9 Oct 2023

Food Delivery App Development like Talabat: Cost, Features, Development, Revenue Model, and A Lot More


Shivani Singh

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With the evergreen future of the food delivery market, we can see a meteoric rise in mobile apps like Talabat, the most influential and essential key player that shifts people’s focus from dine-in to online food ordering and delivery. 

Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber Eats are renowned in the MENA regions, but nothing can beat competitors like Talabat and Grubhub. Do you know the reason for their growing success in the Middle East?

It’s a top-notch feature integration; for anyone who wants to develop their own food delivery app like Talabat, it is essential to learn about its dynamicity. So, are you excited to get a complete insight into the same? 

Kickstart the adventurous ride of creating something unique and spellbinding that lets your end consumers taste lip-smacking food like never before. 

About Talabat!

Founded in 2004 by Abdulaziz AI Loughani, Talabat is a famous Qatar-based food delivery app that commands the largest restaurant fleet and delivery agents across Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar. 

What’s more?

With over 12,000 registered restaurants, Talabat brings customers closer to lip-smacking food, limitless cuisine, and a vast menu at the convenience of their homes using a single-click payment option.

The platform facilitates the smooth ordering procedure and delivery by acting as an intermediary between the customers and restaurants. The most exciting thing about a food delivery app like Talabat is its intuitive and user-centric interface that lets customers browse various restaurants, explore menus, and place orders. 

Why Should You Curate a Food Delivery App Like Talabat?

Do you know who was the first to enter the food delivery market?

It’s Talabat, and since then, the app has been digitalizing the entire food delivery industry.

As the app will complete its two decades in 2024, what about learning about its dynamicity and the well-defined reasons behind its position at the top consistently?

Let’s dive deep into this yet another informative section and learn more about a robust food delivery app like Talabat. 

Two Decades of Talabat- Applaud from the Entire MENA Region for the Key Elements of this Food Delive

  • Among its competitors, Talabat is known more for the broadest range of cuisines from several restaurants. 
  • Many discounts and promos are another fascinating thing users love about the food delivery app like Talabat. 
  • The digital solution provides services at attractive price rates that cannot prevent users from ordering their favorite food items. 
  • User can enjoy 24*7 delivery service and get their food delivered conveniently. 
  • Contactless delivery via drones has provided a competitive edge to Talabat over its rivals, who have yet to start the seamless delivery to reach inaccessible places or isolated areas. 
  • GO, the delivery fleet of Talabat, which is available in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, UAE, etc., ensures a trackable and seamless delivery.
  • The users can choose the ‘No Cultlerty’ tab when they don’t require disposable cutlery with the ordered food.  
  • Exclusive deals from several restaurants that users have not tried earlier are introduced through ‘GEM.’
  • Using the Knet or Benefit account, users can purchase Talabat Credit, a service through which we can order our food faster. 
  • The pre-ordering feature of a food delivery app like Talabat lets us place orders right now and choose the delivery time according to our requirements. 
  • Talabat has bought Zomato UAE to eliminate one of its rivals. 

No wonder these innovative and unique things of Talabat have set a new standard in the market and made it the best food delivery app in the Middle East today.

Ensure to think of something exceptional and execute the same with the help of a top food delivery app development company if you want to extend your profit generation and rule over the market. 

Online Food Delivery Market Stats- United Arab Emirates

Now, let’s figure out why UAE is the best place for you to start developing your own food delivery app like Talabat. Unveil these facts and feel motivated to create a new adventurous venture. 

  • The food delivery market revenue will likely surpass US $ 1.98 billion in 2023. 
  • Meal delivery, one of the most significant segments, is expected to generate a volume of US$1.24 billion in 2023.
  • By 2027, the online food delivery market can increase revenue by 14.87% and expand the volume to US$3.36 billion. 

Create an App like Talabat to Enjoy Multiple Benefits

It’s only through a food delivery app like Talabat that people can try unique and delicious food that adds more to their taste buds without disturbing their hectic schedules. 

That’s not it, but the restaurants also come closer to the spectra of customers, delivering orders and receiving reviews and feedback to enhance their standards. While bringing restaurants, customers, and delivery personnel to one platform, a food delivery app like Talabat gives some primary business goals. 

And guess what?

You can also enjoy free rides while entering the food delivery industry. 

Food Delivery App like Talabat- Lucrative Business Opportunities for Various Reasons-

  • Growing Market

Undoubtedly, the food delivery market is growing rapidly, and there are no signs of slowing down. With everyone talking about the food delivery app, it’s a success-leading path to create your own digital solution and make the most of the opportunities knocking at your door. 

  • Established Brand

Investors are constantly looking for established brands in the food-delivery app market. What does it mean? You can also get funding to enable impeccable growth and expansion for your business with your fantastic idea. So, what about a meeting on your unique and dynamic food delivery app idea? Book a consultation with the top mobile app development company in Dubai and get expert advice. 

