28 Dec 2018
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Features That Can Make A Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App

An app for business growth is not too much to ask for!

Eventually, different industries and businesses have their distinctive demands to be met through the app technology, and undeniably one app division, which has really garnered the attention, is the on-demand food delivery app.

The food delivery startups have grown in massive number and trying to follow the footsteps of unicorn food delivery startup companies via app technology. We all know that this is the age of app solutions and everyone looks for the ways to have an app for the growth of their business.

On discussing On Demand Mobile Apps, the first very thing comes in the mind, is the convenience, quality and of course the services. The services you can be incredible with, but unless the resource to present those services is equally impeccable, it would not serve any purpose.

Henceforth, you must include a number of features in your on-demand food delivery app, to help it win the hearts of the users. With this post, we have compiled a few points, which can help you win the competition, and also let you get a wining app model.

So what are you waiting for?

Just start reading this post further and give a  meaning to your mere concept with the powerful features mentioned herewith in this post.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Now even a basic smartphone comes loaded with GPS services, thus letting every smartphone user, use the GPS tracking facility for the On Demand app. Although, with the very integration of On Demand Food Delivery App, GPS tracking becomes an inevitable feature, letting every customer track the status of delivery when they eventually have the hunger pangs.

With real-time GPS tracking, anyone can track the delivery by making few taps on the mobile device. You need to remember, that on-demand delivery app cannot be sufficed to one locality only, but it needs to cover every possible street, park, hospital or anything else, thus you must include location tracking feature, which would let the customers and delivery people to easily locate each other during such situations.

This does not bring only the uniqueness of but also lead to perfection in the app platform.

Seamless Intuitive User Interface

However, this very aspect is the first step of a successful app, since an intuitive app design can only be picked with the help of a leading mobile app development company . The app design, which is clean and has an intuitive user interface (UI), ultimately grabs the attention of the users and encourage them to use the app and explore it more.

If your app’s UI is clustered and consumes time in loading, then it does no good for your app, because 60% of the users would make up their mind to abandon the app, when it consumes more time to load and 40% would eventually abandon the app.

Thus it is highly significant for you to pick the right app design for your app’s successful future ahead.

AI Powered Deals And Promotions

AI technology has already captured a larger user base due to its seamless offerings in a business domain. The deal and promotions oozing out, based on the users’ age, gender, location, time of the day and order history, really transform the game of the deals and promotions.

Sounds great!

The AI enabled app feature can help you win this battle, where users can go accurately in predicting such data. With the help of relevant deals and coupons, you allow your users to get value form your app portal, wherein they can save money and also it triggers the re-visit of users, due to incredible bargain option, promo codes, seasonal offers, reward points, and loyalty bonus, you give every possible reason to your users to return on your app.

Convenient Payment Option

Indeed, payments are an integral part of any service-bound business, and getting it done from the users’ perspective hassle-free, is a task, which must be answered well.

If your app platform is working seamless, but when a customer faces the problem in paying the bill, then it turns out to be an acid test for your app.

A hurdle faced during the payment process breaks the trust of the users on your app and towards the end, your app would get the uninstall process.

Unknowingly, many apps only pick the COD option can bring the distress, because there can be an instance, when your users are preferring to make the payment through credit/debit card, thus you need to ensure that every step of the payment process is highly efficient and easy to use.

You can utilize different payment gateways and wallets services like PayPal, iOS Wallet, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Banking, Cash On Delivery options. Again you need to carry a bit of research to understand what suits your users and how they can benefit from the promo code and voucher code usage.

Schedule In Advance

Many times, we stuck in a situation, where we have to deal with situations, occurring due to our memory loss, and where we realize that oops, we forgot to order the food.  However, this very feature has changed the game for many existing successful food delivery apps.

In this feature, you can order a scheduling facility, and the user can order food well in advance. Here, the user has the option to book the meal a week in advance, this feature works well, for the users, who look forward not to waste their timing in ordering the same thing again and again, they can order the food with just a few clicks with repeat option.

By integrating these relevant points, in the very fabric of your on-demand food delivery app, you would build a successful future for your food-startup company. Thus without a fail, reach a leading top mobile app development company in USA to help your concept to turn into a massive success for your food startup concept.


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