12 May 2023

Flight Booking App Development: Make Travel Simpler with the Digital Solutions!


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flight booking app development

Who doesn’t like traveling? In fact, we all have a personality in us who loves to travel and wants to explore places around the world! But before we could plan a getaway with our friends and family, it was a whole new task to take the responsibility of booking flights and managing stays.

In this fast-paced corporate lifestyle, no one has the time to visit an agent and get the bookings done. So, what should be done?

For many of us, dropping the trip plan is the idea; however, blocking all the fun is a horrible thing to do to ourselves.

Now that every service is at our fingertips, how could you think that booking a flight and planning a trip could be an exception?

The travel and tourism market is undoubtedly huge, brimming with travel agencies, tourism businesses, and whatnot! However, online flight booking apps have taken a toll over all other offline services, and there’s no turning back.

People can now seamlessly plan their travel using these apps, and there’s no need to bail out your travel partners.

Interestingly, the market size of these apps is likely to grow by 9.0% from 2022 to 2030. So, don’t you think you should grab this opportunity to build an exceptional travel booking app that will excel in the future?

Need more convincing? Continue reading this article to learn more!

More About Flight Booking Apps 

Flight Booking Apps

Now you can travel the world without any hassle. However, the two most important things that you’re going to need is a passport and a flight booking app on your smartphone. Whether it is ticket booking or managing the entire tour, a flight booking application has it under control. 

From basic to some of the best and advanced features, a booking app enables its users to perform one-tap check-in, and the tickets will be sorted. 

Additionally, there are two business models in particular for the development of a flight booking app that include: 

– Dedicated Model

The dedicated model is a commonly used business idea incorporated by major airline companies. This model allows customers to directly link with the airlines to book their flight tickets effortlessly. 

– Aggregator Model

The aggregator model is a one-stop-shop for all airline companies to offer their best prices and offers. The customer can weigh their pros and cons and get redirected to an airline’s official website to look further. 

Pros of Flight Booking App Development 

Pros of Flight Booking App Development

Since online booking is gaining momentum, there’s an elimination of third parties, and now is a good time to work on an idea that will bring benefits and increased returns. Thus, mentioned below are some of the best reasons to emphasize flight booking app development:

1. Convenience of Management

A flight booking app is developed with the objective to provide convenience to its users and seamless management of flight tickets. Furthermore, the mechanism eliminates the need to reach out to agents or third-parties for the same. 

2. Rewards and Promo Codes

It is vital to win a customer’s loyalty if you’re planning to expand your user base. Therefore, you must offer rewards and promo codes to your audience. These rewards can be in the form of cashback, discounts, exclusive offers, etc. 

3. Security of Payment

Like other modern mobile applications, flight booking apps are also incorporated with secure payment options that enable app users to pay online using multiple payment gateways

4. Real-Time Updates

Flight booking apps provide their customers with real-time updates on flight status, including, schedules, delays, cancellations, etc. Therefore, it becomes easier for travellers to keep a check on the necessary updates. 

5. Revenue Opportunities

Flight booking applications can earn from a number of channels, including commissions from an airline and advertising partnerships. 

6. Market Reach

An exceptionally designed flight booking app holds the potential to reach a wider audience, which can help your business easily tap into the market and enhance the customer base. 

Trends to Follow During Flight Booking App Development 

Trends to Follow During Flight Booking App Development

Flight ticket booking app development has been continuously evolving, and it is significant to keep up with the latest trends if you’re putting your first foot forward toward digitization. Therefore, some of the noteworthy trends are listed below: 

1. Personalization

Flight booking apps must be designed in a manner that works with data and analytics to provide a customized experience to the app users. What’s more? Target ads, special offers, and more can be provided to customers for experience enhancement via personalization.

2. AR and VR

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies are now acquiring the limelight when it comes to flight booking app development. The two trends provide an immersive experience to the customers, and they can enjoy virtual tours, select a seat via 3D navigation, and enjoy an interactive booking experience. 

3. Push Notifications 

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to keep the passengers updated about their flight status. Thus, push notifications are one of the best features that do the needful and help app users make necessary adjustments to their plans. 

4. Blockchain Technology

The industry is now exploring the potential of blockchain for accelerated security and a transparent flight booking process. 