  • Millennial and Gen Z Crowds

As Millennials and Gen Z make the majority of ordering decisions, and they love to experiment with their food tastes, you can give a tailored roadmap to your food delivery app design that attracts them and generates revenue from millions and billions of orders ensured by the 50% of the world’s population. 

  • Global Possibilities

Just like Zomato is not only famous in India but UAE as well, you can also extend your business reach globally with the user-centric food delivery app development. 

What else?

No one can live without food, and while serving different countries with their authentic food taste, you will definitely become the strongest player not only in one specific region but worldwide. 

  • Exceed Revenue Generation 

A food delivery app like Talabat generates revenue from three main income streams/revenue tactics. However, there are various ways through which you can ensure better revenue growth. Like: 

  • Delivery Charge
  • Commissions from restaurants
  • Peak hour fee
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • Advertisements
  • Transactional commission from customers
  • App subscription fee

Instead of simultaneously implementing all the revenue streams, deploy the best ones that fit your business models and target your consumer base. 

  • Employee Friendly Business

Do you know what’s more influential thing about building your own food delivery app like Talabat?

Well, you will generate more earnings and job opportunities in your locality while hiring delivery agents who can work either full-time or part-time according to their requirements and get incentives. 

Revenue Model of Talabat: Streamlined Ways to Generate Money

To get more growth opportunities for your business, you must get essential revenue, and guess what? 

We are here trying to unveil the same. Consider every approach, from commission to delivery charges and advertisements, if you also want to enjoy more revenue generation like never before. 

Apply these revenue generation tactics and unlock more opportunities and growth for your food delive

  • Delivery Charges

On every order, the food delivery app asks customers about a specific delivery fee that is not fixed but depends on factors like the environmental conditions and distance from the restaurant to the delivery location.

  • Advertising Costs

Restaurants registered on food delivery apps like Talabat receive two advertisement opportunities: priority listing and banner ads. While the former provides restaurants with top positions on the app, the second one ensures banner ads within the app. 

  • Commission 

Talabat charges 15-25% of the total order amount from all the partnered restaurants. However, the commission also depends on things like restaurant location, reliance on it, order frequency, etc.

Features to Craft a Food Delivery App like Talabat

Now, let’s jump straight to the next section and learn what essential features you need to include in different app categories, such as the user panel, restaurant panel, and delivery boy panel. 

Integrate these features for a robust food delivery app like Talabat

The User Panel

Users will use your app seamlessly when you provide some unique features that include:

  • Login: 

Allow users to sign in to their profiles hassle-free using social signups like Instagram, Facebook, or Gmail accounts. Even validating a single OTP can ensure a convenient way for users to connect with your food delivery app like Talabat. 

  • Location 

When users enable the location, they can see a complete list of all available restaurants nearby, or if they want to get the food delivered to a specific location, they can do so by just entering the address. 

  • Homepage

Users can find everything on the homepage, from a list of nearby restaurants to many cuisine options. However, to let them access everything, you must ensure the home screen is tidy because they cannot locate the things they want and get confused every time you leverage high-fiber display technology. Get in touch with the UI/UX experts of a mobile app development company in UAE to design the home screen of your app.

  • Menu

After selecting a particular restaurant, the user can look at their menus, including information like names, dish images, customer feedback, contact no., estimated delivery time, etc., to let them find the food they are searching for. 

  • Pickup Address

Thanks to this feature, the app recognizes the exact location when a user enables the GPS. Even if the user wants delivery at a different location, they can do so by typing the address. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Cart Selection

Users can adjust the cart quantity through the plus or minus button of this feature, which lets users raise or decrease the number of dishes and see the total amount until the payment is made with all the details of the taxation and delivery charges.

  • Payment

Once the order is confirmed, the user is asked to pay a specific amount via various payment gates like digital wallets, credit/debit cards, etc. 

  • Feedback and Suggestions

Customers can provide their reviews on every aspect of the restaurant, like food taste, packaging, presentation, and others. 

  • Offers & Discounts

Through push notifications, users can get information about special offers, deals, discounts, and cashback.

  • Contact Information 

The feature includes contact information of the delivery guy and restaurant so that consumers can connect with them to learn anything about their orders.

 Tracking Delivery Boy

To track the delivery person, see him approaching your doorstep, and learn about the time it is required for them to reach the location is all ensured by this feature coupled with the dynamic effects of push notifications and one-tap call button. 

  • Search

It is usually found on the top of the user’s home screen that lets them search for their favorite restaurant and food items seamlessly with the pricing details. 

The Restaurant Panel

Here are all the amazing features you can include in your food delivery app, like Talabat for restaurants. 

  • Dashboard

After setting up their profiles, the restaurants can move to the application’s home page to track everything from pending and completed orders to orders being processed. 

  • Accept or Decline Orders

Customers can cancel the order if it takes longer, but it will leave a negative image on the restaurant. Fortunately, a food delivery app like Talabat provides a more convenient option for restaurant partners through which they can confirm or cancel the order if they cannot deliver to the supposed location. 

