12 Oct 2018
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Why Geo-Location In Your App Is The Required Feature


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Looking around there are multiple technologies and the features which have engulfed us to an extent that we cannot think of our life to cherish the success without the very existence of the mobile app technology.

However, this too is a sordid aspect which further dictates that not many mobile apps are equally enjoyed by the targeted audience base.


The reason is simple, these apps don’t offer the complete spectrum of the services to the users, owing to be a waste for them, and the app gets chucked out of the Smartphone landscape in no moment.

So what are the features clubbed together can help the users to stay glued to your app?

Evidently, there is not just one, but multiple, however with this post I am going to give my focus to one only today and that is Geo-location.

Why You Should Integrate Geo-Location Into Your App?

I too had this question, when I first heard of this and felt this to be an unnecessary aspect to be added in a mobile app, but I was wrong until I found it what worth Geo-location holds in itself for the mobile apps.

This very technology is responsible for estimating the real geographical location of the users’ device connected to the internet, which opens the floodgate of innovative ideas to churn more revenue from your application.

By determining the location of the device the app can experience the glut of opportunities form the marketing perspective and give a new interaction mode to the users to speak with your services elegantly.

How Does It Work?

The mobile apps with any genre can create a different segment with the integration of the geo-location, and can update the users for a weather alert system, location-based promotion or livestock tracker; consequently the app can offer a series of real-time services and results to the targeted audience, to know what’s happening in their vicinity.

The apps which support the Geo-location feature are based on a seamless connection between the device and the satellite, which further collects the data in real time. With this feature, users can determine the behavior of a moving object or an individual. These new technologies Wi-Fi, Geofencing, Cell ID, and GPS can be a part of this technology to help your app gather the data.

  • With the Wi-Fi technology, users can analyze the accurate location of the device compared to other sources, with the help of RSSI, which scans the users’ frequently visited places over the Wi-Fi network.
  • Geo-fencing technology determines whether the device is closer to the specific place or not, and then yield the result based on the device’s indoor and outdoor presence.
  • The cell towers also determine the location of the device, if the GPS server gets down.

With the Geo-location, app developers can look for the exact location of the app and refer it as the ‘Geo Tag’. Undeniably with this feature, the apps garner more attention from the targeted audience leaving no trail behind for the services to skip from the eyes of the users.

Why Geo-Location Based Apps Are Getting Popular?

The popularity of the location-based mobile apps is growing HUGE with time, as these apps, not just offer the services but also give the updates to the users when they require it most. In the current situation, there are various app genres which are taking the benefits from the Geo-location feature integration in their app.

There is a glut of app categories to include such as navigation, Google Maps, Waze etc. and surprisingly this feature is not limited to taxi or weather, but social media, on-demand services, dating, fitness, fashion, restaurant, and travel are some of the apps which integrate this feature.

There are various Popular apps available on Play Store Bono (cab booking app) and Dilooni ( dating app), which are the most successful examples of integrating the Geo-location feature within the apps.

Now you must be wondering that how you can get the best possible geo-location-based mobile app for your business, as it requires the integration of robust technology.

Well your concern is valid, but you can meet the expectation of your business goal with a mobile app infused with the geo-location feature from a leading mobile app development company in india, who understands the need of the hour and help your mobile app to win the race of competition by offering your services in the best possible manner.

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