3 Apr 2023

Forecasting the Future of Mobile App Development: Key Trends for 2023

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Mobile app and software development are great ways for businesses to reach new customers and improve operational efficiency. The mobile application market could reach $614.40 million by 2026. However, all the potential revenue comes with a huge responsibility to adapt to changing market standards.

App solutions have been a one-stop destination for customers for over a decade. However, technology and business need to change at lightning speed. As a result, mobile app development is becoming more complex and innovative.

Now is the right time to learn the most recent application development trends to ensure your customers are satisfied.

This article will help you, whether you’re an entrepreneur, coder, investor, or businessman, to stay on top of mobile app development trends.

What is mobile app technology?

A mobile app, or mobile software, is a program designed specifically for small wireless computing devices like smartphones and tablets.

 It is not intended to replace desktop or laptop computers.

Before diving into the trends, let’s see why mobile app technology is essential.

Why is mobile app technology important?

  • Physical devices can integrate IoT technology 
  • Generate more revenue
  • Get real-time data

Let’s move forward and see the trends here, which is the game changer for 2023.

Game changer mobile app development trends in 2023

AI and machine learning

Before telling you the trend, let us brief you about AI and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence replicates humans with computer science’s help with a robust data set, enabling problem-solving quality.  

MI is a branch of AI that allows software applications to become more accurate, improving the performance of some tasks. For example, voice recognition is only possible because of machine learning, and applications like google assistant, Siri, amazon, ‘s Alexa are only possible because of machine learning. 

The latest trending Artificial intelligence and machine learning is ChatGPT, launched in November 2022. It comes under one of the latest trends as GPT4 is the upgraded version of the chatGPT, and it is keeping up with the interest of the people because of its human-like responses. So now it is trending worldwide.

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Blockchain technology is now visualized as a digital balance sheet for all the transactions in cryptocurrency. The use of blockchain technology increased during the pandemic as people could not go out, and paying with cash turned out to be very risky. So you may have seen a rise in using online payments and mobile wallets growing more and more. It provides private decryption keys to users for data security. Blockchain technology is the best choice for securing sensitive that is very confidential and larger in amount. 

It is helpful for secure payment, large amounts of data storage, and other transactions.


Beacons were first introduced in 2013. They are now more common in mobile app development, especially for retailers. In 2021, beacon deployments led to a 65% increase in revenue share. Because it transmits data using Bluetooth low-energy signals, beacon technology is innovative for business. iPhone app development company supports beacon technology. Consumers can enjoy real-time alerts and deals that are specific to their location. In addition, companies can use beacons better to understand their customer’s shopping habits and preferences, enabling them to create a personalized shopping experience.

Connectivity of 5G

When COVID-19 forcefully confined everyone to home, the internet was a relief to everyone to kill their boredom and complete their task while sitting at home. At that time, the fast internet was a necessity. Now online classes and remote need a fast network. So 2023 is now a year of high-speed networks because of 5G connectivity. We really thank the 5G fast network without any latency. We get a better binge-watching experience, quickly get access to locations, and have real-time tracking due to fast network connectivity. We will have more printing apps, and our gaming experience will improve. 

Cross-platform app development

All Developers are fond of intelligent work, i.e., less effort with more profit. However, it only happens when they have one single code that can be used on different platforms. Native and hybrid apps have been a very tiring process for a developer because, in Native, everything is done from scratch. It needs separate developments, entirely two different apps will be built. Hybrid apps were created only to cut some cost of the product. Through this, apps for web pages were made, and embedded browsing controls were used to adjust the web apps for mobile, but it came with a poor UX design. But through cross-platform app development, developers can create one single code, which can be used in different platforms through frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and many more. 

There have many benefits of cross-platform mobile apps 

  •  It can be used on any device with the same user interface and user experience.
  • Have wider audience
  • The application can be easily maintained
  • Minimal upfront costs will have a lesser risk for the developer and investor. 

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Augmented Reality

AR/VR technologies have been available for some time but have yet to be widely adopted because of their high price. However, the AR market is growing year-on-year, and so is the potential audience for these technologies. In 2020, that number will be 1.73 million. It is therefore not surprising that AR functionality will be more prevalent in web apps this year.

Example: We recently discovered that AR (and Healthtech) are a perfect match! We wanted to provide hand surgeons with an easy learning tool: an AR hand anatomy application. Learn more about the project.

How can you use augmented reality on your website?

Google provides a way to create immersive experiences on the internet. See a cool demo to see what you can achieve when AR is implemented on the web.

Internet of things (IoT)

 In today’s modern life, everyone’s life is impacted by the internet of things. The IoT refers to the devices connected to the network. It has been very trendy these days. We can expect more apps through IoT as, most of the time. It has been a requirement for everyday life. Smart devices for homes, cameras for security, and wearables in healthcare are the products of the internet of things. 

IoT devices have this concern about data storage because devices have vast amounts of storage. However, so many applications are now improving in IoT to be more capable of handling the load.

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Cloud-based mobile apps 

You have seen many learning sectors have cloud-based software and apps, which are trendy in educational fields. In every university or even a company, there are many cloud-based services like LMS cloud, Zoho, and many others. It helps increase the efficiency of an organization and improves the company’s productivity too. Android app development company build cloud apps for users. 

Customized app for foldable devices 

In 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was introduced. It was the first US-made foldable smartphone. Motorola followed suit and released a folding RAZR a few months later. After the mobile app trend, Apple tried to hold multiple patents related to foldable smartphones. However, it has yet to launch one.

This mobile app development trend is being driven by consumer demand and will continue to grow in 2023 and the future. The Statista report forecasts that global shipments will surpass 50 million units for foldable smartphones this year. It presents an opportunity for app developers and business owners.

Businesses can optimize apps for foldable devices with large screens and the ability to bring multiple windows at once. This innovation could become the future of mobile app development. This same trend applies to wearable devices, where developers can customize your app according to your target audience’s preferences.

Progressive Web apps 

A PWA web application uses standard web development software and technologies like HTML. The web application is compatible with all browsers and devices. PWAs have gained popularity because of their ease of use, excellent UX, and endless possibilities to expand their offer.

Nearly all e-commerce websites like AliExpress, Alibaba, and eBay have implemented PWAs for their businesses. As a result, these well-known companies achieved excellent results, such as increased conversions and profits. It was due to the ease of maintenance, fantastic user experience, and SEO-friendly progressive web applications.

PWA is gaining popularity, and you should take advantage of these PWA trends for 2023. 

On-demand Apps

Every person who’s using a smartphone must have at least one on-demand app. Even on-demand app development company’s demand more in the market. Indeed, many on-demand apps are coming because of their user-friendly features and better experience. If you want to order food or any product, you have to order it. You want medicine or want a cleaning service for your home. Just order through your app, and you will get what you want. 

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There are many benefits to the on-demand mobile app.

  • You can order anything anytime and from anywhere. By sitting on a couch or doing your work, placing an order is just one touch away.
  • You can track your order through your on-demand mobile app.
  • You can also give feedback on the service you provide through an on-demand app.


Here are some notable mobile app development trends of 2023 that you must want for your business and applications. Customers love the ease of managing their lives online and therefore spend more time using mobile apps. Your mobile app developers team will need to be flexible to customer demands for apps to provide frictionless, high-performance user experiences. Get in touch with Techugo, a known mobile app development company in UAE, and build your app integrated with any of these trends.


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