Not only this, but the tech also initiates decentralized identity verification, smart contracts, and more. 

5. Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support 

Your flight booking application can be used by anyone worldwide, which is why it is necessary to provide multilingual support to your customers. For example, imagine an app giving details in Chinese, while you’re only familiar with English. Would you prefer to use an app for your flight reservation? 

Additionally, such an app must also accept different currencies because it varies from country to country. 

Must-Have Features of Flight Booking App Development 

User experience also depends on the features incorporated within a flight booking app. Customers can streamline their options by applying a few  filters; thus, the best available choices can be considered. 

Some of the must-have features of flight tickets booking app development include:

Customer Panel

1. User-friendly interface

Be it any application, the interface should be simple and user-friendly to add convenience and ease to the customer’s job. 

2. Hassle-free sign-up

A flight booking app must allow the app users to sign up using their email ID and contact number. Additionally, you may allow sign-up using social media.

3. Profile verification

Once users register themselves with the flight booking app, a profile verification must be done via a  security pin sent to their phone number or email ID. 

4. Flight Search

There are a number of flight options; therefore, allow customers to pick out the best and available options by applying filters, including date, destination, offers, etc. 

5. Multiple payment gateways

Different customers might use varied payment gateways. To add ease for them, amalgamate multiple payment gateways within the application to provide flexibility in options. 

6. Push-notifications

It is essential to keep customers updated with every detail. Therefore, the push notifications feature works best in this case. 

7. Loyalty program

An app must have a loyalty program to retain its customers. This program may include discounts, offers, cashback, and more. 

8. Ratings and reviews

Users can check reviews and ratings of an airline to make an informed travelling decision before letting their money go down the drain. 

Admin Panel 

1. Flight management

This feature enables administrators to control flight data, like availability, timetables, cost, etc. 

2. Payment management

This feature allows admins to have control over payments, like refunds and commissions. 

3. Booking management

This feature provides control over reservations, cancellations, and refunds. 

4. Customer support

This feature offers admins help options via chat, contact number, and email. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Flight Booking App Development 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Flight Booking App Development

Now is the time for a crucial stage, which is app development. Continue reading the guide to know more: 

Step 1: The Discovery Phase 

– Details on User Demand

Now that you’ve come this far, you must have decided to finally move towards your custom flight booking app development. First, however, did you figure out who your target audience is going to be? Furthermore, what is your target audience looking forward to? 

It is significant to acquire answers to these questions as it’ll help you to make the right decisions. Not to forget mentioning, customers prefer mobile apps that are well-incorporated with:

– A seamless UI/UX design

– Allows app users to find all the relevant information under one roof

– Provides hassle-free flight booking

– Provides access and permissions to mandatory activities 

– Finalizing Features and Team

Once you’ve understood the key requirements, it’s time to get the features sorted. Also, partner with a reliable mobile app development company in USA that must provide you with the following resources: 

– Native or cross-platform app development services

– UI/UX designer

– Project manager

– QA analyst

– Time & Cost Evaluation

The cost to build a mobile app depends on a number of factors. These factors play an integral role in determining the budget and app development expense. Therefore, these factors include: 

– Choice of the platform

– Application’s UI/UX design

– Complexity of the project

– App built time

– Number of features integrated

– Developer’s cost

Step 2: Design 

The design of the app throughout the process, from flight booking to payment, should be seamless for the customers. 

Step 3: The Development Stage  

The development phase of a mobile app comprises a number of components that include: 

– Customer app development

– Admin panel development

– Additional features

Step 4: Quality Check 

Once an app is entirely developed, the final step is to ensure the app’s quality after testing. Therefore, quality analysts must thoroughly test the app for any roadblocks and bugs to eliminate the same for an efficient experience. 

How Can Techugo Help You Develop A Tremendous Flight Booking App?

The flight booking app development is a brilliant concept and will acquire immense popularity in the upcoming years. The credit goes to the rising demand for online booking as it adds convenience to customer’s lives. 

Talking about Techugo- a top mobile app development company that holds experience in building mobile apps that have skyrocketed businesses. 

It delivers high-quality products, and the skilled team of developers caters to its clients’ requirements efficiently. 

So, get in touch with our experts to learn more about flight booking app development and weave an app that helps you generate higher revenue. 

Happy innovation!

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