21 Mar 2023

Flutter Optimization Techniques to Improve Existing App Results



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Flutter app development company

Flutter is the most popular and widely used framework for cross-platform app development. Flutter allows for application development on all platforms and reduces development costs. 

Why is Flutter so important for Fintech?

Flutter blends the best of both native and hybrid development methods. It is, therefore, an excellent solution for Flutter app development company and neo-banks. Flutter offers many benefits for the user. We will focus on the most important for creating a mobile app development company or fintech banking solution.

Application and Data Security

Dart powers Flutter and is compiled into native, computer-executable codes. No intermediary apps are required. As a result, flutter-based banking apps are more secure than native ones. It also includes a sizable native library that changes data formats and creates new ones during compilation. Hackers will find it challenging to understand the software functionality and reverse engineer it.

Compliance with regulations such as DSSR, GDPR, and information security is essential for banking applications. This framework allows biometric authentication using Touch ID or Face ID and allows Dart developers to use the newly released library implementations for all data encryption algorithms. This increases the security of customers’ financial and personal data and transaction details.

Reliable performance

The customer retention rate and engagement are directly related to an application’s performance. For example, customers may stop using the app if they experience delays in loading.

Flutter offers 120 frames per second (FPS), making it an excellent choice for bank apps that have a large user base and require quick response times.

Declarative APIs

Flutter uses reactive declarative APIs. Flutter’s user interface is updated according to the current state of the application. If a user flips a switch on the settings screen, it triggers a redrawing of the current state and rebuilds the UI from scratch. 

Each state of the user interface can only be coded one way. Once the developer has described what the UI should look like for each state, that’s it. The framework manages the tedious, often error-prone task of optimizing the user interface.

It saves time, money, and effort

Flutter framework offers a unique feature called Hot Reload that is not available in native technologies. This allows developers to view the back-end and front-end changes in real-time. This improves product delivery speed and saves time in developing and compiling a banking app. Flutter also offers many widgets that simulate the behavior of different design languages. This allows developers to skip some of the tedious steps involved in application development.

Flutter allows developers to create one codebase for multiple operating systems. This means there is no need for various teams for every operating system. This saves time and effort in testing bugs and other potential issues. In addition, a single codebase can be used for multiple platforms, significantly simplifying maintenance and reducing operational costs.

Seamless user experience and performance

Customer retention and engagement can be improved by releasing new features and updates based on end-user feedback. In addition, Flutter’s flexibility is evident with its built-in application builder. Developers can use a variety of pre-developed, reusable UI components to tailor and meet customer specifications. 

Top Flutter Performance Optimization Tip

This blog contains sufficient information to help you increase Flutter performance for your application.

Avoid State Flutter Widgets

We all make the same mistake: we use State Flutter widgets for Flutter Application development right at the beginning of our development. 

StatefulWidget and SetState() should be used only to rebuild or update. It is best not to use it in widgets for improved Flutter performance.

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Use Const Keyword

The Const keyword can be used as a constant. This type of Flutter widget is used at the time of compilation to avoid. Const allows you to use multiple devices with no performance loss. Const also avoids rebuilding when you use different widgets.

Use Async/Await

During application development, verifying that the code used is synchronous is essential. Code can be written in Flutter asynchronously with Async/Await.

Async code can be challenging to upgrade, and it is even more difficult to debug the Asynchronous code. However, the code is easier to read when combined with Async.

Create and Display Frames within 16ms

The Display can be divided into two parts: the structure and the picture. To render a 60hz display, developers have 8ms to create the design and 8ms to make the picture.

For better flutter performance, always divide 16ms equally between structure and picture.

Will 16ms affect the display quality? You don’t have to worry about 16ms affecting the display quality. This will increase the battery life. You can also get better performance with smaller devices thanks to 16ms.

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Pay attention to the rebuilding of Widgets in AnimatedBuilder

Animation is an excellent feature for any mobile or web application. Most developers use Animation Controller. It rebuilds multiple widgets in Animated Builder. This is the main reason for slow Flutter performance.

