19 Jun 2017
Updated on December 30th, 2022

What is the Future of Mobile App Technology


Ankit Singh

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mobile app technology

Whenever I pick my mobile, there is always something new to experience and the best part is this that the experience comes all the way from mobile app technology only, where you don’t need to trust your imagination, but let the innovation and creativity play their part. The number of innovations occurring in the app technology is something beyond expressions and has made a successful pace with the ever-increasing number of Smartphone users, which are expanding every passing minute to set a new record, but this does not limit or curb the innovatory technology taking place in mobile app technology. The best part about mobile app technology is that it is not limited to only big brands, but small business as well and helping them to utilize the mobile app technology to mark their presence in their respective business domains.

A lot has been discussed that what all app development changes have occurred in the past recent years, and how these mobile apps are helping the different business platforms to get their deserving recognition, but have you ever thought that what is next in the app technology? I know it is hard to predict, but based on the current scenario and the demand of users, the most predictable tech trends for the app technology, are going to be shared with this post today, just stay tuned and read further

Cloud Computing Mobile Apps

The cloud storage mobile app allows the developer to develop a mobile app, which can run easily on any Smartphone. This type of mobile apps works on the browser and not on the mobile app platforms, in other words this type of mobile apps largely runs on native app functionalities but runs on the server. Due to this quality, many organizations are opting for this mobile app, since they are simpler and do not require a specific mobile app platform. The cloud computing mobile apps will be the much in demand mobile app technology in the coming future.

IoT is a next world tech innovation, which has let us handle our gadgets at home just get operated from our mobile apps, with a mere touch on it. IoT has already made its remarkable entrance through the Google Glass, Self Driving cars and IoT-enabled home gadgets, which can be managed and controlled from the distance away without a fail. This technology would expand its wings further in the upcoming app world and users would get to see more number of IoT-enabled mobile apps available on their home screens.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Today’s customer is largely looking for convenience, due to the demanding schedule of their day-to-day life, in such scenario, a mobile app offering that convenience and ease to the users is nothing less than a blessing. The enterprise mobile apps provide a satisfactory and reliable working ambiance to the employees, where they can access, share and edit the confidential data, files from anywhere. These mobile apps are helping the companies to increase their revenue and be more productive. This mobile app is also going to cover the larger area of industries, due to the perfect mobility solution offered by it.


Wearable just enact the every possible scene of a Steven Spielberg movie, where everything could be used to spread the technology. Wearable technology is indeed one of the trendiest and unique inventions of app technology, where we can carry, wear and sense the technology and its advantages in a unique way. This technology is spreading across the different tech devices and Smartphone is one of them and to meet the user’s demand and convenience factor, every Smartphone needs to develop a user-friendly interface between the devices and the Smartphone, so the users can enjoy the wearable feature through their mobile apps, without any glitch.

These are some of the expected mobile app trends, which are going to make a difference in the upcoming mobile app technology and will change the future of mobile apps, but there would certainly be some more exciting mobile app trends, which would raise the temperature high for the innovation and creativity. In the past few years, I have noticed, many new mobile app development companies in Dubai are making entry, and it is so refreshing to see the myriad of top mobile app development companies in Dubai, giving a successful mobile app solution to many big brands and startups, which help them to find their niche with a mobile app resource.

In the coming years, mobile app users and the technology involved in it would increase at a massive rate and the said tech trends would be available on regular app platforms. I hope I shall be writing soon about those upcoming mobile app trends integrated into the mobile app platform….so just remain hooked to this page, because much more exciting is yet to happen….till then happy reading

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