21 Sep 2018

Flutter 2 Preview : A Complete Package For An Efficient Mobile App


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Flutter 2 Preview

Technology never remains constant and its always on its toes to get the revolution.

This very theory is further proven when at Google Developer Days China on Sep 19, Google decided o unveil the final developer preview of Flutter.

Flutter is Google’s masterpiece, which has allowed the developers across the globe to build native interfaces for Android and iOS.

In the world of technology, it is a vital milestone, as it is the last major release before Flutter 1.0 is launched, and will let us truly grab the real for what the first full version of Flutter will look like.


Flutter- A Quick Glance

Flutter made an entry into the technological world as an early alpha at Google’s I/O developers conference in May 2017. Its first beta was out in the February, which was further followed by two more, and then two release previews.

This framework is said to give high-competition to Facebook’s React Native. Its libraries are designed to combine the performance and platform of native mobile with the rapid development and multi-platform reach of portable UI toolkits.

The Flutter apps shall be built using the Google’s Dart programming language.

What Is All About This Recent Preview?

Google does not want an iota of glitch to occur on this framework before it would make the sensational entry into the tech world.

The Flutter Release Preview 2 consists of support for executing Dart code in the background, in the event of the application, suspended…unbelievably this is a major breakthrough in the app development world.

Also, now the Plugin authors utilize it further to create new plugins, which would execute the code upon an event being triggered, for instance, the firing of a timer or the receipt of a location updates.

With this release, there is one more major advantage that is the reduction in the application package size up to 30% on both Android and iOS.

Now least Flutter app bundle on Android will weigh at 4.7MB, which is incredible since the release of Flutter and is saving the 2MB space.

However, for the iOS, the size would vary depending on the iOS packages are built.

Needless to say, Flutter 2 release is full of excitement and amazing technical announcements, but the bucket of benefits does not get emptied here, because now Preview 2 offers the  “pixel-perfect iOS apps.”

The Flutter Release Preview 2, has clearly shown it to the world of technology that now cross-platform apps would look completely native on every platform.

Also, Google has increased the library of widgets to be followed on Apple Interface Guidelines, which are in the “Cupertino” package.

Flutter Is Already A Major Hit

A report suggest, 92% of developers are either satisfied or very satisfied with Flutter

Google takes pride to mention that developers are continuing to adopt Flutter and remarkably uncountable Flutter-based apps are already doing rounds successfully in the Apple Store and Google Play, much before the launch of final version 1.0.

Alibaba (Android, iOS), Tencent Now (Android, iOS), and Google Ads (Android, iOS) are some of the known apps, utilizing the flutter 0based apps efficiently.

How To Access Flutter 2 Preview

It is highly easy …if you really want to try out the Flutter Release Preview 2. If you are already using one of the Flutter beta versions, then you simply need to upgrade it. Follow the steps…

Type the command flutter upgrade and you are all set to experience the new innovation.

But if you are new to this technology landscape then log-in to flutter.io and you would be guided further to install it ahead.

As a leading mobile app development company, we are assured that these improvements would open the gate of easy coding, visual consistency, and performance on our mobile apps.

Last but not the least, Flutter 2 Preview is the last beta Flutter version and by the year-end, the final version of Flutter would reach us to amuse us further with its extreme vision of transforming the coding to an easy task.

So just stay hooked to this space for more Flutter related information and keep looking for more updates to come your way!!!

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