Counter Widget is a tool that allows you to create animations without having to rebuild multiple widgets. 

Do not use the Build Method

Avoid using Build() as it can be expensive and takes a lot of CPU power. Repeated use of Build() may cause Flutter to slow down. Splitting large widgets created with Build() can improve Flutter’s performance.

Reduce the Application Size

Including multiple codes, packages, and widgets in an application during development is straightforward. However, sometimes it takes a lot of memory to store all this data. This can also reduce the application’s performance.

Flutter’s development tool allows you to reduce the size of your application. 

You can create bundles with Android apps using the Google packaging system. One of their main benefits is the ability to download original code from Google Play Store. In addition, Google Play Store offers apps that are compatible with your device and support the platform’s architecture.

Flutter App Development goes beyond iOS and Android

Flutter app development Company that develops mobile apps for Flutter must dedicate the most time to Android and iOS app deployment

The Enterprise App Development is now available for Android and iOS. It also supports the web, Windows, and Linux platforms. It works well and allows app deployment cross platforms with one code.

You already have many widgets to use to benefit from Flutter’s capabilities.

Additional requirements for Enterprise App Development that Flutter Meets

These specifications can be added to your Flutter enterprise apps development services in addition to the standards mentioned above for creating corporate apps:

  • Libraries in Flutter may support Adobe and Firebase Analytics technologies and integrate them.
  • Flutter has the Sentry Library to provide quick code debugging and app error reporting.
  • Developers can use Flutter to create fully functional corporate apps using a variety of custom libraries or third-party libraries.
  • Flutter can create enterprise apps with extensive functionality by incorporating QR code generation and scanning.
  • To implement Flutter libraries, you may also use your custom ones.
  • Use user accounts to share between apps and within apps.
  • Keep a list of personal contacts.
  • Multimedia and text messages.
  • OTP SMSs
  • Integrate payment capabilities using the Square SDK for in-app payments.

How does Flutter integrate into other code?

Flutter offers a variety of interoperability protocols and techniques, whether you embed native controls in a Flutter project or embed Flutter within an existing application.

You can use a shared channel to send and receive messages from a platform component written in Swift, Kotlin, or Dart. First, data is serialized as a Dart type and converted into a standard format. Then, it’s deserialized into a Swift or Kotlin equivalent.

What is the best way for Flutter to set up app development trends in 2023

Writing the same functionality in additional languages takes longer than writing them in one language.Although there are cross-platform development tools, they don’t offer native performance. Open-source Flutter is the most popular choice for developers when developing startups. Flutter is a popular platform for app development. 

Let’s take a look at Flutter app development trends compared to other tools.

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Native Performance Cross-Platform

This striking feature is available in Flutter.  It means that the app has no compromises in design and implementation.

Your own rendering engine

 Flutter doesn’t require a rendering engine to generate apps. 

This feature is missing in many other frameworks. To render, you will need to add some lines of code. Flutter removes any extra parts.

Games Toolkit

Flutter developers with experience can now build games. Many gaming companies are looking to hire flutter developers because of the high demand. This is why Flutter app development company has become a fad.

Advanced API

An app must be attractive and user-friendly. Flutter’s advanced APIs allow for smoother, faster animations. Flutter supports REST and HTTP as advanced APIs. Flutter offers the HTTP package for accessing HTTP resources.

What is Flutter’s future?

Flutter’s market share has begun to plateau after a rapid rise in usage over three years. This is not a sign Flutter will disappear anytime soon, but developers shouldn’t take it as a sign. 

Are there any new, trendy tools that will replace Flutter? It’s almost inevitable. However, Flutter’s prospects are bright.


Flutter’s performance optimization has been a great feature. Flutter has been a robust framework that has greatly supported web and native app development. Flutter has a lot of functionality and constantly evolves with new versions. However, performance is always the top priority.

To avoid unintended errors and slow performance, Flutter performance optimization is essential. Flutter adds reliability, scalability, and security to your application. Connect with Techugo, the best flutter app development company to optimize your flutter app for exceptional optimization services.

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