28 Aug 2023

From Pixels to Walls: Turning Your Design Ideas into Reality via Interior Design Mobile Apps!


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Have you ever considered reflecting on your home as the extension of your style and choices? It would feel surreal to develop a space that feels authentic, isn’t it? So, how’s the planning going? How will the rooms look, and the furniture, and the lights?

While for people highly interested in creativity, it can be a rewarding experience. However, it may overwhelm others and can turn out to be a tiring procedure.

Sure, looking out for the perfect interior designer can be an exceptional solution, but what if you cannot convey your thoughts accurately? Or what if the home doesn’t turn out to be as expected?

Fortunately, the advancement in technology has eliminated such issues, and interior design mobile apps are the answer to all of them!

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to create a space where you find comfort, and thus, the home decor decides the vibe of a place. The interior design apps simplify the search for perfect home furbishing for people and help them build their dream house with the help of Augmented Reality.

To learn more about the functioning of these apps and how it has become a boon in customers’ lives, we have fabricated an article for you. So, begin reading!

Introduction to Interior Design 

Interior designing is all about decorating a space, including a room or an entire house. What’s more interesting is that it requires understanding one’s vision or psychology to beautify the place as desired. 

It is said that home is the safest place to be. Therefore, it is significant to enhance the quality of life via designing for boosted mental peace. Look at the following figures to learn why the market is acquiring all the limelight.

– While the interior design market stood at USD 3,829 million in 2019, it is most likely to shoot up to USD 6,433 million by the end of 2025.

– Interior design app market stood at USD 3.83 billion in 2020, projected to reach USD 7.86 billion by 2028.

Interior Designer Apps: The Tech Savvy Designer’s Toolkit! 

Interior Designer Apps

Sure, designing a space can be a daunting activity that involves hefty investments. Not only this, but it demands expert consultation, and here’s precisely where interior design mobile apps made it easier and enhanced how the mechanism worked initially.

Notably, these mobile apps are integrated with virtual assistants that provide insights into how a home must be designed. Additionally, customers can submit their desires and ideas for creating a space, following which these apps generate personalized suggestions.

The best part is even if you’re unable to work on your designs during the day due to corporate duties, you can work on your ideas any time of the day.

Whether you’re looking forward to adding sparkle to your home space or want to provide optimal services to your clientele, this app is a hot shot serving the best outcome.

How about working with app development professionals to work on home services app development for future projects? Here’s more for you!

The Functioning and Benefits of Virtual Interior Design Apps

Functioning and Benefits

Users can begin by signing up for the app and uploading pictures of the space they want to refurbish. Once done, the app presents potential design suggestions and offers reference images. Users can review all these images to streamline their choice and segregate their ideas into categories. Once the choice is made, refurbishment can get started, and each room can be designed accordingly.

As mentioned earlier, these virtual apps have a lot to offer designers and users with the help of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Thus, take a look at its best-served benefits:

For Designers 

1. Enhancement of Collaborative Capabilities

Being a designer, an interior design mobile app efficiently enhances collaborative capabilities when you closely work with the client’s ideas and want to leverage the same into the project. You can prepare a blueprint and present it to the architect for their opinion. Therefore, they can further design if the design is suitable or requires changes. 

2. Improved Pitch

Technologies play an exceptional role when it comes to pitching an idea and understanding the same. Therefore, VR and AR can well-present ideas in the visual form when it comes to the interpretation of a space and its utilization. 

3. Boosts Conversion and Retention

Undoubtedly, a business works frictionlessly when the conversion-retention cycle is crease-free. It is essential for any occupation to rope in new customers while retaining the old ones; however, it may present challenges. 

Users will only convert when they are able to feel that your work is terrific and transparent. Thus, the incorporation of Virtual and Augmented Reality has a great role to play in offering tailored solutions for higher revenue generation. 

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4. Provides a Competitive Edge

Upon closely working with an AR/VR mobile app, the potential design issues can be easily detected at the early stage. If the designs do not fit well with the space, they can be altered over and over while saving your money going down the drain. It will ensure smooth deliveries and help in brand awareness due to the top-notch services provided by your business. 

For the Customers 

1. Interior Visualization

The traditional home designing methods only focuses on ideas given by interior designers. However, customers can now visually see ideas before it goes down live and make changes in case something is not suitable. 

2. Test Before You Purchase 

Again, all it comes down to is how your safe space would look like. Thus, the AR-VR based interior design app has made it possible   and ensures a profitable investment. 

