS.

Integrating Many Features & Functionalities

A variant of features in a mobile app is a much-needed aspect for the success of a mobile app, but do you know that adding many features and functionalities in your mobile app, involves a huge deal of technical advancements and it involves great amount to go along with it.

A mobile app is used by your users, for the very first time, which means, they are not trained in utilizing the features and functionalities, which are in abundance in your mobile app, so it would only confuse your users further, and they would be bewildered to use which functionality to solve which purpose.

The best strategy which works here is that only include the required features in the mobile app at the initial stage, this will help your users to understand your mobile app and also, you would be able to save some bucks by integrating the not-required app features in your mobile app.

Apart from these factors, something which equally matters is the selection of wrong app developer for your app project, because, a novice app developer, only charges less initially, but to their lack of expertise and skills, you end up looking for a proficient app developer to address your app development requirement.

So grab a top mobile app development company in India to address your mobile app requirements appropriately, such company is Techugo- a mobile app development company is the one-stop solution for your all app requirements.



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PS: Above-mentioned app development cost is a rough estimation which can go beyond or remain in between the cost brackets mentioned, depending on the number of features incorporated.

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