30 Nov 2018
Updated on December 30th, 2022

These Fonts For Programming Can Change The Coding Future


Hmmm, programming the term is enough to give us the goose bumps since something more smart and innovative is likely to be cropping up somewhere, which will be a very much part of our life.

I know programming technology and innovation sometimes leave us bewildered enough and we cannot relate to the positive side of the programming, just because too much technology mention makes us go insanely disturbed.

With this post, I simply want to draw your attention towards the intricacies of programming and that starts with the coding…

No, don’t take me wrong, am not going to sound too much technical today, but am going to discuss the number of fonts that can enhance your programming language to an extent that it can grow your programming efforts to end up with a beautiful and successful story.

When you decide to proceed with the best fonts for programming then there is ample of information available on the Google in the form of various articles and blog posts, which reflect the number of fonts which can be used further.

But with this post my main aim is to bring your attention towards the fonts, which I have picked or are the editor’s choice J…let’s read ahead…

The first in this league is…

#1-Fira Code

If you will look around in the community of programmer, the most preferred font is; Fira Code. The reason is very simple because this font has the maximum preference from the developers, since it supports font ligature feature, wherein it can merge two or more characters into one character and consequently make the reading more clear. After being applied the Fira Code seems more softer than other programming fonts.


  • It has the ligatures
  • It has the good editor support
  • It supports retina displays
  • It offers the frequent updates
  • It can easily be installed on Mac
  • The characters look really nice
  • It offers the slashed zero


  • The Ligatures affect the clarity
  • It requires the support for ligatures
  • The Ligatures like == and === are quite tough to be distinguished
  • The ‘@’ Symbol is asymmetric
  • There is a Ligatures lump, which merge some characters together and make them hard to read
  • Often the Ligatures break the correlation between symbols on screen and the number of characters
  • It does not support the Sublime Text


#2- Hack

I would like to recommend Hack as the second number since it is designed exclusively for programming and makes it much simpler for the developers to distinguish between 0 and o character. It is indeed optically balanced and is qualified for coding. Its features include; low contrast design, coding text sizes, a large x-height, and wide aperture.


  • It’s font style consists of; Regular, Bold, Oblique, and Bold Oblique
  • It is based on the tried and tested Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
  • It offers Libre web fonts, which are available in SVG, eot, ttf, woff, and woff2 formats
  • With this a Powerline glyph patch is included
  • It can fix many readability issues in Vera/DejaVu effortlessly
  • It’s source code is released in UFO format


  • The major con is; it is little confusing to distinguish between lowercase “i” and lowercase “l”


#3- DejaVu Sans Mono

The DejaVu Sans Mono is perfectly a fit for the technical job performed with it. It is derived from the open source DejaVu font family based on Bitstream Vera fonts. It supports a larger number of Unicode and offers a wider range of characters and styles. It is comfortable to work with, and developers love it.


  • It has a very clear distinction between similar characters
  • It provides the flawless Unicode support
  • It supports uniform spacing
  • It has the bold font same width of regular weight font
  • It is available with every Linux distribution and works efficiently in vim, emacs and atom


  • It does not have the ligatures
  • It has the crowded bold styles
  • The tilde character does not support curve
  • The “-” symbol is quite short


#4 – Source Code Pro

It is designed by the Adobe, which makes the complete text clearer with easy to be distinguished characters. It is an open source programming font, which maximizes the usability factor and avoids the common and the major design flaws.


  • It is visually pleasing
  • It is legible on all displays
  • It is free and an open source
  • It is available with Google Web Fonts
  • It provides the italics and spacing option


  • It is little odd for hex numbers which has the certain styles
  • It is quite difficult to read compared to Consolas or Courier New


#5 – Anonymous Pro

Being compared to Hack, the < character is narrower, which fulfills that it is a symbol. It represents a Unicode-based international character set, which supports the Western and Central European Latin-based languages, Greek, and Cyrillic.


  • It contains the slashed zero, squared dots in the semi-colon and many other characters which make the coding a seamless experience.
  • You can easily distinguish the clashing characters
  • It contains the best rendering character for DIGIT ONE
  • It is highly readable even at small sizes


  • It is hard to distinguish braces [ and {…since they are quite similar
  • It is smaller than other monospace fonts
  • The small ‘L’ is too similar to big ‘i’, and creates confusion
  • It has the exaggerated italics, which makes it look unbalanced

These are the top 5 fonts from the editor’s choice, and there are many other popular fonts which make the programming language a blissful experience for the developers, but if you have not tried any of the mentioned above, I would recommend you to use them, since these fonts are largely used by the developers from a leading and top mobile app development company in  india, none other than Techugo and we carve the masterpieces apps for our clients to access the best possible app experience for their business needs.

Thus get in touch with Techugo team today, and help your business reach its acme, with a unique mobile app fitting your business needs.

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