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6 Sep 2019

Finally Street View Layer Has Rolled Out In Google Maps

Google maps has revamped with a new feature that can transform your overall journey experience, by integrating great convenience.

Being a market leader, Google always strives to provide top notch products that can aid users in various ways. With the same vision, the company has introduced a new feature into Google maps, that can rejoice you and surge the application use in everyday life.

After integrating augmented reality in search & stay safer feature in maps. The company has unveiled another feature that will surprise you with its groundbreaking functionality. Excited to know more about this feature so, let’s take a deeper look into this.

Last month, Google unraveled AR directions for both Android and iOS platforms. Besides, the announcement include another upgrade, including enhanced Timeline with a “Reservations” tab that enables users to view a list of all their upcoming trips. The upgrades couldn’t be stopped for this solution.

The latest release has come out in this line, where Google Maps app for Android has been added with a new Street View layer. This functionality is outstanding and allowing users to find areas within Street View easily. It means you can find the areas where street view is available.

How to switch to the street view in Google maps?

It is very easy to get into the street view in the application.  You need to simply tap map layers FAB (floating action button), given on the top-right corner of the screen.

The latest version v10.23.4 of Google Maps has got this upgrade, and you can find this option under the new “Explore” section.This new layer is very pretty and intuitive. And enables users to see the streets on which Google’s Street View cars have ventured. This view includes the same bright blue color lines, similar to desktop. One can simply use this feature by just tapping over the place you want to go. Once you will tap over it, your application will move into Street View.

If you are wondering that you can’t switch to Street View using other methods, then don’t worry. Of course,  you can access Street View through other ways such as ‘by typing the address’ or ‘using the dedicated Street View app’ . Though, the former was another method that will definitely have its uses.

This feature is very amazing, as once you will get into the Street View layer on your mobile, the application will show you areas where Street View imagery is available in a darker shade. Once you zoom in, the application will show you individual streets marked in blue.

Areas without any Street View imagery will simply appear in the color of the map type in the selected mode Default, Satellite or Terrain.

It is a great feature that will solve several problems of people while driving through the streets. A number of location hassle will reduce and people would be easily able to find the place.

Though, it is hard to tell how credible and efficient will these features, but surely with time, Google maps will come up with many other functionalities.

Since there are numbers of releases in this line, it is hard to tell right now that this feature has been fully released for everyone. If you haven’t got the feature in your application, soon you will see this feature.

Besides, businesses integrate Google maps in various applications that will help users in various ways. A number of app development companies are integrating Google Maps in enterprise application to enable tracking and location identification.

This application has transformed various industries by enabling location tracking and providing direction. This feature will also improve direction-finding through street view. If you are creating an application that deals with displacement, you must integrate Google Maps to improve user experience. Though, you need to hire a deft team that can infuse this application deftly into your app environment. To know more about it and latest application updates, stay tuned with Techugo.




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