  • Manage Restaurant’s Account

Using the name, food images, operating hours, logo, minimum order quantity, and menus with the price and estimated delivery time, each eatery of the food delivery app can alter its accounts and mention various special offers. 

  • Payments

This feature lets restaurant owners send money to banks and networks like Wallet or Paypal accounts.    

Delivery Partner Panel

For the delivery partners, here are some essential features for you to consider: 

  • Login

Generating a user ID to log into the app is the first and foremost thing that the delivery partner must ensure. 

  • Order Requests

The order would contain the order ID, the customer’s name, and the delivery address when the customer places an order. Even various order requests come from the location where the delivery partner is presently available.

  • Order Delivery

Once the order is accepted, the delivery partner delivers it to the destination location and completes the order procedure. 

  • Order History and Logs

To look at past orders with all the essential information and data like status, ID, etc., this feature is vital for delivery partners.

  • Calls/Chats

It’s for both the delivery partners and customers to communicate with them regarding the order tracking procedure and delivery route. 

  • Push Notifications

Integrating the robust third-party framework like push notifications, the delivery partner can get alerts and information about the order imposed. 

  • GPS Tracking

To help customers keep track of their order status or its delivery, integrate the essential GPS monitoring or tracking feature.

  • Online Support

The delivery partner can consult the support team for immediate solutions and assistance. 

What is the Procedure to Build an App like Talabat?

The most popular food delivery app like Talabat will be successfully built when you follow specific steps:

Follow the steps and deploy your food delivery app like Talabat to the Google Play Store or Apple Ap

  • Define App Purpose

Ensure you have a goal for the app you want to develop and consider the feature integration. You will get more help when you explore apps like Talabat, Zomato, Swiggy, Grubhub, and others. 

  • App Architecture

Now, it’s the time to define the app’s design and architecture for specific platforms like iOS and Android or cross-platform solutions using Flutter or React Native. When you have the association of the best on-demand app development company, you will design a lip-smacking food delivery app.

  • Develop APIs

To cope with the various app operations like order processing, restaurant management, delivery coordination, and user authentication, using a backend as a service (Baas) platform like Firebase or a programming language like Python and Node.js is essential. 

  • Create Frontend

To implement the UI/UX design on your dreamed app, create the front end using a programming language like Swift for iOS, Kotlin and Java for Android, and JavaScript for web apps with the help of a top iPhone app development company

  • App Testing 

After considering every stage, it’s time to test your app to identify and fix any performance issues, bugs, or errors. App deployment to the preferred platform, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store can be done seamlessly once you get confirmation from the QA analysts of your company.

How much does it cost to build a food delivery app like Talabat?

To learn the cost of developing a food delivery app like Talabat, here are some factors that should be given the utmost importance. Such as:

Consider these essential factors to determine the cost of a food delivery app like Talabat

  • Types of Mobile app:

Every mobile app is distinguished into different types, such as simple, moderately complex, or highly complex apps. While the first category costs less and takes only fewer months, the second and last one can cost more, and because of the complexity level, the time to develop them can also increase. 

  • App Platform

For which platform you want to develop your app, i.e., Android or iOS, is also very relevant to determine the app development cost of a food delivery app like Talabat. For instance, the investment required in Android is less than in iOS. However, the complexity is more in the former than the latter. 

  • Region

In which region your app developers are located is another significant factor in calculating the app development hourly cost.

  • App Features

How many features do you want to integrate into your app? What level of bottlenecks do they contain? These are some essential questions you must ask yourself before building an app because cost fluctuation can occur with them too. 

  • Tech Stack

Integration of robust technologies for the powerful backend, frontend, performance, intuitive usability, and captivating elements can also affect the app development cost

Expand Your Food Delivery Business Reach with Techugo!

We are a leading technology partner of various unicorns, startups, budding entrepreneurs, and enterprises, and it always feels fantastic to ensure our best assistance for the people who want to bring a tremendous and magical effect to this world. 

While providing a game-changing ability for our partners with our tech support and robust app development, they move beyond the expected wins and success stories. To curate something tremendous and exceptional in the food delivery industry, let’s join hands with our top-notch developers of the food delivery/grocery delivery app development company and level up your revenue generation. 


  • How much does an app like Talabat cost?

The cost to build a food delivery or ordering app like Talabat depends on multiple components, including everything from the third party to tech stack integration and robust backend infrastructure. To learn about the accurate app development company, don’t go any further than connecting with Techugo, the best on demand app development company.

  • What are the top considerations while developing a food delivery app like Talabat?

To develop the most robust and exciting digital solution in the Middle East, consider factors like user experience, geolocation, order and delivery process, restaurant partnerships, notice and communication, etc. 

  • How do you develop an app like Talabat for the user panel?

You must ensure to integrate some top-notch features with the support of a top IoT app development company while developing the food delivery app like Talabat for the user panel that includes: 

  • Registration
  • Search & Filters
  • Home Page
  • Menu
  • Pick up address
  • Location
  • Push Notifications
  • Contact Information
  • Cart Selection
  • Seamless Payment

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