27 Dec 2018

Features To Be Included For A Successful Currency Exchange App

The unruly beast of maths, has always captured my attention, and left me largely puzzled and scratching my head as well.

However this monster still follows my path, when today I am a working professional with a leading app development company, and still today I get nervous when some complex maths problem, pop-out in front of me.

However, there are numerous situations in my personal and professional space which happen daily, that make me use calculation.

Undoubtedly, calculation or I should rather call it the basic calculation is the very much part of our daily lives, whether it’s that quick bargain with your local grocery seller or the number of hours you stay productive throughout your office hours.

The calculation cannot be given a miss, and we all indulge into it more, when traveling or dealing with the foreign currency.

Whether you are traveling or getting international money transaction done, the currency exchange rate and the calculator always remain on the top list. Considering this demand many businesses are venturing into the currency exchange apps, as the apps are the most trending aspect of the modern technological world around us.

However, not many of those apps garner the users’ attention, as they lack largely at some place, which makes the users opt for the alternative options available.

To help you build an efficient and useful currency exchange app, we have brought this post today, I would request you to just stay hooked and unleash further.

First and the foremost MAKE IT BIGGER

The bigger area your app covers, the better its chances are to grow popular. I am assured, that you are not looking for your app to display the latest exchange rates for supported currencies only? Or at the same time, you don’t want your app users to input the custom numbers into the calculator only.

Thus, the app you are planning to develop must allow both the options to the users, where the calculator feature and the exchange rate would be a part of one app. This will help your app to increase the number of its USP.

More Supported Currencies

You know why certain websites are most popular and are considered the most reliable resource among the users?

It is simply because such websites offer the vast number of world currencies and are updated as well

Your users can be anywhere from the world, and after accessing the app, if they find their currency is unavailable on the app portal, then it creates disturbance, thus if you really want to attract the larger userbase, keep the larger number of currencies in your app and allow user to save their preferred search, to access the selection at any point of time.

Live Rates Updates
Live Rates Updates

However, the heading of this feature, explains a lot about this feature, where users get the currency exchange data timely updated.

Certain existing apps don’t offer the updated rates, which really create the chaos in a final payment transaction, but with the help of offline mode, this very feature solves the issue.

In this context, the offline mode with saved rates and allows the users to auto-refresh the data based on the pre-set intervals. Needless to say but you need to be very cautious while picking the reliable 3rd party service for data aggregation.

Recent Conversion History

When you are in the same country and want to access the last conversion history, or if you want to access the last conversion rate to be assured of the transaction or the currency price, this feature eventually turns handy for you.

You allow your users to check the currency searches and conversions with quick access and enjoy the app services.

Currency Analytics
Currency Analytics

Your app users need to know, what will be the currency graph in a week/month curve of currency changes and fluctuations. With the app you can alert your users with the custom notification, like when suddenly a currency goes down, so where they can invest or buy a product, to exclude the expensive episode for them.

Offline feature

Letting your app, work on the offline this is the most beneficial feature, you can offer to your users. In this feature, even when the internet data is off, the app would still work, reducing the roaming data charges or even the no signal range of the internet, would disturb your plan.

Augmented Reality Currency Conversion

While traveling abroad, it is a very common aspect that you want to understand how much you have just spent, or what that bill is eventually costing in real currency, of course, that helps you in abundance to understand whether you are making a smart buy or not.

With the help of Augmented Reality, you let your users check the real-time currency conversion, in this feature, the users are required to hold the camera over a price and see it getting converted in real time.

This feature not just saves the time, but also helps you to convert the price into multiple currencies in just a jiffy of a moment.

Price Tracking Feature

In this feature you let your users track the price and control the budget. Traveling in a foreign land can turn into an expensive journey, when you realize towards the end that the money you spent, has gone out of your budget, as you could not track the pricing, due to a different currency.

Here in this feature, users, need to tap a price to keep a running total of what they are spending, wherein they need to create a trip to assign the expenses and towards the end, it leads to saving an ample amount of money and keep your budget in control.


Any app can only grow successful, when the people behind it, are ready to think out-of-the-box. Many top mobile app development companies offer apps with different features, but what you need to understand is that whether your app is really meeting the demands of the users and making a pace with the on-going technological trends.

To help you build such app, a leading app builder can make it come true, as no matter what feature you integrate into the app, but unless the app gives the pleasant experience to the users, it would never grow popular. Hence reach a leading app development companies and help your app concept to garner attention in a massive number.



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