Designing Excellence with Must-Have Features of an Interior Design App

Here’s what you must know: 

1. Looking Out for a Suitable Professional

This app feature allows customers to connect with the right professionals according to their needs. Moreover, the app reflects expert ratings and reviews for users to make informed decisions.

2. Ideas Allocation

Some of the best home decor apps enable friends and family to share their valuable feedback on home designs and more. These ideas can be saved in the interior design mobile app by crafting a store book. Furthermore, the store book also saves the solutions to the potential challenges that may arise during the project.

3. Compatibility with Other Stores

This is another terrific interior design app feature where the app is compatible with working across platforms for customers to shop for goods for their homes. They can add the desired products to the cart and shop whenever required. 

4. Push Notifications

The push notifications feature of the app triggers messages to the customers to enhance their engagement with the mobile app. 

5. Ratings and Reviews

Once a user is through with the experience, they should be able to give ratings and reviews for the collaborated professionals. This will allow other potential customers to look out for the experts with the best feedback and hire them for tremendous solutions. 

Best Interior Design Apps Leading to Interior Revolution 

Best Interior Design Apps

There exist a number of interior design apps in the market that have taken the industry by storm. Therefore, if you want to seek inspiration from the same to build an app that excels and acquires a competitive edge in the market, we’ve streamlined a few names: 

1. Havenly

Havenly makes home renovation a seamless procedure as customers can connect with a preferred designer according to their budget and requirements. Customers can add pictures of the space and begin working on the project to obtain the look and feel of the house. 

2. Houzz

Houzz is another spectacular interior design app that helps in planning repair and design. The app comes integrated with more than 16 million design images of interiors and exteriors for customers to take references. Additionally, the interior design mobile app has a network of experts to connect with and allows shopping for home decor products. 

3. IKEA Place

Everyone’s well familiar with the mechanism of IKEA that offers never-ending options for trendy furniture. It further has an IKEA place app integrated with augmented reality to allow people to place 3D furniture models in their space before buying.

Indeed, an augmented reality app development is the way to customers’ hearts!

4. Design Home

The design home app is fabricated for customers to figure out design ideas by presenting them with hypothetical situations where they are asked to design a space. Furthermore, the app provides a budget within which the user has to complete the task. 

5. RoOmy

Another extraordinary interior design app is RoOmy, which lets you convert 2D pictures to 3D visualization. The app enables users to view furniture arrangements within a designated area as a reference.

So, listed above are the top five interior design apps that you may look up to; however, it is vital to integrate a unique element if you want to rule the market.

Aesthetics to Revenue: Here’s How Interior Design Apps Monetize 

Take a look:

1. Membership Revenue

This revenue model holds the record of decor experts in a database, which further allows the design businesses to offer pre-programs. Doing so earns them additional benefits for annual subscription expenses. 

2. Exchange Fee

The app owner integrates this model to charge a commission from the product sellers in exchange for listing their business within the mobile app. 

3. Promoting Revenue

The promoting revenue model enables app owners to charge outsiders for advertising their products or services in the mobile app. 

The Cost of Building an Interior Design Mobile App

Interior Design Mobile App CostNotably, the cost to build a mobile app varies with every app. In short, there’s no universal figure that would define the investment to be made on an app; however, there are certain factors that can be considered for cost estimation. What are these factors? Here we go:

1. Choice of the Platform

Indeed, the development cost for each platform varies, be it Android or iOS app development. Furthermore, different teams with specialized skills are allocated to the app development activity. However, if you’re building a cross-platform mobile app, the development cost will vary accordingly.

2. App Development Team

An app development procedure requires the involvement of two teams: front end and backend. Therefore, the cost for both will imply the inclusion of the following resources:

– Project manager

– iOS/Android developers

– Back-end developers

UI/UX designers

– Quality Analysts

3. App Design

An app with a straightforward design generally incurs lower costs in comparison to an app featuring intricate design elements.

4. Features and Functionalities

Evidently, when an app is deployed with lesser features, it will cost less. However, integration with third parties and leveraging advanced features demands more investment. 

While incorporating features is necessary, brimming an app with the same may lead to a poor user experience. 

Why Choose Techugo As Your Reliable Technology Partner?

Undoubtedly, interior design apps are revolutionizing the world of space decor and furniture arrangement. Indeed, these applications have become significant tools, and the amalgamation of AR and VR is further adding gloss to the framework.

Thus, if you’re looking for the right expertise from a reliable team of experts, Techugo- the best mobile app development company in USA is your way to go!

Our brood of skilled developers can assist you throughout your app journey and tailor solutions that’ll comply with your business needs.

How about getting started on your dream project?

If that’s a yes, schedule your first consultation with us today for valuable insights.

Happy innovation!

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