21 Jan 2019
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Why Firebase Is A Blessing For Your App Development?

App Development

I seriously don’t know what’s happening with my app development, there are users, but at the same, there are uninstalls as well and the worst is I am unable to judge where it is all oozing from…

This is one of the most common pieces of conversation, which may give you some sort of relatable feelings, and might give you a jitter that Oouch! Something like this happened to you before too, but there was nothing which could answer your concerns, and to worsen the situation further, the lack of clear-shout evidence bugged the supposed success rhythm of the app.

Have you ever wondered, if there could be something, which could update you about the lacking of your app and tell you where you are wrong, and by improving this it can be better?

Well, it all seems to be a dream…Right?

Hmmm, no not anymore, and the reason is very simple because now we have Firebase technology, which translates the real-time integration capacity into the apps and helps you further in reviving the app’s performance and trigger the users

Are you surprised that how can it be possible? Yes, it is possible with an infusion of the firebase technology within the apps which can revive its working and allows the user to experience a great performance with innovation. This technology is enriched with numerous features which makes it an appropriate option to use into the apps.

It is not stopping on this merely, but there is something more to be explored with Firebase technology and it is mentioned further in this post, just read ahead…

Firebase is proving to be a great option for the app development process!

With this very statement, I must have let many eyebrows got shrunk or raised, but believe me after reading this post you would be highly convinced, thus just take a look further…

Why Firebase Technology?
Firebase technology

Not a single mobile app can survive in its respective stores, without offering the quality to the users. This is the fact which every app developer accepts and tries to integrate within its developed app solution.

However, to get the accurate level of quality sometimes get missed, here Firebase technology offers an ample number of opportunities for app platform to attain quality.

At times, certain mobile apps start to face slow performance, which is always disliked by the users, and this also puts your business reputation at stake.

With the Firebase technology, you can constantly keep a track on your app’s analytics and understand the reason behind the bug, and get it resolved much before it reaches to other users and destroys your app’s identity.

There is a number of facts which suggest, picking Firebase technology, only opens a floodgate of opportunities for your mobile app…

  • Ease Of Notifying Customersfirebase technology

Firebase cloud messaging allows you an opportunity to send and receive the notifications without any hassle. It is free and can be sent around different devices with the utilization of battery-efficient connection.

So, if you are planning to send the push notifications to a particular group of people on the demographic-basis, then also you don’t need to get puzzled, but with best versions, they can ease down the issues to a larger extent.

  • Easy Storage Of User-Dedicated Content
    firebase technology

Firebase is validated by the Google cloud storage, letting developers store users’ content efficiently, this can be in the form of text, images, video or so on. Also, the download process of documents gets easier and seamless without hampering the quality of your app.

  • The Real-Time Database

The synchronization and the storage of the real-time data have never been easier, before Firebase, but now developers no need to depend on the backend team for the data access and access the data without any issue.

The SDKs supporting this very technology is compatible with Android, iOS and Web and further help in executing the backend code. It also ensures to store and synchronize the data which can further help in developing the amazing features and can be optimized for offline usage.

  • Secured Hosting Ability

The Firebase Hosting lets you set-up a single page, a mobile landing page, web page or a progressive web page without investing many efforts. This is actually very easy to use aspect, which allows the developers to experience the quick deployment of the static content and web apps at the Content Delivery System (CDN). Just to update, with Firebase technology, developers can configure the free SSN certificate for the custom domains and a local directory can be deployed with a single command.

  • Gives Incredible Crash Reporting For Bug-Fixing

An app generally faces the criticism from users, when it crashes and suffers the bIt has often been seen that a lot of apps suffer due tug-dilemma in abundance.

Such experience always slows down the app usability factor to a larger extent, when users get navigation speed with major glitches, then users end up using another app, without wasting a moment.

To avoid such horrible experiences to be faced on your mobile app, you can simply include Firebase and get the fastest assistance of crash reporting to fix the bugs at the faster speed with ease.

Such report can be further identified by testers and analyze where the actual problem is occurring and even get the specified information that on which screen, the app is creating an issue, this helps the app to retain its users without any hassle.

  • Firebase Technology Is Authenticated

The app security is something which always spikes a course of tension among the app owners, which force them to try different measures to practice best security features within the app. However, with the integration of Firebase, you allow your users to experience the extreme level of security while providing the commendable solutions to secure the emails, passwords and many other functionalities within an app.

  • Links Help You Widen Your App Reach
    firebase technology

The links which are existing within the firebase technology, are the blessing in disguise for your mobile app’s expansion plan. With these links, you get an extra advantage, as these links create an option for the app owners to recommend it further with friends & family members, once the app gets launched and no prize for guessing, but it leads to enhance the app’s popularity.

So, if you want an app to be designed with the fusion of firebase technology then it is recommended to opt for an experienced company. Only the experienced mobile app developers can serve you in the best manner and provide quick solutions for your app development needs. So, to avail, the best services get in touch with one of the leading top mobile app development companies in india which can help you to take your app to the next level of creativity and performance.

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