6 Jul 2021
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Get Your Customers Back to Action with These Push Notification Trends


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First of all, well done on developing a fabulous app for your audience by implementing every possible strategy that can do wonders for your business. A big round of applause!

But did you plan anything ahead of this? If not, let’s say it out loud, your job doesn’t end here. What’s the benefit of investing so much money and time when you have no other strategies to keep your customers engaged? Not only this, but if you’re letting your customers reach out to your competitors, you definitely need an improved mechanism. 


Well, you must have noticed receiving notifications from apps downloaded on your phone, even when you’re not using them. Indeed, an attractive notification intrigues its customers to tap on the same and visit the app. 

Isn’t this strategy awesome?

Similarly, if you have a dedicated mobile app for your business, push notifications are a great way to promote engagement and build a customer base. Make sure that even if you’re opting for push notifications, it must be engaging enough so that your efforts don’t go down the drain.

Don’t know what notifications to forward to your users? Undoubtedly, it can be time-taking to come up with new ideas and ping your customers that make them feeling nothing but helpless to visit the app. Fortunately, it is precisely how this article will help you!

Push Notification Ideas That’ll keep your Customers Engaged

push notifications

Read about the top-notch and interesting push-notification ideas to engage more users:

1. Prompt Users to Complete Their Profile 

User data is just like magic! It helps create personalized data for the users that have the potential to enhance the user experience. However, most times, users don’t pay much attention to complete their profile information. In such a case, you can either send out notifications about offering a personalized experience or provide a little incentive if it works that way. 

2. Prompt Users to Continue Using the App

Undoubtedly, when you keep using a product or a service, eventually, there will come a time when you stop enjoying it the same way. This scenario is most common with the gaming apps; thus, these apps keep forwarding notifications that intrigue customers to play more. 

3. Prompt Users to Utilize All Features 

Some people might be using your app only for a specific purpose without discovering its full potential. Therefore, you can send out push notifications that will help them become familiar with the features that are undiscovered.

For instance, ‘Did you know? We can help you connect directly to your social media!’ 

4. Notifications Regarding Cart Abandonment 

According to research, the cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. Therefore, it is not much beneficial to your business if customers add items to the cart and leave it like that. 

So, how about a little reminder?

Tell them about how you’ve held up to the items that are almost out of stock! 

5. Inactivity Push Notifications 

Some businesses have the perception that making too much noise might direct users to unsubscribe. This is true; however, going silent is not the solution! 

Remember, if you don’t send any push notifications, your users will forget about your existence, leaving you back to square one. Therefore, it is crucial to keep reminding your customers that you’re still available for them whenever they need you. 

6. Push Notifications Based on Location 

Location-based notifications can instantly catch customer’s attention. 


Imagine you’re nearby a store, and they send you a discount notification. Won’t you like visiting them and looking at the collection?

There, you have your answer!

7. In-Store Push Notifications 

Instead of leaving it on your customers to find the discounted items or intriguing offers, why not directly head them towards the same? 

It is possible when your customer is in the store, and you send out a push notification. There’s no chance that your customers will leave the store without checking that particular section. 

For instance, Flash sale on footwear for 2 hours only!

8. Maintenance and Support Requests Status Updates 

If there are updates regarding ticket information or something urgent, push notifications work far better than emails. It’ll keep your users updated about the information they need to know, and the whole mechanism will be hassle-free. 

To Sum Up

Want to keep your users engaged and loyal? Push notifications are your way to go! 

Don’t have your mobile app, but the entrepreneur inside you wants to seek an opportunity? No worries! 

But first, it is important to mention that app development is a costly affair; therefore, you need to move ahead with an awesome idea that holds the potential to reap you higher revenues all year. 

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