4 Sep 2019
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Unfolding The Future With Invaluable Machine Learning Chatbot


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Machine Learning

“Isn’t it fascinating to know that a computer program can simulate a conversation with the users, over the internet!”

One technology that is taking centre stage in the business world is Machine Learning Chatbot. But do you know the reason behind its colossal popularity? Well, it is because of the massive wave of Artificial Intelligence that is prevalent across the globe.

This wave has led to the evolution of chatbot development. This flourishing tech is now on a full swing to understand the human language in an enhanced way. Which is important if they are looking forward to developing a better understanding. Especially when it comes to mood, tone, and all the various shades and categories of language.

How does it help?

Let us closely observe the ongoing business trend. It is apparent that the world is keen on inculcating any kind of technological advancement and use it for achieving business growth. Whether it is Augmented Reality or Blockchain technology, every elevation is dedicated to acquiring a much larger objective.

And as far as machine learning chatbots are concerned, they are focused on creating gigantic business communication opportunities. So without any further ado, let us jump into the pool of innovation and make the most out of each and every opportunity.

What Is The Reason Behind Its Curiosity?

The huge glut of opportunities that it has to offer is the reason for its increasing popularity. But there are a lot of other factors, have a look.

  • Productivity- They provide quick access or assistance to the important information. Their efficiency is remarkable.
  • Curiosity- There is no doubt in the fact that the novelty of chatbots sparks a lot of curiosity. They want to explore and enhance their ability to try a lot of new things.
  • Entertainment- They amuse the users by making them laugh, giving them funny tips. Overall, they are a great option, if someone is looking forward to killing time.
  • Relational and Social factors- These dialogue systems act as fuel to initiate a lot of conversation. But that is not all, it also enhances the complete social experience. They also promote emotional stability, as they help to avoid loneliness. People suffering from or going through any kind of mental trauma can converse without even being judged.

What Are The Different Types Of Chatbots?

A conventional tool that automates communication is known as a chatbot. In simpler terms, it is an area of automation that has the capability to beautifully integrate with the live chat software.

Are you aware of the world’s most popular robot, Sophia? Well, the point I want to establish is that chatbots can also have robotic bodies. And on the other hand, they can also be simple programs that offer better communication with an app or a website. With the help of the chat interface, users can easily interact with them. They have a strong grip over a wide variety of services ranging from functional to fun.

There are two types of chatbots. Have a look-

  • Rule-based bot

It is the standardized version and is known for following the scripted actions. These actions are entirely based on keywords. They are an extremely popular tool all the routine user service requests, as they are easy to build. But the simplicity doesn’t stop from completing the basic tasks.

  • AI-powered bot

Now, this type is the one that is turning a lot of heads. It uses machine learning technology in order to follow a more natural conversation. And the kind of advancement we are witnessing right now in the field of artificial intelligence proves that we are going to see a lot of complex machine learning chatbots.

An Introduction To Machine Learning Chatbots

Think of machine learning (ML) as an ability to learn from the data and the inputs it experiences. And Natural Language Processing or NLP is one of the techniques to achieve seamless interaction between computers and human language.

But NLP is only a small part of the complete story. Because to achieve general artificial intelligence, a dialogue system or a bot needs to do the below-mentioned tasks. Take a look-

  • Provide detailed and informative answers
  • Give a human-like approach
  • Maintain the context of the conversation

Even though bot, currently, are not quite indistinguishable from humans, people are still okay to have a conversation with then as long as they are helpful, entertaining and interesting.

The Regular Interaction- Everyday Applications

Most of us are already interacting with machine learning chatbot. Yes, we generally use two main types of dialogue systems-

  • Goal-oriented

It helps us to solve our daily atrocities, with the help of natural language. For example, Siri.

  • For General Conversation

It is used for a broader conversation. For example, Zo.

Business chatbots can handle both areas. As they can provide online customers with the same kind of attention that they would get in any physical store. These bots guide them throughout the entire shopping process via a live chat interface. The intelligence of the bot is directly proportional to the user experience.

ML bots can help visitors with what they are looking for. But that is not all, they maintain a cordial relation with them throughout the process.

Detainment Of Chatbots

There are some of the things that need to be avoided during the evolution of bots. Let us consider bots as machines and not pass it off as humans. Despite the fact that they can efficiently play the human part, it is best to recognize them as bots.

Machine learning chatbots have just started to evolve. It is useless to expect a high-level intelligence for customer service. Still, we can’t neglect the potential it actually holds.

There is a huge scope for NLP to grow, even with the current growth in ML.

You, therefore, need to connect with the expert mobile application development company, that can maintain caution while implementing machine learning chatbots. There is no doubt in the fact that they are the future of online customer service, but there is no harm in evaluating each and every possibility.


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